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Maho Beach St. Maarten

It is not the most pristine beach in the world but it is definitely a plane fanatics favorite beach in the world. Maho Beach in St. Maarten sits at the end of the runway at the Princess Julianna International Airport.

Maho Beach in St. Maarten, no photoshop

There used to be a once a day tradition in St. Maarten where people used to flock to Maho Beach to watch KLM’s 747 make its landing. It was a must see St. Maarten staple. KLM stopped flying their 747 into St. Maarten as of October 2016. There are still great flying spectacles as Air France make their landing with their Airbus or other large aircraft from multiple destinations.

It also makes for quite a spectacular landing if you are on one of these planes as you come into St. Maarten. The thrill of flying in just inches above the sunbathers and sea surfers is quite exhilarating.

For pilot’s though, the landing in St. Maarten is known to be one of the tougher landings. The runway sits in unusually close proximity to where the fence cordoning of the beach ends.

Youtube is inundated with many video’s of sunbathing thrill seekers who have witnessed the flying fanatics dream of Maho Beach.

St. Maarten itself is a gorgeous island with a blend of party life and sophistication. St. Maarten is also Saint Martin. No need to be confused. It is simply one island that is separated into two halves. One half is owned by the Dutch and the other half is owned by the French. It has many casino’s, great accommodations and many great fine dining spots.

St. Maarten is less than 2 hour flight from Miami and is a great access point to many other great Caribbean islands.

For all your St. Maarten Private Jet charter needs speak to an ElJet private jet charter agent.

The Complete List of Private Jet Manufacturers

A Private Jet Charter Blog presents your one stop source for every link you need to private jet manufacturers. This is a private jet fanatics dream resource. Feel free to share it with friends across all social media mediums.

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Thanksgiving Private Jet Travel

It is a well-known fact that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.  Commercial air travel on Thanksgiving eve is nothing short of hectic, with long lines, delayed flights, and headaches for most travelers.  Plane tickets for Thanksgiving weekend are typically much more expensive than the rest of the year, and for just a bit more, you and your family can fly hassle free.

You can avoid spending hours in the airport before you even take-off when you rent a Private Jet for your Thanksgiving flight this year.  Rather than checking your bags, standing in security lines, and fighting to find room in the overhead compartment for your carry-on, you can upgrade to a private plane that will get you to your destination safely, in style and comfort by booking through ElJet.  We offer the highest level of service from the booking process on thru the runway at the destination of your choice.

With limited time over the short Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, saving time on travel allows you to spend more time at your destination with friends and family.  Private air travel can save you valuable time en route to and from wherever you may be headed this holiday season, and our trained travel portfolio managers can find you the best rates in the industry.

Rent a Private Jet at the Best Rate Available

When you rent a private jet with ElJet, you can rest assured that you are getting the best rates available.  Our strong connections within the private jet service industry are the key to helping our clients get the best rate possible on private jet rentals.  We’ve established ourselves as the premier private jet broker with flight operators so that we can negotiate the best prices on flights for you.

These aren’t budget planes either.  We are able to help you rent the best private planes available, with the best safety records, stylish interiors and efficient crew members who are there for your every need.

Do you want a free rate quote on your private jet rental for this Thanksgiving holiday?  Our experienced travel portfolio managers can provide you with an estimate within 60 seconds when you call us today.  Book your private jet charter flight for Thanksgiving weekend with ElJet to experience the highest level of safety, service and style now.  Call 1 (888) 355-3538, or email to get started.

Deadhead Charter Flights

Bringing “Deadhead” Charter Flights to Life

What are Deadhead Flights?

There is a term in the private jet charter business that refers to one-way flights that need to fly to their next destination, but don’t have any passengers booked for the trip – “deadheads.”  Also referred to as “Empty-Legs,” deadhead charter flights can cost flight operators a lot of money, as they still need to pay for fuel and maintenance for the trip despite not having any passengers to foot the bill.

Why they make sense for Private Jet Travelers

In order to minimize their losses, deadheadDeadhead Charter Flight Plane charter flights are often deeply discounted for the customer in order to fill the seats for their otherwise empty leg of the flight.  Smart, experienced private jet travelers know how to take advantage of these great deals by booking their last minute flights with ElJet.

