Are the skies more unfriendly?

Let’s be honest. It has not been a good season for commercial flying companies. Altercations, scuffles and all sorts of other unfriendly interactions have seemed to become a weekly occurrence.

Are the skies really that unfriendly?

What are the factors that have led to this:

  1. Overbooked Flights

There is no doubt that the airlines are overbooking the flights more than they did. However, at first glance this is helping keep costs of flying down. This problem is no doubt compounded when there are weather flight cancellations. So while customers complain about overbooked flights they have to bear in mind that overbooked flights keeps the cost of flying down.

2. Social Media

Everyone can be a journalist. We have voice recorders and cameras at the ready every moment of the day. We can record anything and within seconds it is out there for the world to see. The proliferation of such media has no doubt had an impact on the amount of airline issues that have started filtering to the masses. This is not an excuse to airlines that are conducting themselves improperly but with a little bit of video cut here and a little bit of video paste there, the boundaries of truth can be pushed and blurred. Once again, violence by airlines and their support staff should be publicized and necessary repercussions handed down but this is for sure a factor.

3. Passenger Impatience

The airline industry bears the brunt of the customer is king attitude more than many or most industries. We live our lives at a rapid and instant pace and we expect things to be done with rapidity. Air travel is by and large similar in time to the way it was 10 and 20 years ago. If anything, it has become slower with more lines and delays. This no doubt frustrates people to the point where they are prone to act out.

The simple solution is to fly with ElJet Private Jet Charter.

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BedBox by JetKids Review

Long haul flights are really the epitome of tough travel for many passengers but few could argue that parents with little kids have it the toughest on long haul flights.

Is the BedBox by JetKids the ultimate solution?

Take a look:

Here are some of the pros and cons of this suitcase turned sleeping bed:

Pro #1.

It is not designed as a makeshift afterthought type of item, it really is built to fit a regular seat in Economy. This means that it will dramatically increase the chances of your child getting some sleep on a long haul flight.

Con #1

The price. It really does cost a lot of money. The cost of manufacturing is probably high but at around 200 dollars after shipping to the USA, most flyers will take a long thought before buying the BedBox by JetKids.

Pro #2

If you set it up it will allow your child to lay out all their toys and snacks without them falling over the floor and rolling all over the plane. It does provide considerable more space and comfort even if it does not serve the primary use of giving your child a restful night.

Con #2

It needs to be stowed during take-off, landing and turbulence. Now there is scantly nothing worse in the entire world than having to wake a sleeping child on a flight. While this may be an impossible hurdle for the BedBox by JetKids to get over, it is certainly a con.

Pro #3

The suitcase feature really does make the BedBox versatile. There is enough room to fit diapers, wipes and snacks so that is a huge plus.

Con #3

Buyers have expressed concern over the quality of the material used for the BedBox does not match its hefty price tag. One would hope that a product like this would be a hand-me-down for generations, as it addresses an issue that will be around for ages.

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Landing Before I Leave

One of the questions we get very often at the ElJet Private Jet Charter Blog is: Can I land in one destination before I leave another?

Seoul to Honolulu gets you in 10 before you leave

The answer to this is of course a technical one based on playing with the dateline and time changes. As of yet no airline company or airplane manufacturer has successfully manufactured a time travel machine. However, there still is a certain thrill of landing before you took off, so to speak.

The easiest way to do that is of course to fly from Australia to Los Angeles. When flying from Sydney to Los Angeles you generally land about 3 hours earlier than you took off. This does lead to some issues with people who book continuing flights. Ensure that you book a continuing flight the same day as you actually take off and do not add a day. This leads to the interesting scenario where you technically can board your second flight before you board your first flight. This is indeed a possibility.

This is only a small time difference. If you fly from Seoul to Honolulu you can gain a good 10 hours. For example, if the Seoul flight takes off at 7 PM on Monday, you will land in Honolulu at 9 AM, the same Monday.

What about locally in the USA. Is it possible to schedule a trip in the USA and land before you take-off?

If you take a very short trip across various USA time zones than this would indeed be possible. If this is something on your thrill and bucket list then you will have to get a private jet charter as there is no major commercial flight that gets you in before you leave.

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Big City Private Jet Alternates

The 2 biggest cities in the Unites States of America are by far New York and Los Angeles. These cities are very different from one another but they do share a lot in common. With so many people living in New York and Los Angeles, it creates commuter transportation havoc. Not only on the busy roads of Manhattan or Hollywood but it also creates a huge amount of airport congestion.

