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Summer Flying Secrets

The Summer is a busy travel season in the USA with many of the airports filled to the rafters with thousands of eager travelers. Here are some secrets that may help you find summer travel a little bit easier and more relaxing.

ElJet Los Angeles

1. Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter is not as expensive as you think it might be. This is the undisputed best way to avoid the clamor and congestion of stuffed big airports. Not only that, private jets can take you to many off-the-beaten-path destinations that are generally near to commercial airports. The reasons for travelling with private jet charter in the Summer are multiple and of course for your travel needs, we suggest ElJet Private Jet Charter.

2. TSA Pre-Check

TSA security lines are a necessary part of flying to keep all the passengers safe. If you are going to be flying with commercial airlines it would be in your best interests to get TSA Pre-Check. This will help you move through security a lot quicker and avoid a long line. Most people agree that the hardest part of travel is actually getting through the airport to the plane, TSA Pre-Check eliminates one of these obstacles.

3. Try Something Different

If you are headed to a destination that everybody is headed to then chances are that you are going to experience a lot of airline travel congestion. If you choose something a little different, a little alternative then you will find that your air route may be less congested, this will contribute to a better travel experience no doubt.

4. Travel Light

If you can, avoid having checked baggage on commercial flights in the Summer. Commercial flying is significantly slower with checked bags. If you need your bags then there is not much of an alternative but if you can avoid checked baggage, then do so. I have even heard of people with good shipping options, using UPS and FedEx to send their bags, think about it!

New York City-Teterboro

I love Manhattan. I love Brooklyn. I love New York City. I don’t like JFK International Airport. I don’t like La Guardia Airport.

If detectives were to find this in graffiti on one of New York’s historical landmarks, they would have a very hard time finding the culprit, because this could have been written by anyone and possibly everyone.

Teterboro Airport
Teterboro Airport-The New York City Airport of the rich and famous

Executives, celebrities and A-listers have a particular dislike for New York City’s hustle and bustle airports, they offer very little privacy and are prone to congestion and all sorts of unforeseeable delays.

That is why they have found a great alternative in Teterboro Airport.

  • Teterboro Airport offers privacy
  • Teterboro offers great proximity to Manhattan and any of the other boroughs in New York City
  • Teterboro Airport is a reliable option as it is serviced by many private jet operators.

It takes little convincing to know that flying private jet charter to Teterboro Airport is the best way to access New York City. Now to find the right private jet charter company to service your Teterboro-New York City needs.

The search should start and end with ElJet.

ElJet is an award winning private jet charter company that services Teterboro Airport with the highest level of luxury and safety. ElJet is also renowned for having the fairest industry prices.

As a popular airport, Teterboro often has outbound Empty Leg flights. ElJet is a pioneer of the Empty Leg concept and therefore is best placed to exploit these Empty Legs to the benefit of our Teterboro passengers.

As you plan your trip to the city that never sleeps, who knows maybe by using ElJet private jet charter you will find that time to catch a few winks, or a Broadway show, or one of millions of other things that New York has to offer. Or you can wait in the terminal at La Guardia or JFK.

Call ElJet, we will make New York City happen for you

The Best Way for Pets to Air Travel

Commercial travel comes with a fair share of discomfort. Never ending queues, for check-in, for security checks, even for a coffee at the airport Starbucks.

Most travelers however reach their destinations, unscathed and for the most part quite content with their journey. Most travelers, does not include those who need to travel with pets. 

Commercial airline travel is a pet travelers nightmare. The stories covering pets left in unsafe conditions are numerous, either being neglected on the tarmac in searing temperatures or simply left without food or water for long periods of time. Pet owners are all too familiar with the anxiety that comes with leaving their pets in the hands of the unknown. Let’s face it, commercial airliners have yet to come up with a safe way for transporting “a man’s best friend” and other pets on long and short haul flights. For pet lovers and owners it is perturbing that pets are simply treated as highly fragile baggage. It does not take a pet lover or owner to know that pets are not baggage and cannot be treated as such.

