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Do you get drunker faster on a Plane?

Not that you intend on getting drunk or acting unruly on a plane but many people wonder if they get drunker quicker on an aircraft.

Alcohol and Flying: An unlikely relationship

The famous Mythbusters teams tackled this very issue and the result was a resounding no. So why do people think that they get drunk faster on an aircraft?

There could be numerous reasons for this and some of them are more likely than others.

  1. People drink more in a short space of time on the plane

On most long haul flights alcohol is free. Free alcohol means more drinking for most and this means that people are consuming alcohol on the plane more than they would normally do. This leads to the false misconception that they are in fact getting drunk quicker than they would on dry land. In fact, in my many travels I have seen people on a long haul flight wake up for breakfast and ask the flight attendant for an alcoholic beverage. Most of the time, they have been denied.

2. The Cabin Pressure

Even without drinking any alcohol it is possible to feel slightly lightheaded. This is often mistaken for feeling drunk. So while the alcohol may not get your drunk quicker, the alcohol along with the general light headedness from the cabin pressure can give you that feeling.

3. Don’t Forget

It is not a good idea to consume too much alcohol on the plane. Alcohol dehydrates and one of the best ways of beating Jet Lag is actually staying very hydrated. More than that if you do become unruly on a flight and get out-of-hand because of your drunken state you could face hefty penalties upon arrival at your destination.

ElJet Scoops Another Award

ElJet has become renowned as North Ameirca’s best private jet charter. This is because they have won the award consistently from the World Travel Association. This time ElJet’s Private Jet Charter Blog, has chimed in and scooped an award of their own.

ElJet Private Aviation Blog Wins Award

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog has been voted as one of the top 60 pilot blogs on the planet. The blog was voted as the 17th best blog out there for pilots and airline enthusiasts. The selection was made using the Feed Spot criteria.

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog is more than just a place to find out what is new and what’s best on the private jet charter scene. There is plenty of fun flying facts and information. Including some of the most historic flight personnel and the machines a.ka. airplanes that carried them.

The blog contains many travel tips, including first hand information on the do’s and don’ts of travelling with kids or how and where to find the best airline food.

Avid readers of ElJet’s private aviation blog keep coming back every week for the interesting reads on some of flying’s most pressing (and most googled questions). Like, how much does a flight attendant earn? And who is the youngest pilot to have ever flown passengers for a commercial airline?

And it goes without saying that the blog will always give you great tourist and travel info on the destinations that are serviced with great distinction by ElJet. There is of course lots of great information that has also been shed on the blog on the pioneering Empty Leg options that ElJet provides for passengers.

This award bestowed on the blog is only a further affirmation of the all-round excellence that ElJet has shown all-round on a consistent basis in the Private Jet Charter field.



The Funniest Plane in the Sky

The Funniest plane in the sky has to belong to South Africa’s low cost flight company known as Kulula. Kulula are pro’s in the business of funny flying but their Flying 101 plane is a step above as you are about to discover.

The entire plane is wrapped in funny information that tells you all about the plane and the people inside the plane.

Funny Flying
The Kulula Flying 101 Plane

There are arrows that point out the captain, co-captain and other essential elements of the plane.

While Kulula only flys locals South African routes, they proudly say that thanks to going viral on the internet, their Flying 1o1 Kulula jet has made it’s way around the world many times.

Funny Flying
Other Side of Flying 101

They even point out for all who can see the plane where the black box is located and then in their way that gives them the title of funniest plane in the sky point out that the black box is actually orange.

Kulula is known for some genius marketing gimmicks. They have also upset the local South African Carrier known as South African Airways. This is when they released a plane and an ad campaign that touted Kulula as “The Most South African Airways”.

funny flying
Kulula’s Most South African Airways Ad Campaign

While many in-flight service co-ordinators have taken to finding humorous ways to give over the safety demonstrations and information, Kulula were somewhat of pioneers in that area. In addition to this they have become famous for full page ads that are clever and witty and of course their April Fools Pranks.

