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BedBox by JetKids Review

Long haul flights are really the epitome of tough travel for many passengers but few could argue that parents with little kids have it the toughest on long haul flights.

Is the BedBox by JetKids the ultimate solution?

Take a look:

Here are some of the pros and cons of this suitcase turned sleeping bed:

Pro #1.

It is not designed as a makeshift afterthought type of item, it really is built to fit a regular seat in Economy. This means that it will dramatically increase the chances of your child getting some sleep on a long haul flight.

Con #1

The price. It really does cost a lot of money. The cost of manufacturing is probably high but at around 200 dollars after shipping to the USA, most flyers will take a long thought before buying the BedBox by JetKids.

Pro #2

If you set it up it will allow your child to lay out all their toys and snacks without them falling over the floor and rolling all over the plane. It does provide considerable more space and comfort even if it does not serve the primary use of giving your child a restful night.

Con #2

It needs to be stowed during take-off, landing and turbulence. Now there is scantly nothing worse in the entire world than having to wake a sleeping child on a flight. While this may be an impossible hurdle for the BedBox by JetKids to get over, it is certainly a con.

Pro #3

The suitcase feature really does make the BedBox versatile. There is enough room to fit diapers, wipes and snacks so that is a huge plus.

Con #3

Buyers have expressed concern over the quality of the material used for the BedBox does not match its hefty price tag. One would hope that a product like this would be a hand-me-down for generations, as it addresses an issue that will be around for ages.

7 Quick Tips for Flying With Toddlers

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Improve Your Flying With Toddlers With These Tips

You know who is a best friend of Murphy? My Kid. And he follows his laws down to the last detail. He has taught me a lot about flying with toddlers.

I recently took a long haul flight (16 hours), with my 10 month old baby and packed with me all his favourite toys.

I had the monkey that sings the alphabet, his favourite red block, all his teething toys, his sesame street book, stuffed elmo, his pretend boom box and his forever faithful rubber duck.

Once the flight attendant came around with drinks, and lovingly offered my baby a cup, he took it and held onto it for dear life, not looking once at any of the toys I had on offer.

Like I said, Murphy and my baby are in the same squad.

Flying with an infant is not for the faint hearted so offered here are some tips to make your flight easier.

1. Buy a Ticket

If you can, try buy a ticket for your baby, this way you can bring along his car seat and all can sit comfortably for the duration of the flight.

2. Bulkhead But Be Careful

If you would like the bassinet option, be sure to call the airline ahead of time to book the bulkhead seats and make sure your child fits the weight requirements of the bassinet. Every airline differs on this, and you probably do not want to sit in the bulkhead without a bassinet.

Trust me; I learnt this the hard way.

3. Check With TSA

Check with TSA on their policies regarding travelling with breast milk or formula. There are special packaging instructions, and if your baby is like my baby you probably do not want to leave his bottle at the security gate.

4. Visit Your Doctor

Visit your friendly pediatrician before you travel, if your baby has fluid in his ears or an ear infection, the flight will be very uncomfortable for your baby and he will be sure to let everyone on board know and make it uncomfortable for them too.

5. Pack Extra

Make sure to pack extra clothes, diapers, blankets and toys for the journey, because if you do not have it, you will probably need it.

6. Reduce Pressure

Reduce the pressure on your baby’s ears by allowing him/her to suck a pacifier, nurse or drink a bottle during takeoff and landing. This majorly decreases ear discomfort.

7. Relax

And finally, try relax and enjoy your flight, if you are stressed your baby will feel it. All the people avoiding eye contact with you at boarding will suddenly become friendly delightful people at landing when they see that your baby was not nearly as much of a nuisance as they had imagined.

Enjoy your travels and enjoy your kids – they are only young once!

Or travel on private jet charter, where the plane is your baby’s living room.

4 Types of People on Planes

Whether you fly once a week for business or you are a first time flyer, you will meet quite a number of people on your travels.  Presented here are some of the people you might meet on your journey as well as how to identify them.

The Nervous Traveller

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Nervous Traveller

This passenger is the first to check in.  They have a binder full of papers and documents, and will present all of them to all airport workers at any given time.  You will not bump into this jetsetter at any of the duty free or airport shops, as the need to know where the gate is and be seated there so they can watch the screen. Once they reach the gate, they will sit staring at the screen, watch all the updates and jump up immediately when their flight is called to board.

Once on the plane they will read the emergency manual, make sure they know where to find their life vests and will count how many rows away they are from the nearest exit.

These people observe the seatbelt sign and will not use their phones until they have reached the terminal building.

The nervous traveller can be identified by his head that is constantly peaking towards the front of the plane,as though he is looking out for something.  We know he is wondering who will fly the plane when the pilot goes to the bathroom.

The Frazzled Parents

You will first identify the frazzled parents at security.  They are a couple, one of which is wearing a baby carrier, the other is pushing a stroller and either or both of them are chasing little humans around the airport (unless the said humans are on child leashes and are dragging their parents around).  They will try make their way to the boarding gate, where they will unpack their snacks.  Once boarding has started one of the children will need the toilet, once the toilet trip is complete child number two will start jumping up down because he “realllly neeeds to peeee”.

The family slowly but surely makes their way on to the plane, avoiding eye contact with all fellow passengers. Five minutes after take off one of the parents will unpack colouring books, puzzles, legos, dolls and snacks.  Twenty minutes after takeoff the children will be bored.  The toilet trips will be continuous.  The passengers seated in front of them will complain that the children are kicking their seats, the once friendly flight attendants have lost their patience, so have the children’s parents; and the only people glad to see the children after the flight are their doting relatives…

The Tourists

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The fanny-pack makes the tourist a dead giveaway. He wanders the airport as though he is already on tour, stopping to “ooh” and “aah” over every sign and every souvenir in the gift shops.  The tourist has done so much shopping in duty free that the flight attendant has to search all the overhead compartments to find a place for the oversized door mats the tourist bought for each of his family members.

The tourist spends the duration of the flight talking to anyone who will listen and showing his itinerary to each crew member that passes by.

If visiting Hawaii the tourist will change into his bathing suit before landing, and if visiting africa his game ranger outfit will be on when leaving the airport.

The Businessman

You will not see the business man at the boarding gate, he has made use of one of the luxurious business lounges.  You might bump into him doing up his suit button after he has treated himself to a shoe-shine.

Once on board you will catch a glimpse of him changing into pajamas.  He will sleep on his lay flat bed for the duration of the flight. You will know this because you will pass his unmade bed as try stretch your stiff back and neck as you make your way out of the plane.

Beyond the business man, there are those that know to fly with ElJet private jet charter.

There are many more flyers, here are 4 types of people on planes.

Flying can be fun and the colouful characters on board make it all the more enjoyable.