Jet Charter Los Angeles

There is little solution to the airport congestion there is a solution though to avoiding the busy airports. New York has 3 very busy airports, although one is situated in New Jersey it is still a very close access point to New York and Manhattan in particular. The 3 airports are JFK, La Guardia and Newark. Los Angeles has the very famous and very busy LAX.

A-listers, celebrities, high level politicians and businessmen of note have been avoiding these airports for years. They have been avoiding these airports by flying private jet charter into smaller airports with similar or just-as-good access points to Los Angeles and New York City.

The best option for flying into New York City with private jet charter is to request a flight that lands in Teterboro. Teterboro is brilliantly placed to give a busy person or a person who seeks utmost privacy, quick and easy access to all 5 boroughs of New York City.

The best alternative for accessing Los Angeles while avoiding LAX is to fly into Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys is extremely close to Hollywood, perhaps even closer than LAX and gives travelers superb access to downtown Los Angeles and Burbank.

For service to or from Teterboro or Van Nuys airport you should get in touch with ElJet. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Teterboro and Van Nuys jet owners to ensure passengers get the best planes at the best prices.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Flying

One of the biggest failures in recent technological times has been the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Here is something for you to ponder though:

How would they tell if somebody boarded a flight with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The most obvious way would be when the person goes through security. Now, it is probably obvious when going through security that a cell phone is a cell phone but how is it possible to tell what kind of cell phone it is. Secondly, are security personnel specifically searching for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones? If they are not then how would a person carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone be stopped from bringing it on the plane.

Samsung have taken steps that as soon as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 upgrades it immediately goes dead. But there is probably still a few people who do have that phone and therefore this is a real and pertinent question.

There are a few things to take note of with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ban. The ban does not only pertain to carrying the Note 7 phone on the plane with you but you cannot even have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in your checked luggage. This raises the question again, unless they hand sift through every piece of checked luggage how would they stop this type of phone from getting on the plane?

It is worth considering that the ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from flying is actually a federal ban. This definitely raises the punishment that will be meted out for those that ignore the ban. Possibly even criminal charges along with hefty fines.

Perhaps the deterrent is so strong that people simply will not carry the phones on the planes but unless the flyer takes the phone out, it remains unclear as to how a person with such a phone would actually be outed.


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Things You Should Do Before Flying

You can book with private jet charter and most things will be taken care of for you. If you are flying with regular commercial air travel, here are some unconventional things that you can do that may enhance your flight experience.

1. Check Your Flights Inbound Flight

Check Your Inbound Flight

Everyone knows that they need to check if there flight is on time or their flight is delayed but there is something more that you can do and it is probably even more important than checking if YOUR flight is on time. You should be checking if the plane that you will be flying on is on time. This is called your in-bound flight. If your inbound flight is running late then there is still a chance that another aircraft will be used for your flight but this is usually unlikely. There are many websites that allow you to check the inbound flight but you can also do things like calling your carrier and they will give you the information.

2. Ensure you are registered with the frequent flyer program

Many people will have a particular frequent flyer program. This means that if they fly a different commercial airline they are not necessarily registered for the frequent flyer program. Even if you do not intend to travel with that carrier too often, it is still worthwhile signing up to their frequent flyer program. The points add up and not necessarily do you have to amass a lot of points for free travel tickets but these programs usually have many other great things that can be bought with these points.

3. Check Private Jet Charter Rates

If you are looking for business or first class tickets in a short space of time then you should look at private jet charter options. With empty leg and dead leg flight availability, you can often find very competitive private jet charter rates.

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Maho Beach St. Maarten

It is not the most pristine beach in the world but it is definitely a plane fanatics favorite beach in the world. Maho Beach in St. Maarten sits at the end of the runway at the Princess Julianna International Airport.

Maho Beach in St. Maarten, no photoshop

There used to be a once a day tradition in St. Maarten where people used to flock to Maho Beach to watch KLM’s 747 make its landing. It was a must see St. Maarten staple. KLM stopped flying their 747 into St. Maarten as of October 2016. There are still great flying spectacles as Air France make their landing with their Airbus or other large aircraft from multiple destinations.

It also makes for quite a spectacular landing if you are on one of these planes as you come into St. Maarten. The thrill of flying in just inches above the sunbathers and sea surfers is quite exhilarating.

For pilot’s though, the landing in St. Maarten is known to be one of the tougher landings. The runway sits in unusually close proximity to where the fence cordoning of the beach ends.

Youtube is inundated with many video’s of sunbathing thrill seekers who have witnessed the flying fanatics dream of Maho Beach.