If you cherish your pet and travel with it, you should be considering private jet charter

Grim as it may seem, there does not seem to be a viable solution on the horizon for the commercial airline industry and pet travelers.

People that place a value on the well being of their pets have found that there is a better way for pets to fly. It is called private jet charter.

Private jet charter is obviously more expensive than commercial jet travel but the peace of mind that comes with having your best friend with you is totally priceless. Those who simply cannot put a price on the loyal companionship that pets provide know that there is only one truly humane way for pets to travel and that is with private jet charter.

Private jet charter does far more than simply offer luxury, it offers extreme peace of mind on a host of levels. From the very mundane of convenient scheduling to the more pressing issues like having your dog at your arms length while travelling aboard an airliner. If only for the safety and health of your pets alone, private jet charter is an option well worth considering. Private jet charter is truly the best way for pets to air travel, many would say it’s the only way for pets to travel.

ElJet is the best that private jet charter has to offer. Our skilled representatives are standing by to take your call and make your next trip as calm and tranquil as possible, with your pet snugly by your side.

World Travel Awards Crowns ElJet as North America’s Leading Private Jet Charter Company

If you want the best private jet charter experience you should be chartering with ElJet.

What do Fortune 500 companies, international royalty, celebrities, pop stars, world famous DJ’s, automakers, professional athletes, and successful business people and families have in common?

Not much, other than all of them choose ElJet for their private jet charter needs.

ElJet has a history of awards – including two time winner of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America, 2012 nominee for the WTA’s Leading Private Jet Charter Company in North America Award and now 2013 winner of Leading Private Jet Charter Company- which is testament to our service par excellence in the private jet charter industry.

By awarding ElJet the Leading Private Jet Charter Company Award, tourism industry experts in 191 countries have put their private jet charter faith exactly where yours should be- in ElJet.

Understandably we wear the crown of our jet charter industry achievements with pride, however at ElJet we ensure that our accolades translate into an even better private jet charter experience for you, our customers. We are aware that as private jet charter consumers become more and more savvy about their jet charter options, they deserve a higher quality all-round jet charter experience. The World Travel Awards recognizes that ElJet doesn’t merely strive for a higher quality experience, but are relentless in delivering only the highest quality private jet charter experience.

Over the years, ElJet has proven that your air charter experience is where we invest the fruit of our hard earned private air charter accolades.

By  making ElJet your private jet charter of choice you can indulge in an air charter experience like no other.

You can indulge in a private jet charter experience where ElJet’s unwavering commitment to a quality product at an always fair price is only bested by our impeccable safety and business ethics record.

ElJet is more than just an award winning private jet charter company, we are a jet charter family. We understand that a quality jet charter experience is imperative to the success of your business commitments or family vacations and are happy to meet your private jet charter needs with perfection.

Private Jet Charter Los Angeles

With palm tree-lined boulevards, beautiful warm sunny weather and mile after mile of sandy beaches, Los Angeles is more than a city – it’s a lifestyle. And Los Angeles is one of the nations most popular private jet charter destinations. For over a century, travelers have been lured to this desert oasis of Southern California on the West Coast of the United States to follow their dreams and LA is home to a huge number of artists, writers, musicians, actors and the would-be famous.

Los Angeles Private Jets

Along with a powerful creative energy, Los Angeles features a world-class array of attractions that are sure to please any traveler and keep him or her blissfully occupied for days on end. Although many movie studios have moved northward, Hollywood is still a premiere destination for its historic theaters and star-lined sidewalk. Downtown LA is an urban core that is currently being revitalized with a new youthful populace and hip selection of restaurants, bars and art galleries.

On the “West Side” you’ll find glorious beaches packed with beautiful people: Malibu and Pacific Palisades as well as the northwestern communities of colorful Venice Beach and upscale Santa Monica. On the “East Side” you can explore the gritty neighborhood of Echo Park (home to Dodger Stadium), Los Feliz with young urban professionals and Silver Lake – a hipster headquarters filled with coffee shops, small boutiques and dogs with fauxhawks.

