How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Jet?

How much does it cost to rent a jet? You might be surprised by the answer. While some think that private jet charters are only for the extremely rich, in reality renting a jet can be an affordable option for some travelers and some trips. Companies such as ElJet are making the cost of renting a private jet more affordable than ever through large databases of flights and incredible empty leg deals.

The cost to rent a jet depends largely on three factors: cities of origin and destination, length of trip and size of aircraft.

Origin and Destination: Like commercial flight prices, jet rentals are impossible to accurately price without some idea of the origin and destination. A flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco will cost far less than a flight from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi.

Length of Trip: In general, when you book a return trip on a private jet, you have to pay for the crew’s expenses such as hotel and transportation while on the ground at your destination. The longer you stay, the more it will cost.

Size of Aircraft: There are three main sizes of jets available to rent: light/small, mid-size/medium and heavy/full-size. Larger jets require more fuel and a larger crew, and therefore cost more to rent.

Light/small: $2500 per hour

Mid-size/medium: $3200 per hour

Heavy/full-size: $4500 per hour and up

Additional costs such as fuel charges, taxes, landing fees, international fees and catering may or not be included in the base cost of renting a jet.

How to Save:

The good news is that the price of a private jet charter does not depend on the number of passengers flying. Whether you are soaring solo or have a party of 8, your flight cost will be the same. This can offer substantial savings to larger parties.

Another excellent way to reduce the cost of private jet rentals is to look for empty leg deals. Empty legs are special one-way flight segments that must fly back to their point of origin empty. This empty segment is often offered at an outstanding discount, brining the price of private jet travel lower than ever before. ElJet keeps a giant database of these hugely discounted flights, providing consumers with an easy and affordable way to locate and book private jets.