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Private Jet Charter to Van Nuys- A Travel Conossieurs Alternative to L.A.X

Jet Charter Los Angeles

Many would agree with the sentiment of Randy Newman in his 1983 hit song, “I love L.A.” You will however be harder pressed to find an individual who says “I love L.A.X.”. Los Angeles is a busy city, the epicenter of America’s gigantic movie and TV industry and its commerce scopes well beyond the realm of entertainment. It is a bustling hub for vacationers and businesspeople in a huge variety of trades. Being the sought after destination that it is, L.A.X and the bigger commercial airports bear the brunt of the large scale passenger influx.

Jet Charter Van NuysThat is why celebrities, businesspeople, politicians and people who simply put a premium on their time, have found Van Nuys Airport to be the perfect alternative for their travels into L.A. These leaders in their fields and many others have found that private jet charter into Van Nuys Airport is the gateway to a stress free arrival in Los Angeles.

Because private jet charter to Van Nuys Airport offers:

  • Privacy- People who seek private jet charter know how important privacy is. The world’s most famous enjoy their privacy and so should you. No commercial airlines fly into Van Nuys Airport and as much as people enjoy this airport location for its exclusivity, hundreds more enjoy this private jet charter option for its anonymity. Private jet charter to Van Nuys means you choose who you fly with.

  • Convenience-  Time spent waiting in the airport, on the tarmac and boarding is lost time. Besides, with commercial jet travel, your itinerary is molded to the convenience of the airline operators not your own. Private jet charter allows you the right to pick when you will fly, without the irritation of delays, waiting in airports, boarding and on the tarmac. You choose when you fly.

When looking to fill your Van Nuys Airport travel plans for L.A, you need not look further than ElJet, because:

  • Time is money and ElJet will save you both. ElJet is known in Hollywood as a leader in private jet solutions. We offer all the luxuries you expect to come with private jet travel at hugely competitive prices.

  • ElJet knows that your travel needs are unique, that is why our representatives are at your service 24/7, ensuring a “Tailor Made” package for your travel needs.

  • ElJet respects your privacy. Our clientele is generated mainly through other client referral, meaning that the same way we would never compromise on safety or luxury, we would not compromise on client privacy either.

  • ElJet’s customers know that when they choose ElJet they get the complete package, from door-to-door limousine transport to Wolfgang Puck catering. If you need a hairdresser or masseuse on board, you can count on us to have it for you, the way you want it.

ElJet’s relationship with Van Nuys airport operators means that you always get the best deal on your Van Nuys Airport travel needs. If your convenience and time has been disregarded too many times by commercial travel operators or you are simply looking for a better way to fly to L.A, look no further than ElJet to Van Nuys, it is what we call the custom travel difference.

Jet Charter Van Nuys

Perched on top of Los Angeles above the 101 freeway just east of the 405, Van Nuys is one of the most important cities of the Valley. Home to a popular airport for private jets, Van Nuys is a quintessential American suburb with a central, convenient location in the north LA area.

Book a jet charter Van Nuys with ElJet and arrive to this So. Cal suburb in style. You’ll be in good company with the numerous celebrities, business executives and politicians, who jet charter van nuysprefer flying into Van Nuys over nearby Los Angeles to avoid the crowds and paparazzi. Van Nuys airport is also used as a base for the Los Angeles Fire Department, most LA news helicopters and the Van Nuys FlyAway Bus. One of the busiest airports in the world for general aviation, Van Nuys Airport has no major commercial traffic to clog up the gates.

You can also avoid the crowds and traffic of the LA area by taking a jet charter to Van Nuys. ElJet offers the lowest rates on private jet charter flights around the world, and we have access to a giant database of planes to ensure that you get exactly the itinerary, schedule and aircraft that you want. Whether you are flying to Van Nuys on business, pleasure or to film your next blockbuster movie, our luxurious private jet service will deliver you there in style and sophistication.

Ready to learn more? Contact ElJet today at (888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote on a jet charter Van Nuys, or to any of our worldwide destinations. Our expert travel agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have about private jet rentals, destination information or ElJet’s travel philosophy. Discover just how affordable a jet charter to Van Nuys can be – call us today!


Making Family Travel More Comfortable

Anyone who has traveled with an elderly relative knows how difficult it can be.  Elderly relatives often struggle with luggage, have trouble traveling around the airport, can become confused at the ticket counter, during security checks, or while completing the boarding process, and sometimes the trip can be so disruptive to their routine, that they end up being unable to enjoy their final destination.  The trip can leave everyone exhausted and unhappy.

Private Jet InteriorIt makes you wish you could have your own private jet to take you where you need to go.  Interestingly, taking a private jet charter flight is not impossible.  With a little research and planning, it is possible to fly for reasonable prices on the empty leg of an already scheduled private charter flight.  Rather than rushing the older members of your family through the complicated process of boarding a standard domestic flight, you can all relax in a private jet and reach your destination happy, refreshed, and stress-free.  Relaxation and fun are, after all, the point of a family vacation.

