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BedBox by JetKids Full Review

I was initially intrigued by the BedBox by JetKids as it was something that potentially would have made my life a lot easier.

I was bound for a 30 hour trip from Los Angeles to Johannesburg at the end of May and decided to give the BedBox a try without hearsay but with a real hands-0n experience.

The results were great and I would strongly vouch for any person making a long haul flight with little kids to purchase themselves a BedBox by JetKids.

Here are all the reasons why:

1. Allowed My Child to Sleep


There is no doubt that the primary purpose of a BedBox is to let a child sleep comfortably on the plane and BedBox by JetKids checked that box. Once my child was asleep somewhere over Zimbabwe, the BedBox allowed him to sleep until somewhere over Paris. This was on the Johannesburg to London route. The BedBox will not put your child to sleep, it will however allow them to rest comfortably once they are asleep.

2. Allowed my Child to Play

IMG-20170611-WA0004 .1


The extension of the seating area that BedBox affords was one of the greatest assets. It allowed us to pull out toys, games and books for my child to play without the toys constantly falling on the floor. We were able to give crayons and a coloring book and it really did provide a great little play area with little fuss.

3. Stored on Plane very Easily


BedBox by JetKids was very easy to store under the seat when not in use. It is sturdy and could be a comfy foot rest even when you don’t set up the actual BedBox.

4. Great for Packing

bedbox 1

There was no shortage of space when it came to packing the BedBox. Even with the mattress and side panels, there was ample room to pack diapers and wipes. Enough diapers and wipes to last us a week. The sturdiness of the case really feels high quality.

5. Easy to Set-Up and Pack Away

The BedBox is super simple to set-up. I am not particularly savvy when it comes to the set-up for such stuff but the BedBox was a breeze, flip the lid and you are pretty much good to go. Pack up was also very easy and it stored back beautifully. This was really positive from the BedBox.

6. Fun-to-Ride

My son had a great time riding the BedBox. With younger kids I would advise extreme caution. I found this to be more of a novelty with the BedBox as opposed to a practical mode of transport. Perhaps with an older child 5 or maybe even 6 years old, this could be a practical mode of moving around the airport.


The BedBox was a great benefit on my trip. After doing 60 hours of travel, it still looks as good as new and is in tip-top condition and I did not treat it with any particular care (although I probably should have). There is no doubt that the BedBox will only be of benefit to people travelling with children.


What does disarm doors and cross check mean?

As travelers we have heard the phrase hundreds of times, disarm doors and cross check?

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Arm Doors and Cross Check?

To most people it just induces a massive sigh of relief that the flight is over, the aircraft has parked and it is just about time to disembark.  But what does it actually mean?

Doors on the planes that we fly on are equipped with emergency slides. When the doors are armed, the emergency slide immediately deploys as the door is opened. When the door is disarmed, there is still the possibility to deploy the emergency slide but this needs to be done manually.

Once the plane has parked, it is obviously in nobody’s interest to have the emergency slides deploy for no reason. This will  no doubt putt the plane out of service and create all sorts of other havoc with the slides flying into jetways or buildings.

It is therefore essential that all the doors on the plane are disarmed.

This will therefore lead to the next part of the instruction which says “cross-check”. Cross check is not a term that is specific to aircraft. It simply means that one person should check the work of somebody else.

Being that it is so imperative to ensure that the doors have been disarmed, the pilot or head flight attendant will instruct all attendants to check the work of others to ensure that the disarming has actually been done.

There is a lot of other jargon that comes along in the flight industry. Flyers no longer have to be mystified by the words, arm all doors and cross-check.