As an airline Kulula obviously has to put up with a fair few complaints but it always lightens the burden with some humor. There is something about humor and laughs that make commercial flying, especially low-cost commercial flying, that much more palatable.

What High Rollers Don’t Do

Las Vegas is an essential entry in the pantheon of great entertainment destinations. From incredible restaurants to amazing shows and of course casinos galore. The best way to experience Las Vegas is when you are treated like royalty-high rollers as they call them in Vegas.

airplane charter las vegas
Vegas- Where High Rollers Rule the Roost

So let’s lay out the basics for you.

  • High Rollers DON’T travel on commercial airlines.
  • High Rollers DON’T stand in TSA security lines.
  • High Rollers DON’T jostle for an aisle seat
  • High Rollers DON’T get served in plastic cups
  • High Rollers DON’T swipe their card for drinks
  • High Rollers DON’T wait for others to disembark
  • High Rollers DON’T wait by a luggage carousel

This is because Las Vegas High Rollers travel with private jet charter to Las Vegas. High Rollers also like to bet on good odds. The best private jet charter odds are stacked in favor of ElJet Private Jet Charter.

ElJet Private Jet Charter is North America’s leading private jet charter. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Las Vegas private jet owners and operators. This means that every ElJet customer is getting the most luxurious possible jet at the best possible price. ElJet has scores of customers who understand that you don’t necessarily have to be exorbitant prices to fly private jet charter.

ElJet has a perfect safety record and will ensure that the luxury of your flight is only outdone by the attention to safety. This is the safety of ElJet chartered jets and the pilots.

ElJet also offers concierge Las Vegas services. Ask one of the ElJet travel experts to assist you in arranging a full Las Vegas experience. That’s right ElJet can arrange the flights, hotels and the shows.

An ElJet expert is standing by 24/7 to take your call and ensure that your next Las Vegas experience is a high roller experience.

Aspen-Private Jet Charter

Winter wonderlands are usually only things that exist in Disney fairy tales. The oodles of white snow along with the mystical forests and flowing rivers, make Aspen Colorado as close as it gets to a Winter wonderland as possible. You may not see a beautiful castle or a prince on a fine white steed but there is so much to do in Aspen, Colorado, that you will be barely miss the princesses and the fairy tale queens.

For starters, only rivaled by Park City, Utah, there is no better place in the United States for snow sporting activities. Skiing, Snowboarding and every other snow sport in between has a place in Aspen Colorado. There is of course the mystique and rustic relaxation of a luxury log cabin with a beautiful fire place, with relaxation as the only thing on your mind. If you prefer to relax in a spa resort or just enjoy a luxury treatment, Aspen has plenty of that to offer too.

Perhaps, you want to meet in a totally different location for a business conference or you want to take your team building exercise to the absolutely next level, then Aspen is for you too.

Here is the secret that Aspen regulars do not want you to know. The best way to get to Aspen Colorado is not to search for deals on your favorite commercial airline but rather to go with private jet charter.

ElJet Private Jet Charter is a premium private jet charter company servicing Aspen, Colorado. As a leading private jet charter company in  North America, ElJet is superbly placed to find their clients the most exclusive deals and most convenient schedules for flight into Aspen Airport.

Call a skilled ElJet operator and ensure that your next Aspen wonderland vacation is an ElJet one.

Superbowl in Vegas

Tickets to the Superbowl are rare and many people have found that there is an easier and better place to watch the Superbowl than at home on the couch. For many years Superbowl Sunday has been an action attraction in one of the world’s best playgrounds Las Vegas.

Vegas is one of the best places to be on Superbowl Sunday

Aside from the betting and thrills of watching the game there is so much to do in Las Vegas, aside from all the regular super attractions. Instead of cleaning dirt from between the cracks in the couches or applying a stain remover to the beer stain in the carpet, you could be reveling in the lights, casinos and shows of Vegas following the big game.