Jet Charter Flights to Los Angeles

With beautiful beaches, a sunny climate and all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Los Angeles is a prime destination for jetsetters, businesspeople and leisure travelers alike. A city on the cusp of artistic inspiration that entertains the entire planet, fashionable LA requires a stylish arrival. When you take a private charter jet booked with ElJet, you’ll arrive relaxed, refreshed and ready for adventures.

Book an ElJet private jet charter to Los Angeles and you’ll experience the height of comfort and luxury at 30,000 feet. Devoted to keeping the cost of private jet travel affordable, ElJet can book flights to many airports in the Los Angeles area, including those at Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Long Beach and Santa Ana. With access to the world’s largest fleet of private jets, ElJet can offer the most flexible schedules, itineraries and choice of aircraft, so that you can arrive to the Los Angeles area exactly when and where you want to.

Avoid the hassles of commercial air transportation when you book a  jet charter to Los Angeles with ElJet. Our prices are the best in the business, and we are known as an industry leader thanks to our commitment to high-quality service, easy booking and incredible flight experience.

Discover the ElJet experience for yourself when you take a charter flight to Los Angeles, and arrive to the City of Angels refreshed and relaxed. Whether you need a round-trip jet flight or would like to book one of our fantastic one-way deals on empty-leg segments, our professional Travel Portfolio Managers will find the flight that suits your needs exactly.

What are you waiting for? Call ElJet today at 1(888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote on a jet rental to Los Angeles. Find your sunblock and slip on your sandals, because the Los Angeles sunshine is calling your name. Fly to LA on a flight booked with ElJet and experience the way air travel was meant to be.

Charter Flights

You are soaring across the sky in your own personal air cabin, comfortably relaxing with your legs stretched out. There are no clouds or worries on the horizon, and you’re ready to arrive to your destination refreshed and ready to go. You are on a private jet booked through ElJet, the world leader in private jet charter flights and you are experiencing private air travel the way it’s meant to be – the ElJet way.

Luxurious jet charter flights booked through ElJet arrive at over 15,000 destinations worldwide and draw from a pool of over 4,000 aircraft of all sizes. You choose your aircraft, schedule an itinerary and leave the rest up to ElJet. We’ll take care of your needs with personalized attention. You’ll enjoy customized service from the booking agents who give you a free 60-second quote to the smiles of the pilots who deliver you safely to your destination.

On ElJet booked charter flights, you never have to worry about having extra luggage or hassling with special requests – we are here to make sure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. In addition to booking the world’s most affordable private jet charter flights, we can also help you out with hotel reservations, ground transportation and more. Our service doesn’t stop at the tarmac. We will do everything we can to create an excellent experience for you on jet charter flights booked through us.

We want to make sure that your charter jet rental booked with ElJet is as easy and efficient as possible so that you return again and again. Most of our clients do; the CEOs, celebrities and heads of state that choose ElJet, book with us over and over because of our exceptional commitment to quality and easy booking service. Join them and experience just how incredible air travel can be, on a private jet charter flight booked with ElJet.

WIN a Private Charter Jet Trip to Las Vegas with ElJet

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks for an exciting promotion whose prize is an incredible trip for two to Las Vegas on a private jet charter by ElJet.

One lucky Swagbucks user that voters crown the ultimate “Swag Mom” will get to experience the amazing quality and luxurious comfort of a private jet. The winner and a friend will fly to Los Angeles on a commercial airline; from there the duo will be whisked away on their own private aircraft from ElJet to Las Vegas, where a weekend of spa pampering and world-class entertainment awaits.

While onboard the private jet, the winner and her (or his) friend will enjoy unparalleled service, personalized attention and the utmost in air travel comfort. Avoiding the hassles of public transportation and airport crowds, the winner will experience flying the way it was meant to be – the ElJet way.

Swagbucks is a web loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn points towards merchandise and other prizes by shopping online and taking surveys. To be considered for the prize and title of “The Swag Mom,” Swagbucks users must be nominated (or must nominate themselves) on the official Are You The Swag Mom? Page.

Nominations will be accepted until April 27, and on April 30 voting begins in earnest to try and find the one Swagbucks user that not only uses the system efficiently and with style, but also helps out other users with tips, advice and tricks of the trade. In addition to a private jet ride to Las Vegas, the winner will also receive luxurious spa treatments and tickets to a world-class show.

Dreaming of a private jet trip to Las Vegas? Could you or someone you know be The Swag Mom? Get involved on Swagbucks.com and nominate the user you know who deserves a Vegas escape on a private plane with ElJet.

