Staying Calm When Travelling

Travelling especially air travel can be quite stressful for a lot of people.

There are ways that a person can calm themselves before travel with some simple steps.

flight deck

The Flight Deck

  1. Arrive Early

Time is your friend when you travel. Being there on time will give you ample opportunity to find the gate and terminal and even leave some leeway for getting a little bit lost without stress.

2. Plan

Many people feel that in the age of Google, planning is over rated. Particularly for people who tend to be anxious or stress there is no replacement for planning. Plan your mode of transport to and from the airport. Have a notebook with all your contacts that are important. Yes, you can store them on your phone but phones are dependent on power sources, a paper will be with you no matter what.

3. Pack Essentials in Carry-On Bag

Don’t go overboard with this but if you have worries about your luggage being lost then pack everything that is absolutely essential to you in a bag that will be with you at all times. Don’t go scrounging around the house looking for what may be essentially necessary to you, have a pre made list and check the list off as you put the items in the bag. Anxiety comes from the sense that there are many variables that are not in a person’s control, be meticulous to ensure that you are in control of as many things as possible.

4. Focus on your Reason for Travel

If the reason you are travelling is a valid one then your need to travel is validated. Book a flight that gets you into your destination with enough time before you are needed there to rest up and get back to yourself. Air travel is far more reliable then people give it credit for.

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