How Much Does a Private Jet Charter Flight Attendant Make?

How much does a private jet charter flight attendant make? The short answer: much more than his or her commercial counterparts. Working as a flight attendant in private aviation (for wealthy people, celebrities or important groups) is far more lucrative than working in the commercial sector for airlines. Private jet charter flight attendants are often more skilled as well. The highest paid flight attendants usually speak multiple languages, have extensive service experience and are highly trained in emergency procedures. Flight attendants in any field must be personable and professional, possessing superior customer service skills as well as the energy and will to travel great amounts.


Private jet flight attendants usually start out in the commercial sector, flying for commercial airliners such as JetBlue, Southwest or American. Accepting a lower rate of pay in exchange for work experience, commercial flight attendant positions generally start around $12-$14 per hour and include benefits such as health insurance, sick leave and paid vacation days. Once a flight attendant has a few years of experience working in the sky, then he or she is better prepared to transfer to the higher-paying private sector. Many flight attendants take private training courses on safety to enhance their certification level and increase their chances of being hired into the private aviation world.


Most private jet flight attendants based in large metro areas such as Los Angeles, Vail or New York City make $400-500 per day, while those in smaller locations may make $300-350 per day. Flying on international routes can bump up the pay rate towards $650 per day. Private jet flight attendants are also usually paid a per diem for their daily expenses. Many private jet flight attendants work several weeks to a month at a time, flying to destinations such as Singapore, Indonesia and China. Flight schedules on private jets are often erratic, so flight attendants must have a flexible personal life and appetite for adventure are essential. But for those who are willing to travel great amounts and able to always keep a smile, becoming a private jet charter flight attendant can be a lucrative career move.