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Big City Private Jet Alternates

The 2 biggest cities in the Unites States of America are by far New York and Los Angeles. These cities are very different from one another but they do share a lot in common. With so many people living in New York and Los Angeles, it creates commuter transportation havoc. Not only on the busy roads of Manhattan or Hollywood but it also creates a huge amount of airport congestion.

Jet Charter Los Angeles

There is little solution to the airport congestion there is a solution though to avoiding the busy airports. New York has 3 very busy airports, although one is situated in New Jersey it is still a very close access point to New York and Manhattan in particular. The 3 airports are JFK, La Guardia and Newark. Los Angeles has the very famous and very busy LAX.

A-listers, celebrities, high level politicians and businessmen of note have been avoiding these airports for years. They have been avoiding these airports by flying private jet charter into smaller airports with similar or just-as-good access points to Los Angeles and New York City.

The best option for flying into New York City with private jet charter is to request a flight that lands in Teterboro. Teterboro is brilliantly placed to give a busy person or a person who seeks utmost privacy, quick and easy access to all 5 boroughs of New York City.

The best alternative for accessing Los Angeles while avoiding LAX is to fly into Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys is extremely close to Hollywood, perhaps even closer than LAX and gives travelers superb access to downtown Los Angeles and Burbank.

For service to or from Teterboro or Van Nuys airport you should get in touch with ElJet. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Teterboro and Van Nuys jet owners to ensure passengers get the best planes at the best prices.

The Emirates A380 Experience

Anyone that has ever flown long distance would know that it is something to dread more than excite over. The Emirates trip from Los Angeles to Dubai and then from Dubai to Los Angeles is around 16 hours. Think about that for a moment and let that sink in. It spans the length of an average adults entire waking day. Mix some time zone changes in there and it really is an abnormally long flight.

The Airbus A380

Most people know of the Airbus A380 but Emirates really does go above and beyond to ensure a great flight experience. The on-flight entertainment is superb, there is a huge amount of variety and a great assortment of box sets to help pass the flying time. Another thing to note, like everything else about the Airbus A380, the screens even in economy class are huge. Really big and of really good quality, not grainy or blurry like some other commercial airlines.

The Staff

It takes a huge amount of staff to staff a 16 hour flight and to keep the amount of passengers on a plane of that magnitude happy. After stepping off the flight, it really is hard to fathom that some people do that flight as a job on a consistent basis. The Emirates staff are wonderful though. Of many nationalities and speaking more languages than anyone could care to think of, they really do go above and beyond to ensure that the travelers are comfortable.

The Plane

The magnitude of the plane is mainly felt when you are outside of it, when boarding or deplaning. Once on board, it really does have the feel and make up of any more regular sized A-380, which I guess is good. The ride is very smooth and once cruising, I know that it is weather dependent but the ride was really smooth.


Los Angeles

Los Angeles has plenty to offer. It is the hub of America’s multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. Los Angeles also has a large and bustling downtown area where many corporations do very big business and of course Los Angeles is a tourists delight. There are many exquisite beach front vacation with in a stone’s throw of Los Angeles. Los Angeles also has a vibrant nightlife with many day time activities, adventures and amusement parks for family outings.

Hollywood Private Jet Charter
Hollywood- A-listers and celebrities access it through Van Nuys Airport

Los Angeles is served by one main commercial airport, LAX. Los Angeles is famous for many fantastic things and infamous for some others. One of the points of infamy on the L.A list, would be the traffic and LAX is no different. It is a busy airport at all hours of the day. Long security lines and traffic back-ups to and from the airport are part and parcel of the LAX airport experience.

Many take this in their LA stride but A-listers and businessmen who put a premium on luxury, privacy and efficiency in their travel have found Van Nuys Airport to be a great alternative to LAX.

Van Nuys offers privacy, efficiency and high safety standards when it comes to private jet charter. The best part about the Van Nuys private jet charter experience is that you don’t have to compromise on the proximity of being close to the heart beat of all the L.A action.

ElJet is one of the best private jet charter airports serving the Van Nuys Airport. ElJet is sure to make your Van Nuys private jet charter experience to be an extremely safe and luxurious one. Best of all, with ElJet’s exclusive relationships with Van Nuys private jet operators and owners, you are sure to get the lowest possible industry price.

Van Nuys Travel

Los Angeles, the entertainment mecca of the world. Not only that, a vacation hotspot, a business hub and home to one of the most difficult airports in the world to tolerate-LAX.

LAX is the gateway to Los Angeles, businessmen and A-listers will tell you that there is a better way to get in. The better way to get in is through the secluded and more private Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys is a stone’s throw away from everything and anything important in Southern California. This means that not only can you enter Los Angeles discreetly but you can enter Los Angeles in luxury and style.

Van Nuys Airport gives you the most discreet access to Los Angeles

There are many private jet charter companies that service Van Nuys Airport. Yet, few do a better job than North America’s leading private jet charter company, ElJet.

ElJet is your best Van Nuys airport option because:

  • ElJet’s head office is situated in close proximity to Van Nuys airport. This translates into exclusive relationships with Van Nuys private jet operators and owners. ElJet’s exclusive relationships means that you get the best possible private jet charter experience at the lowest possible price.
  • As a sought after destination, Van Nuys creates many “Empty Leg” options. ElJet is an industry pioneer when it comes to “Empty Legs” meaning that ElJet customers have the best “Empty Leg” options, to and from Van Nuys Airport.
  • When you choose ElJet to Van Nuys, you are choosing unparalleled private jet charter luxury. Servicing some of the most influential people in the world, ElJet knows how important it is that your Van Nuys travel plans be stress and hassle free.

If Los Angeles is your destination, Van Nuys should be your airport of choice and ElJet should be your jet charter of demand.

Call ElJet today, our skilled operators are standing by to change the way you travel forever.

Airport Codes

Every airport has its own unique three or four letter code that helps  air traffic controllers, travelers and pilots identify it.  Airport codes help avoid confusion and mistakes.  There are two types of airport codes that are used: IATA and ICAO.

IATA (International Air Transportation Association):  Airport Codes are three-letter codes that are most commonly used by the public when booking flights.  Also known as IATA location identifiers, or IATA station codes, these three letter classifications are typically used by flight booking websites, and prominently displayed on baggage tags and at airport check-in desks.  Some IATA codes are so well known by the public that they have replaced the full, proper name of the airport, for example LAX and JFK.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization): Airport codes are four-letter identifiers that are more commonly used internationally than the IATA iteration.  These airport codes are used by air traffic control and airline operations, and are typically derived from the region and country where the airport is located.

How to find Airport Codes

 You will need to know the  Airport Codes for your destination when booking domestic or international flights. Most major ones can be found on popular travel websites.

If you need assistance locating an airport code please call us at 888-355-3538 and a friendly ElJet representative will be happy to assist.