WIN a Private Jet Charter Trip to Las Vegas from ElJet!

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks to offer an incredible promotion for Swagbucks users: Are You The Swag Mom? Swagbucks is an online customer loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn rewards such as free merchandise for shopping online and answering surveys about certain products.

Now Swagbucks users can nominate their favorite Swagbucks mom (or themselves!) to be crowned The Swag Mom. The ultimate Swag Mom is a prolific Swagbucks user who not only navigates the site well to maximize her earnings, but also provides tips and advice to her fellow Swaggernauts.

Free Private Jet Las Vegas

The Swag Mom who wins the title will receive a private jet charter trip for two to Los Angeles, California followed by a private jet charter trip from ElJet to Las Vegas. There she’ll hop on a chauffeured limousine and head to the hotel for a two-night stay. The Swag Mom will be pampered in luxury from an extensive spa menu and then head out for a night on the town with tickets to a world-class show on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

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The Swag Mom doesn’t have to be a mother or a female; as long as they are a Swagbucks user, the game is on! Nominations close on April 27, and voting begins on April 30. Don’t delay – nominate and vote for your favorite Swagbucks user and send The Swag Mom on a Las Vegas escape.

For more details or to sign up click here.

Visit Our New Site Pages

We have launched some new pages on ellejet.com please visit them.

Empty Legs Page – You can save thousands of dollars on private jet travel when you take advantage of ElJet’s vast network of empty-leg flights, the largest in the world. Experience the same five-star service, comfort and quality that ElJet is known for and save a bundle on your trip to almost any destination in the world.le team delivers extraordinary service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your travel experience is enjoyable and flawless.

Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas CES Show – Held in January each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is one of the biggest technology and electronics industry trade shows in the world. The show is highly attended by business insiders, setting a new record in 2012 with over 153,000 convention guests, all who come to see the latest and greatest in gadgets, software, electronics and computers.

Jet Charter Las Vegas Strip – A sparkling city set in the desert like a diamond in the rough. Las Vegas is a city where anything is possible.

Jet Charter Los Angeles, CA – One of the nation’s most popular private jet charter destinations.

Fractional Jet Flying – See Why So Many ElJet Clients Have Switched

There is a fantastic article in Aviation Week about the Fractional Jet business which is in a slow decline. ElJet has seen incredible growth (becoming an Inc. 500 Winner in 2010 and 2011) partially by helping clients switch from the fractional jet model to the on-demand charter model.

Advantages of Private Jet Charter On Demand:

1. No upfront commitment.

2. No risk of asset depreciation.

3. Always available even on short notice.

4. Any aircraft (choose between brand new, light, mid and heavy jets, each mission may require a different aircraft don’t be locked in to a light jet if you need a heavy jet and vice versa).

5. Ease of use (visit our Streamlined Booking Charter Select Program for more info).

6. Save on positioning with empty legs.

Find out why so many of our customers are previous fractional and jet card owners. The value is easy to see. Ask ElJet for a free assessment of your private travel needs. We will prepare a custom report at no charge that will graphically indicate the advantages of on-demand private jet charter.

Please give us a call at 888-355-3538 or email us at sales@ellejet.com.

To read the entire article please click here.

Like all segments of business aviation, fractional ownership took a heavy hit during the “Great Recession of 2008.”

With the economy in the cellar, travel needs diminished and aircraft values plummeting, cash-hungry shareholders lined up in droves to sell their fractions back to the providers since those were among the few sure instruments of liquidity. To survive the downturn, some fractional companies “reinvented” themselves, while at least one major player absorbed its losses by drastically reducing its fleet and falling back on the resources of its wealthy parent.

Santa’s Not the Only One Open for Business on Christmas

ElJet mentioned in Business News Daily to read the full article click here.

While some businesses are fixing home-based Christmas problems, others are in the business of getting people home.

Los Angeles-based ElJet, a private charter broker, helps customers find and book charter flights all over the world. Last year, bad weather at Christmas-time left thousands of passengers stranded and proved a great business opportunity for the company, which was open for business on Christmas.

They were called on to arrange a flight for a family headed from Massachusetts to Turks and Caicos, flew someone else from Mazatlan, Mexico, to New York and arranged a $120,000-charter flight from London to Aspen, said company president Ben Schusterman.

Shusterman said the company’s valiant Christmas booking efforts were rewarded in the form of new loyal customers.

“So many of these customers told us that they had tried many companies and had no luck. We made miracles happen and they have become repeat customers. It’s been a great benefit to us.”

This year, though, he hopes customers will book early.

“It’s been insane this year. We’ve had customers booking in October for Christmas and New Year’s,” Schusterman said.

Despite that, Schusterman said, there surely will be people who decide as late as today (Dec. 23) or tomorrow that they want to travel on Christmas and ElJet will be there, trying its best to arrange a flight.