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Are the skies more unfriendly?

Let’s be honest. It has not been a good season for commercial flying companies. Altercations, scuffles and all sorts of other unfriendly interactions have seemed to become a weekly occurrence.

Are the skies really that unfriendly?

What are the factors that have led to this:

  1. Overbooked Flights

There is no doubt that the airlines are overbooking the flights more than they did. However, at first glance this is helping keep costs of flying down. This problem is no doubt compounded when there are weather flight cancellations. So while customers complain about overbooked flights they have to bear in mind that overbooked flights keeps the cost of flying down.

2. Social Media

Everyone can be a journalist. We have voice recorders and cameras at the ready every moment of the day. We can record anything and within seconds it is out there for the world to see. The proliferation of such media has no doubt had an impact on the amount of airline issues that have started filtering to the masses. This is not an excuse to airlines that are conducting themselves improperly but with a little bit of video cut here and a little bit of video paste there, the boundaries of truth can be pushed and blurred. Once again, violence by airlines and their support staff should be publicized and necessary repercussions handed down but this is for sure a factor.

3. Passenger Impatience

The airline industry bears the brunt of the customer is king attitude more than many or most industries. We live our lives at a rapid and instant pace and we expect things to be done with rapidity. Air travel is by and large similar in time to the way it was 10 and 20 years ago. If anything, it has become slower with more lines and delays. This no doubt frustrates people to the point where they are prone to act out.

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What does disarm doors and cross check mean?

As travelers we have heard the phrase hundreds of times, disarm doors and cross check?

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Arm Doors and Cross Check?

To most people it just induces a massive sigh of relief that the flight is over, the aircraft has parked and it is just about time to disembark.  But what does it actually mean?

Doors on the planes that we fly on are equipped with emergency slides. When the doors are armed, the emergency slide immediately deploys as the door is opened. When the door is disarmed, there is still the possibility to deploy the emergency slide but this needs to be done manually.

Once the plane has parked, it is obviously in nobody’s interest to have the emergency slides deploy for no reason. This will  no doubt putt the plane out of service and create all sorts of other havoc with the slides flying into jetways or buildings.

It is therefore essential that all the doors on the plane are disarmed.

This will therefore lead to the next part of the instruction which says “cross-check”. Cross check is not a term that is specific to aircraft. It simply means that one person should check the work of somebody else.

Being that it is so imperative to ensure that the doors have been disarmed, the pilot or head flight attendant will instruct all attendants to check the work of others to ensure that the disarming has actually been done.

There is a lot of other jargon that comes along in the flight industry. Flyers no longer have to be mystified by the words, arm all doors and cross-check.


What time is the best time to fly?

The Early Bird Catches His Flight …..On Time

Daybreak may be the best time to fly

For some people the answer to the question of best flying times is never. But there has been some thinking in recent years that has gone into figuring out the absolutely best time to catch your flight and make it on time. The best time is first thing in the morning, the commercial jet being used for your flight is most likely to be ready for the flight without having to wait for it to come from another one. This is a sound reason to catch the first flight out in the morning. This is further proven by the fact that flights that are scheduled to land between 8 and 9pm, close to the last flights of the day are most often the latest.

Factor the Jet Lag

Many travelers will be willing to forgo the statistics of on time departure and arrival if it means that they will not have to contend with jet lag. For this reason many travelers will look to book flights that allow them to arrive in the late evening and go straight to sleep at their place of destination. This is sound thinking. Other travelers feel that jet lag is best avoided by arriving at a place in the morning and staying awake. A bit tougher but possibly a better option.

Airport Lines

Image of Passengers waiting in a Security Line at the Airport

Middle of the day flights are possibly the best for avoiding the airport lines. Like security lines. On these flights you are also most likely to have empty seats. This could be a reason to travel on these flights but be aware that these are the flight often flown by vacationers, which means you are more likely to have little children on board. We all love little children but we don’t necessarily love sitting next to them on a plane.

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