People have found Vegas to be a great place to be but they have also learned that commercial airlines fill up quickly when it comes to arriving in Vegas for Superbowl Sunday. Those lucky enough to find airline tickets will have to deal with the unending irritation and hassle that come with commercial air travel.

There is a better way to arrive in Vegas for America’s biggest sports event weekend. That is to use private jet charter. When it comes to the big events and the big weekends, you want to be using North America’s Leading Private Jet Charter, ElJet.

ElJet will get you to Las Vegas for Superbowl Sunday in style, optimum luxury and at the best industry price. This is because ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Las Vegas private jet owners and operators, ensuring the safest and most luxurious flight options for ElJet clients.

Touchdown in Las Vegas in opulence, safety and style with ElJet Private Jet Charter and make this Superbowl so much more memorable than just the football.


World Travel Awards Nominees 2014

It will come as little surprise to ElJet’s loyal customer base to hear that ElJet has once again been nominated in the category of North America’s Leading Private Jet Charter for the 2014 World Travel Awards.

ElJet has once again been nominated by the World Travel Awards as Leading Private Jet Charter in North America

ElJet is proud to be nominated for the prestigious award from the World Travel Awards along with two other respected mavericks of the private jet charter industry, Celebrity Jet Charter and NetJets.

The World Travel Awards have been dubbed by the Wall Street Journal as the Oscar’s of the travel industry. ElJet has a long standing history of industry awards, including nominations as one of America’s fastest growing companies as well nominations as leading private jet charter throughout the world.

Nominees for the awards, as well as the eventual winners of the various categories, are chosen by experts in the travel industry from all across North America. They use factors such as safety, service and all round excellence in determining the nominees.

With a market upturn and travel boom, ElJet has excelled itself in maintaining unwavering impeccable general service when it comes to servicing the discerning private jet charter client. ElJet is proud of the nomination and attributes much of their success to the diligence of the highly committed ElJet staff.

As previous awards show ElJet uses the awards as not only a point of pride, but also a point of encouragement to strive to provide the most perfect private jet charter experience in all of North America and throughout the world.

If you want to travel in award winning ElJet style, luxury and safety,  give one of our skilled operators a call today and discover the luxurious difference of travelling the ElJet way.

ElJet’s New Mobile Site Steps-Up the Covenience

Technology is moving at a breathtaking pace and the world  is literally at your fingertips, vested in the power of the smartphone in your pocket. Your world is no longer confined to your PC or laptop and your life cannot revolve around them. Your life happens on your smartphone and the products and services you need, have to be accessible from your smartphone.

Charter flights
ElJet’s Mobile Site Allows You To Book Luxury Private Jet Charter from the Convenience of Your Smartphone

North America’s Leading Private Jet Charter is harnessing the power of your smartphone to make searching for, and booking a luxury private jet charter flight, easier and more convenient than ever. ElJet is now offering the highest quality luxury travel booking experience with their brand new, easy-to-navigate mobile site.

The mobile site is an extension of ElJet’s promise to ensure a world class travel experience with less hassle and more convenience. ElJet’s mobile site gives customers access to luxury jet charter price estimates with a mobile flight cost estimator, luxury charter flight searches and access to ElJet’s famous empty leg specials. Perhaps the most innovative of all aspects of the new mobile site is ElJet’s “Private Jet Selection Guide.” This immaculately designed guide gives customers access to the most luxurious private jet charter options, from turbo props to heavy jets and airliners. The mobile site comes with the same 24/7 and 365 days a year service of ElJet’s trained, luxury jet charter booking professionals. These professionals are on call around the clock to ensure that your booking and travel needs are met efficiently and with optimum luxury.

ElJet has truly gone the extra distance with their mobile site. The innovation that has gone into the mobile site is of the standard and luxury you come to expect of a world class private jet charter service.

More travelers and tourists are experiencing the convenience and luxury that comes with private jet charter every day. It is the luxurious convenience that was once exclusively enjoyed by celebrities, A-listers and top businessman and now more and more people are finding it to be a “money well spent” experience.