Book a charter flight to Los Angeles with ElJet and you can choose from a variety of area airports. LAX is the main airport, a large air hub made famous in TV and film that is located right off the Pacific Ocean. To the north of the city is Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and Van Nuys Airport. To the south is Long Beach Airport and John Wayne Airport, the only air transit center in Orange County and to the east serving the Inland Empire you’ll find the LA/Ontario International Airport and even further: Palm Springs International Airport.

No matter which airport you choose for your private charter flight to Los Angeles, book with ElJet and you will always arrive in style. Call us at 1 (888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote today.

Making Family Travel More Comfortable

Anyone who has traveled with an elderly relative knows how difficult it can be.  Elderly relatives often struggle with luggage, have trouble traveling around the airport, can become confused at the ticket counter, during security checks, or while completing the boarding process, and sometimes the trip can be so disruptive to their routine, that they end up being unable to enjoy their final destination.  The trip can leave everyone exhausted and unhappy.

Private Jet InteriorIt makes you wish you could have your own private jet to take you where you need to go.  Interestingly, taking a private jet charter flight is not impossible.  With a little research and planning, it is possible to fly for reasonable prices on the empty leg of an already scheduled private charter flight.  Rather than rushing the older members of your family through the complicated process of boarding a standard domestic flight, you can all relax in a private jet and reach your destination happy, refreshed, and stress-free.  Relaxation and fun are, after all, the point of a family vacation.

Jet Charter Flights to Southern California

Dreaming of a sunny beach vacation in a place where the weather is mild, the lifestyle is laid-back and the coastline goes for mile after gorgeous mile? Head to Southern California aka So Cal on a private jet charter booked through ElJet and treat yourself to the relaxing vacation that you so richly deserve.

Charter Flights Southern California

Southern California isn’t just a popular vacation destination, it’s also an extremely influential business center as well as the entertainment capital of the world. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the surfing beaches of San Diego and the spiritual deserts in the east to the upscale coastline heading north.

So Cal is also home to a heady surf and skateboard culture as well as tech and tourism industries. From the wide open spaces of the eastern desert to the breathtaking beaches of the western coastline, Southern California is truly one of the planet’s sparkling gemstones and provides everything that the modern traveler could dream of.

ElJet serves almost all of Southern California, with access to airports large and small, from San Diego to Santa Barbara and everywhere in between. Your private jet flies into several airports in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including LAX, Burbank, Van Nuys, Long Beach, Orange County and the Inland Empire. You can also fly into numerous airports in the San Diego area as well as Riverside, San Bernardino and the El Centro area. Fly on a private jet to Southern California to soak in the gorgeous climate and you may never want to leave.

Wherever you want to go in Southern California, ElJet’s got you covered. Pack your sunshades and flip flops because the beautiful beaches and perfect weather are calling your name. Fly to Southern California on a charter jet from ElJet, and you will always arrive in style.

Empty Legs

Imagine yourself sailing aloft in the sky at 30,000 feet, fully relaxed with a smile on your face as puffy white clouds roll by the windows of your private jet charter.

If you think that private jet flights are only for the rich and famous, think again. Thanks to ElJet’s incredible deals on empty leg flights, travel by private jet is less expensive than ever before. Empty legs are the best-kept secret of the travel industry, and ElJet wants to let you in on the deal.

ElJet is committed to keeping the price of private jet charter flights affordable without ever sacrificing quality, safety or comfort. Our vast array of empty leg segments on flights around the world offers proof that private air travel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a huge selection of empty legs around the world, ElJet offers the best price on jet rentals and high quality service that keeps our clients coming back again and again.

What is an empty leg? Empty leg flights occur when an aircraft must return to its point of origin without any paying customers. Instead of flying the jet empty and losing any hope of revenue, the aircraft owner will offer the trip at a highly reduced rate to travelers looking for an adventure.

This is where ElJet comes in. We have a vast network of all kinds of flights, itineraries, schedules and aircraft that is the largest in the world. Let ElJet connect you to the empty leg flight that is right for your travel plans. With access to the largest fleet FAA Part 135 Approved Operators and aircraft and empty leg corporate charter flights in the world, rest assured that you’re getting the very best deal on empty legs, no matter where your destination is.

