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Staying Calm When Travelling

Travelling especially air travel can be quite stressful for a lot of people.

There are ways that a person can calm themselves before travel with some simple steps.

flight deck
The Flight Deck
  1. Arrive Early

Time is your friend when you travel. Being there on time will give you ample opportunity to find the gate and terminal and even leave some leeway for getting a little bit lost without stress.

2. Plan

Many people feel that in the age of Google, planning is over rated. Particularly for people who tend to be anxious or stress there is no replacement for planning. Plan your mode of transport to and from the airport. Have a notebook with all your contacts that are important. Yes, you can store them on your phone but phones are dependent on power sources, a paper will be with you no matter what.

3. Pack Essentials in Carry-On Bag

Don’t go overboard with this but if you have worries about your luggage being lost then pack everything that is absolutely essential to you in a bag that will be with you at all times. Don’t go scrounging around the house looking for what may be essentially necessary to you, have a pre made list and check the list off as you put the items in the bag. Anxiety comes from the sense that there are many variables that are not in a person’s control, be meticulous to ensure that you are in control of as many things as possible.

4. Focus on your Reason for Travel

If the reason you are travelling is a valid one then your need to travel is validated. Book a flight that gets you into your destination with enough time before you are needed there to rest up and get back to yourself. Air travel is far more reliable then people give it credit for.

The Love Affair of Brutal Storms and Private Jets

Bad weather and flight delays and cancellations are part and parcel of a brutal winter. Winter storms and commercial airline operators and pilots do not see eye-to-eye, in fact they send shivers down the spines’ of commercial airline operators. Storms are not the most friendly to anyone in the air travel industry, not passengers, not pilots and definitely not owners and jet shareholders.

Winter Storms Send Shivers Down the Spines of Commercial Jet Owners

Storms turn airports into chaotic hubs of passengers seeking re-bookings and those with an eye for the audacious or those who simply cannot miss their flights begin seeking the services of private jet charter companies.

That is why the private jet sector is one part of the air travel industry that is quite comfortable cuddling up to even the most brutal winter storms.

Air travel for the most part is highly reliable, at the mercy of the weather, but few people check the weather before they schedule flight. Due to the general reliability of air travel, travelers will cut themselves very little lee-way in their itineraries. “If I need to be there tomorrow, I will land there tomorrow”, that is the general sentiment of most travelers. This is an efficient option, if the weather plays its part. If not you may be find yourselves on the end of missing a wedding, or a crucial business meeting.

This is where private jet charter companies like to snuggle up to the heaps of snow that keep commercial airlines grounded and wait for those who simply cannot miss their flight to start calling in.

Contrary to the popular misnomer, private jet charter is not as expensive as many people would think it to be, jet charter brokers like ElJet have pioneered “Empty Leg” options that have cut down the prices of private jet charter. It is obviously far pricier than a ticket on a commercial jet but it is more affordable than most people believe.

During storm time, some companies can even further cut your costs by pairing you up with other “desperados” or “indulgers” with similar itineraries, of course only if that is your wish.

Smaller aircraft can fly out of smaller airports, this means that by choosing private jet charter you broaden your travel horizons, giving you the best chance of getting out of a winter storm.

Private jet charter companies are usually eager to impress in the hope of luring new long-term customers and therefore you can rest assured that the private jet charter experience will be as decadent and luxurious as you imagine it to be.

Who knows? Maybe on account of one winter storm, you will never be flying commercial jets again!