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8 Best Ways to Find an Empty Leg Flight

Commercial air travel i not for you any more. Your time is not worth the delays in winding queues and never ending hassles. Your budget and financial officer are giving you a tight budget on your jet charter travel. You need to find empty legs.

Empty Legs are when a private jet has transported passengers to their destination of choice and now needs to fly back to its origin. Rather than have it fly empty, brokers, owners and operators will sell empty leg flights at considerably reduced prices.

Here are the 10 best ways to find an empty leg flight:

1.Plan around big conferences

Empty Leg
Empty Leg flights can be found with the right planning

If you know there is a large trade show or conference in Dallas or Vegas, then you know there will be many inbound jets to Dallas or Vegas.  Plan to travel the day after attendees arrive to the conference and you will find many outbound empty jets to various locations.  Owners bring their jets home rather than pay extravagant parking fees at other airports.

2.Check Constantly

Use tools, such as ElJet’s empty leg scanning tool to constantly be on the lookout for Empty Leg flights. Empty Leg flights, are not predictable and as such could come up at any time. They could also have fluctuation in price.

3.Connect to Big Hubs with Empty Legs

Sometimes an Empty Leg private jet will not be going to exactly your hub of choice but can connect you to an airport with a cheaper private jet to your destination. Even better, you may find another Empty Leg to your desired destination. This is an innovative and effective way of using Empty Legs.

4.Use the Right Broker or Operator

There are many private jet charter brokers and operators. There are very few that specialize in the Empty Leg market. Choose a broker such as ElJet that galvanized the Empty Leg market and as such has much expertise in this field.

5. Be Flexible

Although private jet charter is all about convenience and on-demand, if you are able to be slightly flexible in your itinerary, you can save many hard earned dollars. If you can flex your itinerary to fit the itinerary of an empty leg jet, you will be on your luxurious private way, for significantly cheaper.

6.Know How it Works

A little bit of education on your part will save you money and earn you empty leg flights. Travelers who know how Empty Legs become available are able to navigate the internet for the best empty leg options. By playing with times and perhaps alternate destinations they are able to find the best empty leg private jet options.

7. Enjoy the Gamble of Last Minute

Being that empty leg flights are a by product of a scheduled private jet charter trip, they arise sporadically as people book their itineraries. If you can hold out till the very last minute before booking your travel plans, you give yourself a bigger possibility of finding an empty leg trip. The downside of it though is that there are no guarantees.

8. If It’s Too Good, Make Sure it is True

It is important to check the safety record of the empty leg operator or charter business you have chosen. This means that by teaming up with businesses that are accredited and can provide clean safety records, you can assure that your bargain empty-leg fligh does not compromise your safety.

Empty Leg Flights

Loved by travel agents, aviation specialists and other industry insiders, empty leg flights on private jets are one of the best-kept secrets of the charter business. Enabling passengers to enjoy the perks and pleasure of private jet travel at highly reduced rates, these special flight segments are discounted heavily, offering the most affordable rates for jet charters on the planet.

Empty leg flights are special one-way segments that occur when a chartered aircraft has to return to its point of origin empty and without any paying passengers. Instead of taking a total loss on the return trip, the aircraft owner will offer this one-way segment for flexible travelers looking for an incredible deal – and this is where you come in. You can save thousands of dollars on private jet trips by booking empty leg flights, and enjoy the same high standard of quality and service appreciated by celebrities and millionaires at a fraction of the cost.

ElJet provides the world’s largest database of empty leg flights, connecting travelers in search of private jet rentals with aircraft owners. Our huge network gives you the greatest selection of flights and aircraft sizes, so that you can find the empty leg flight you need and book it easily and efficiently. Travel with ElJet and you will always travel in style – please call us at (888) 355-3538 to find more information on our empty leg offers or to book your trip today.

Deadhead Flights

ElJet was recently featured in an article on a popular travel blog;

One of the best-kept secrets in the jet charter industry is deadhead flights. Also known as empty leg flights or empty legs, deadhead flights are an excellent choice for those who want to experience private jet travel at more reasonable rates. Empty leg deadhead flights are special one-way travel segments that criss-cross the country and the globe. ElJet the best private jet chartercompany offers the largest selection of such flights that you will find anywhere. Take advantage of these discounted flights and you may be amazed at how inexpensive private jet air travel can be.

Deadhead flights occur when a private or corporate jet must return to its point of origin empty, when the previous customer (on the occupied leg) just needed a one-way flight. Rather than taking a total loss on this empty flight segment, the aircraft owner will sell it at a highly reduced rate to savvy customers. This is where ElJet comes in. We match these deadhead flights to clients who need them, such as you, and everybody wins.

Empty Legs

Imagine yourself sailing aloft in the sky at 30,000 feet, fully relaxed with a smile on your face as puffy white clouds roll by the windows of your private jet charter.

If you think that private jet flights are only for the rich and famous, think again. Thanks to ElJet’s incredible deals on empty leg flights, travel by private jet is less expensive than ever before. Empty legs are the best-kept secret of the travel industry, and ElJet wants to let you in on the deal.

ElJet is committed to keeping the price of private jet charter flights affordable without ever sacrificing quality, safety or comfort. Our vast array of empty leg segments on flights around the world offers proof that private air travel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a huge selection of empty legs around the world, ElJet offers the best price on jet rentals and high quality service that keeps our clients coming back again and again.

What is an empty leg? Empty leg flights occur when an aircraft must return to its point of origin without any paying customers. Instead of flying the jet empty and losing any hope of revenue, the aircraft owner will offer the trip at a highly reduced rate to travelers looking for an adventure.

This is where ElJet comes in. We have a vast network of all kinds of flights, itineraries, schedules and aircraft that is the largest in the world. Let ElJet connect you to the empty leg flight that is right for your travel plans. With access to the largest fleet FAA Part 135 Approved Operators and aircraft and empty leg corporate charter flights in the world, rest assured that you’re getting the very best deal on empty legs, no matter where your destination is.

Empty legs are such wonderful deals that they can go quickly – so check our website or call ElJet’s travel representatives at 1 (888) 355-3538.