St. Maarten itself is a gorgeous island with a blend of party life and sophistication. St. Maarten is also Saint Martin. No need to be confused. It is simply one island that is separated into two halves. One half is owned by the Dutch and the other half is owned by the French. It has many casino’s, great accommodations and many great fine dining spots.

St. Maarten is less than 2 hour flight from Miami and is a great access point to many other great Caribbean islands.

For all your St. Maarten Private Jet charter needs speak to an ElJet private jet charter agent.

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Travel Post: Anguilla

One of the most gorgeous places I ever visited was Anguilla. One of the things that is worth noting about Anguilla is that it is a playground for the rich and famous.

One of the reasons for that is because it is only accessible by air through private jet travel. The most common way to arrive in Anguilla is by taking a boat after arriving by air into St. Maarten.

Beautiful Anguilla

Where to Stay?

If you are looking for luxury but still want all the amenities of a hotel then go for the CeBlue Villas. When you stay at the CeBlue Villas you get superb access to the CeBlue resort club amenities but stay in villas with breathtaking views of magnificent things around you.

Where to stay on a budget?

Believe it or not, Anguilla is very manageable on a budget as well. Best place to stay in Anguilla on a budget is the Fountain Anguilla Residences.

What to do?

Anguilla is all about the beaches, the food and the people. Anguilla is a tiny little island with 33 of the world’s best beaches. Shoal Bay is world renowned for the powdery soft white sand and the incredible turquoise waters.

There are great places to dine in Anguilla, from casual food to high end. Not to be missed are places like Da’Vida’s, Gwen’s and Veya.

The people in Anguilla are incredibly friendly and love to show off their island in the best way they know possible. The weather is very favorable all year round and in terms of a luxury holiday there is scantly anything as relaxing at a better price.

For all your Caribbean private jet charter needs, whether you are flying to Anguilla or any other of the magnificent Caribbean island, let ElJet manage your booking.

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ElJet Scoops Another Award

ElJet has become renowned as North Ameirca’s best private jet charter. This is because they have won the award consistently from the World Travel Association. This time ElJet’s Private Jet Charter Blog, has chimed in and scooped an award of their own.


ElJet Private Aviation Blog Wins Award

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog has been voted as one of the top 60 pilot blogs on the planet. The blog was voted as the 17th best blog out there for pilots and airline enthusiasts. The selection was made using the Feed Spot criteria.

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog is more than just a place to find out what is new and what’s best on the private jet charter scene. There is plenty of fun flying facts and information. Including some of the most historic flight personnel and the machines a.ka. airplanes that carried them.

The blog contains many travel tips, including first hand information on the do’s and don’ts of travelling with kids or how and where to find the best airline food.

Avid readers of ElJet’s private aviation blog keep coming back every week for the interesting reads on some of flying’s most pressing (and most googled questions). Like, how much does a flight attendant earn? And who is the youngest pilot to have ever flown passengers for a commercial airline?

And it goes without saying that the blog will always give you great tourist and travel info on the destinations that are serviced with great distinction by ElJet. There is of course lots of great information that has also been shed on the blog on the pioneering Empty Leg options that ElJet provides for passengers.

This award bestowed on the blog is only a further affirmation of the all-round excellence that ElJet has shown all-round on a consistent basis in the Private Jet Charter field.



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What is an Airport Curfew?



An airport curfew is a certain amount of time during the night that aircraft could not take off or land at a particular airport.  This is also known as night flying restrictions.

Airline Curfew

Airlines Get Fined for Flying After a Certain Time


The reasons for night flying restrictions

The most common reason for night flying restrictions is that cities seek to limit the amount of noise that are emitted from commercial jets or even private jets while most people are sleeping.  It has become quite common for airlines to fly into airports that are in quite urbanized areas.  This has made night flying restrictions a more important thing to residents.


What are the consequences for breaking the airport curfew?

Airlines that fly after the airport curfew time whether a take-off or a landing will be fined by the airport.  These fines vary from airport to airport and for the time at which the plane will land or take off.  Most often when the plane is leaving on a long international flight e.g. a flight to Europe or a flight across the sea the airport will take the fine on and fly the flight anyways.  However, if an airline has a flight that is not particularly full with not that many passengers and is perhaps only a national flight between cities or states there is a possibility that the airline will delay the flight until such time when they will no longer be in violation of the airport curfew.  In terms of the airport curfew and night flying restrictions it also has to be considered the cost at which the airlines operate after hours.  Many, many staff that it takes to manage airports and run smooth and successful airline operations will need to be paid overtime.  The incentive therefore for commercial airlines to be on time has become more and more in their best interests.

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