How You Can Take Advantage of these Empty-Leg Flights

With hundreds of deadheads available each day, ElJet has the resources to find, and book your private jet flight with an otherwise empty plane to the destination of your choice.  We have booked Empty-Leg flights for the rich and famous, heads of state, families and celebrities to destinations around the globe due to our trusted relationships with operators of private jet charters.

Visit our featured empty-leg flights page today to find the best prices in the industry for your next trip.  Not finding the destination you’re looking for?  Our experienced travel portfolio managers are ready to help book your next flight to the city of your choice.  Contact us 24-7  at 1 (888) 355-3538, or send us an email at

Empty Legs

Imagine yourself sailing aloft in the sky at 30,000 feet, fully relaxed with a smile on your face as puffy white clouds roll by the windows of your private jet charter.

If you think that private jet flights are only for the rich and famous, think again. Thanks to ElJet’s incredible deals on empty leg flights, travel by private jet is less expensive than ever before. Empty legs are the best-kept secret of the travel industry, and ElJet wants to let you in on the deal.

ElJet is committed to keeping the price of private jet charter flights affordable without ever sacrificing quality, safety or comfort. Our vast array of empty leg segments on flights around the world offers proof that private air travel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a huge selection of empty legs around the world, ElJet offers the best price on jet rentals and high quality service that keeps our clients coming back again and again.

What is an empty leg? Empty leg flights occur when an aircraft must return to its point of origin without any paying customers. Instead of flying the jet empty and losing any hope of revenue, the aircraft owner will offer the trip at a highly reduced rate to travelers looking for an adventure.

This is where ElJet comes in. We have a vast network of all kinds of flights, itineraries, schedules and aircraft that is the largest in the world. Let ElJet connect you to the empty leg flight that is right for your travel plans. With access to the largest fleet FAA Part 135 Approved Operators and aircraft and empty leg corporate charter flights in the world, rest assured that you’re getting the very best deal on empty legs, no matter where your destination is.

Empty legs are such wonderful deals that they can go quickly – so check our website or call ElJet’s travel representatives at 1 (888) 355-3538.

Charter Flights & Empty Legs

One of the most well kept secrets in the private jet travel industry just happens to be ElJet’s specialty: empty leg segments on charter flights.

Empty Legs

You don’t have to be rich to fly in your own private jet; ElJet is committed to making the cost of traveling by charter flights as affordable as possible. One way this is achieved is via empty leg charter flights, which are flight segments that must return to their point of origin empty. Facing a loss on this “empty leg” segment, the aircraft owner offers the one-way voyage at an extreme discount to buyers in the know – and this is where you come in.

For travelers who are flexible, flying one way or taking an extended vacation or long itinerary, empty legs are ideal. ElJet maintains the largest database of empty legs on charter flights in the world, so that you can shop for these special flight segments and choose the one that fits the best. We feature empty leg flights on all types of aircraft, and offer them on charter flights around the world.

Let ElJet match you with an empty leg that suits your travel needs, and discover the incredible discounts that come along with these special trips, also known as “dead head” flights. You’ll enjoy all the outstanding service, safety and quality that ElJet is known for along with a significantly reduced rate on private jet charter flights. With new empty leg segments added to the database daily, you may be surprised at how far your dollar can go – and where you can travel on your private jet rental!

Check our website for current deals on featured empty leg charter flights, or call us for more information and a free 60-second quote on air travel to the destination of your choice. Please call ElJet at 888-355-3538 and discover just how affordable private jet travel can be.

WIN a Private Charter Jet Trip to Las Vegas with ElJet

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks for an exciting promotion whose prize is an incredible trip for two to Las Vegas on a private jet charter by ElJet.

One lucky Swagbucks user that voters crown the ultimate “Swag Mom” will get to experience the amazing quality and luxurious comfort of a private jet. The winner and a friend will fly to Los Angeles on a commercial airline; from there the duo will be whisked away on their own private aircraft from ElJet to Las Vegas, where a weekend of spa pampering and world-class entertainment awaits.