Luxury private jet charter is all about putting the power of travel convenience back in the hands of the traveler. ElJet’s mobile site does just that, ElJet’s unparalleled private jet charter experience is now matched with the most convenient way to book an ElJet flight- straight from your smartphone.

ElJet’s new mobile site steps-up the convenience.





WTA Nominates ElJet as World’s Leading Private Jet Charter


The World Travel Association (WTA) nominates ElJet as a  2013 nominee for the World’s Leading Private Jet Charter Company.

Having already earned the prestigious accolade of 2013 Leading Private Jet Charter in North America, ElJet was pleased to gain global recognition with a nomination to the World Travel Association’s World’s Leading Private Jet Charter Company.

This nomination from the World Travel Association speaks clearly for the impeccable reputation ElJet has built up. As a two time winner of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America and 2012 nomination for the WTA accolade they won in 2013, ElJet is clearly stamping its authority as an industry leader.

ElJet attributes these nominations and awards to their strong business ethic that gives no compromise on safety and ultimate customer satisfaction at the most competitive prices. When it comes to safety, convenience, luxury, and price, ElJet is consistently outdoing their competition.flight attendantCompetition such as Warren Buffet’s NetJets because while ElJet has grown their personal finesse and touch is evident in every client interaction. ElJet has all the clout of a big private jet charter company with all the service personability of a smaller one.

These awards are testament to the 90% of ElJet’s customer base who use ElJet exclusively after their first ElJet private jet charter experience. They are testament also to the integrity with which ElJet picks up its client leads. ElJet’s lets their service do their talking as the majority of their business comes from other client referrals.

As the private jet charter business expands, people are putting a premium on their time, convenience and money by choosing to fly with ElJet’s. The ElJet difference means that private jet charter remains as exclusive as ever in its service and as inclusive as ever as to who can access those services.

ElJet has revolutionized private jet charter travel making it accessible to people who thought it was well beyond their means.

ElJet named top Private Jet Charter – Aspen Spin Magazine

ElJet was recently acknowledged in Aspen Spin Magazine for our award as top Private Jet Charter Company in North America.

Huge congratulations are in order for our friends at private jet charter operator; EL JET.   El Jet was recently named the winner in the category,  Leading Private Charter in North America by the prestigious World Travel Awards.

In its 20th year, The World Travel Awards (WTA) were created to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.  Known worldwide, WTA is the ultimate hallmark of quality.   Now El Jet is #1, winning the category for leading private charter in North America knocking Net Jets off the top spot for 2013.  Over 650,000 tourism professionals in 191 countries voted for the World Travel Awards this year.

Citation XEl Jet took home  the distinguished WTA trophy because it offers the BEST PRICING, the lowest industry markup and the largest network of empty legs to match its distinguished clients with the best possible aircraft.   El Jet does it all and can usually get you a quote in 60 seconds.   No wonder they’re #1.   El Jet adds the World Travel Award to its growing list of accolades.  El Jet has twice been named to the INC. 500 fastest growing companies in America.  El Jet is very proud of their success and prides itself on safety, reliability, honesty, ethics and fair pricing.

Flying private is the ultimate luxury, and consequently everyone knows that Aspen is a hot bed of private air travel.  The Aspen airport is only 4 miles from the slopes and El Jet can get you in an out of Aspen on your time schedule and at an affordable price.  El Jet has access to over 4000 aircraft and 15,000 airports domestically and internationally.  El Jet caters to everyone and tries to make private jet travel more accessible.  Of cource they have plenty of cleints who are celebrities, athletes, business titans and international royalty, but no one is more important than you and your family.  Whether its a family vacation, a business trip, a boys trip or girls night out… treat your self to the ultimate in travel comfort…treat yourself to El Jet.

Call or Click:  EL JET  /  888 355 3538   Winner of the 2013 World Travel Award.