Private Air Travel with Pets

Take your Pet on a Private Jet

Have you ever tried to take a commercial flight with your beloved pet?  Unless your dog is very small, odds are you will have to ship them in the dark and scary cargo area of the aircraft while you fly in the comfort of the main cabin.  You’ll spend your flight worrying about the well-being of your furry friend.  While many airlines do allow the smallest pets to fly by your side for an additional fee, air travel with any dog over 20 pounds is a hassle for you, the pet owner, and stressful for your loyal companion who must endure harsh conditions in the belly of the plane.  Many travelers who insist on flying with their pets find that private jet charters are the only way to go.

Almost every private jet allows pets to fly
Image of the Inside of a Private Jetwith their owners at no additional cost, barring any “accident” during the flight, of course.  Dogs are welcome aboard, and in many cases the crew will actually keep special treats on board to make sure pets feel equally welcomed as their human travel companions.  If you are interested in taking your dog on vacation with the rest of the family, then chartering a private jet is definitely the most comfortable and convenient way to travel.

Private Air Travel for Dogs

Many loving dog owners wonder how their pet will react to being 30,000 above the ground for the first time.  Most dogs have no issues flying, they do not typically experience any extreme pressure in their ears, and they will generally behave the same way they would while riding in a car.  Private Air Travel with your dog is far more convenient than trying to navigate the rules and regulations of commercial airlines when taking them with you on a long trip.

Can’t leave your pooch at home?  Book a private jet charter with ElJet so that you can bring your dog on board with the rest of the family.  With few restrictions, and many benefits to having your dog along for the ride, our clients are always pleased to know that they can bring their best friend along when flying on a private jet.  Call 1 (888) 355-3538, or send us an email at to get a quote on a private flight today.