While onboard the private jet, the winner and her (or his) friend will enjoy unparalleled service, personalized attention and the utmost in air travel comfort. Avoiding the hassles of public transportation and airport crowds, the winner will experience flying the way it was meant to be – the ElJet way.

Swagbucks is a web loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn points towards merchandise and other prizes by shopping online and taking surveys. To be considered for the prize and title of “The Swag Mom,” Swagbucks users must be nominated (or must nominate themselves) on the official Are You The Swag Mom? Page.

Nominations will be accepted until April 27, and on April 30 voting begins in earnest to try and find the one Swagbucks user that not only uses the system efficiently and with style, but also helps out other users with tips, advice and tricks of the trade. In addition to a private jet ride to Las Vegas, the winner will also receive luxurious spa treatments and tickets to a world-class show.

Dreaming of a private jet trip to Las Vegas? Could you or someone you know be The Swag Mom? Get involved on and nominate the user you know who deserves a Vegas escape on a private plane with ElJet.

WIN a Private Jet Charter Trip to Las Vegas from ElJet!

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks to offer an incredible promotion for Swagbucks users: Are You The Swag Mom? Swagbucks is an online customer loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn rewards such as free merchandise for shopping online and answering surveys about certain products.

Now Swagbucks users can nominate their favorite Swagbucks mom (or themselves!) to be crowned The Swag Mom. The ultimate Swag Mom is a prolific Swagbucks user who not only navigates the site well to maximize her earnings, but also provides tips and advice to her fellow Swaggernauts.

Free Private Jet Las Vegas

The Swag Mom who wins the title will receive a private jet charter trip for two to Los Angeles, California followed by a private jet charter trip from ElJet to Las Vegas. There she’ll hop on a chauffeured limousine and head to the hotel for a two-night stay. The Swag Mom will be pampered in luxury from an extensive spa menu and then head out for a night on the town with tickets to a world-class show on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

Do you know a Swagbucks user that could qualify as The Swag Mom? Nominate your swaggiest friend, nominate yourself, or vote for your favorite contestants on the official Are You The Swag Mom? Page. To submit a Swaggernaut for consideration to be The Swag Mom, simply fill out the profile that pops up with a brief description, up to five photos and a relevant YouTube video of the contestant.

The Swag Mom doesn’t have to be a mother or a female; as long as they are a Swagbucks user, the game is on! Nominations close on April 27, and voting begins on April 30. Don’t delay – nominate and vote for your favorite Swagbucks user and send The Swag Mom on a Las Vegas escape.

For more details or to sign up click here.

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever – Free Private Jet Flight to Las Vegas

At a loss for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year… Well look no further. ElJet is celebrating Swagbuck’s 4th birthday in the kind of luxury and style your Mother deserves.

Give your mother a once in a lifetime experience this Mother’s Day by entering her to win a free flight to Hollywood followed by a luxurious private jet flight to Las Vegas.

To Join Swagbucks please click on the image below.

To read more about this incredible free private jet to Las Vegas promotion please click here.

“The Swag Gal loves her mother and wants her to win a BIG prize: to send her to Hollywood and then fly him/her to Las Vegas on a Private Jet!”

That’s right: as part of Mother’s Day this year, YOU’RE going to help us select a Grand Prize Winner, who will win a trip for two out here to Hollywood, followed by a trip by private jet to Las Vegas! Our partner for this amazing prize is ElJet, a fantastic company that provides charter flight service!

I know you have a lot of questions, and we’ll have the answers for you in the coming weeks, including more details on the prize and how it can be won, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for the latest info on our BIG Mother’s Day giveaway!

Get A Private Jet to The Superbowl

This year’s Super Bowl is bound to be an incredible match-up between the Giants and the Patriots. The event will take place in Indianapolis and there is no better way to enjoy the Superbowl then having flown in via private jet charter.

Another popular way to enjoy the Super Bowl (if those front row seats you were looking for were just not available) is to enjoy (and bet) on the game in Las Vegas. ElJet offers incredible deals for you, your family and friends to this years Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis or if you choose Las Vegas. Please call us at 888-355-3538 or email us at for great deals to the Superbowl.