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Big City Private Jet Alternates

The 2 biggest cities in the Unites States of America are by far New York and Los Angeles. These cities are very different from one another but they do share a lot in common. With so many people living in New York and Los Angeles, it creates commuter transportation havoc. Not only on the busy roads of Manhattan or Hollywood but it also creates a huge amount of airport congestion.

Jet Charter Los Angeles

There is little solution to the airport congestion there is a solution though to avoiding the busy airports. New York has 3 very busy airports, although one is situated in New Jersey it is still a very close access point to New York and Manhattan in particular. The 3 airports are JFK, La Guardia and Newark. Los Angeles has the very famous and very busy LAX.

A-listers, celebrities, high level politicians and businessmen of note have been avoiding these airports for years. They have been avoiding these airports by flying private jet charter into smaller airports with similar or just-as-good access points to Los Angeles and New York City.

The best option for flying into New York City with private jet charter is to request a flight that lands in Teterboro. Teterboro is brilliantly placed to give a busy person or a person who seeks utmost privacy, quick and easy access to all 5 boroughs of New York City.

The best alternative for accessing Los Angeles while avoiding LAX is to fly into Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys is extremely close to Hollywood, perhaps even closer than LAX and gives travelers superb access to downtown Los Angeles and Burbank.

For service to or from Teterboro or Van Nuys airport you should get in touch with ElJet. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Teterboro and Van Nuys jet owners to ensure passengers get the best planes at the best prices.

Private Jet Charter to Teterboro

You would be astounded to know that when you mention the name JFK to Americans, they do not identify it as a President of the United States. They identify it as New York City’s busiest airport. And La Guardia, who was he? Does he have a first name? Why should he? It is not a person, it is New York City’s second busiest airport.

Teterboro Airport gives you the most efficient access to New York City

New York City is the capital of America in many ways. Manhattan is the life blood of the US economy as the home of Wall Street. It is a cultural and ethnic melting pot with every attraction under the sun. It is no wonder that the most sought after US destination is New York City.

If you are a person of purpose, then navigating the throngs of passengers and staff that clog New York City airports on a daily basis, then you are well aware that there is a better option. It is called Teterboro Airport.

Teterboro Airport is a brilliant New York option as it provides close proximity to all five boroughs including the all important Manhattan.

Businessmen, A-listers, sportsmen and celebrities have been using ElJet for their private jet charter to Teterboro needs. As the best alternate to New York City’s main commercial airports, Teterboro experiences heavy private jet traffic.

As an industry leader, ElJet’s skilled staff know booking best practices to ensure their clients never get clogged in executive traffic at Teterboro.

ElJet services their inbound and outbound Teterboro clients in luxury, style and uncompromising safety. Whether you are booking in advance or have a last minute meeting, ElJet can service your needs due to their exclusive relationships with Teterboro private jet owners and operators.

If New York City is your destination, choose private jet charter to Teterboro, demand ElJet private jet charter.