Empty legs are such wonderful deals that they can go quickly – so check our website or call ElJet’s travel representatives at 1 (888) 355-3538.

Charter Flights & Empty Legs

One of the most well kept secrets in the private jet travel industry just happens to be ElJet’s specialty: empty leg segments on charter flights.

Empty Legs

You don’t have to be rich to fly in your own private jet; ElJet is committed to making the cost of traveling by charter flights as affordable as possible. One way this is achieved is via empty leg charter flights, which are flight segments that must return to their point of origin empty. Facing a loss on this “empty leg” segment, the aircraft owner offers the one-way voyage at an extreme discount to buyers in the know – and this is where you come in.

For travelers who are flexible, flying one way or taking an extended vacation or long itinerary, empty legs are ideal. ElJet maintains the largest database of empty legs on charter flights in the world, so that you can shop for these special flight segments and choose the one that fits the best. We feature empty leg flights on all types of aircraft, and offer them on charter flights around the world.

Let ElJet match you with an empty leg that suits your travel needs, and discover the incredible discounts that come along with these special trips, also known as “dead head” flights. You’ll enjoy all the outstanding service, safety and quality that ElJet is known for along with a significantly reduced rate on private jet charter flights. With new empty leg segments added to the database daily, you may be surprised at how far your dollar can go – and where you can travel on your private jet rental!

Check our website for current deals on featured empty leg charter flights, or call us for more information and a free 60-second quote on air travel to the destination of your choice. Please call ElJet at 888-355-3538 and discover just how affordable private jet travel can be.

Charter Flights Spotlight – Van Nuys Airport VNY

Jet Charter Flights to Van Nuys

Located in the sunny, suburban region of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a convenient destination for those who want to travel to the northern Los Angeles area but don’t want the hassle of traffic and crowds. A diverse area with numerous ethnicities, incomes and ages, Van Nuys offers easy access to the action while being far enough away to avoid its pitfalls.

Charter Flights Van Nuys

While the San Fernando Valley isn’t known for its cultural pursuits or urban action, it’s a peaceful place full of horses, sunshine, shopping and strip malls. Van Nuys features a beautifully calming Japanese Garden, and Sepulveda Dam is an interesting stop for the mechanically minded. You’ll also find plenty of car dealerships in Van Nuys, as well as the thriving car culture that this area of the country is known for.

When you book your flight with ElJet, you’ll arrive at the cozy Van Nuys Airport, a general aviation hub dedicated to noncommercial travel that sees quite a bit of business. Popular with travelers who live in The Valley or northern Los Angeles, this smaller airport is a smart choice – and ElJet can make sure you get there in style.

Why Choose ElJet?

ElJet is recognized as the industry leader and maintains solid relationships with Part 135 operators in the US and top notch operators around the world. Named as an Inc. 500 winner two years in a row, our quality of service is unparalleled and our devotion to low prices unmatched in the jet rental business.

ElJet offers the ultimate air travel experience. Our services regularly impress heads of state, businessmen, celebrities and high rollers, who regularly return again and again. From the day you contact our expert travel representatives who are standing by 24/7 to the moment you are delivered safe back at home from Van Nuys, ElJet will ensure that every aspect of your travel experience exceeds your expectations.

ElJet’s relationships with industry professionals and access to the world’s largest network of private jet operators and aircraft mean that we can offer lower prices without every compromising service, safety or quality. Our attention to detail and standards of service are second to none and we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of customer support we offer. Choose ElJet for your trip to Van Nuys and discover just how pleasant air travel can be.

Book Your Jet Charter to Van Nuys Today!

Ready for your free 60-second quote on a private jet rental to Van Nuys or to any of our worldwide destinations? Our expert travel representatives are here to assist you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer all your questions about chartering a private jet to Van Nuys and will be happy to give you a free quote. Please call ElJet at (888) 355-3538 or send a message to sales@ellejet.com at your convenience and find out more about private jet charter to Van Nuys.