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Private Jet Charter-Los Angeles

Is the beach calling you? Maybe you not a sand and surf type of person. Are the rolling hills of wine country calling your name? Not into wine? Well then, is Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu or any of the other great places in Southern California asking for you to pay them a visit? You are now probably thinking of a way to get there. Doesn’t sound so amazing when you think of the never ending commercial airline hassles. Security, baggage check-in and carousel check-out. There is a simpler way to get yourself to Los Angeles, hassle free. That is with private jet charter to Van Nuys Airport. North America’s leading private jet charter servicing Van Nuys Airport is ElJet.


ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Van Nuys aircraft owners and private jet operators, this means you get the best deal on a private flight. An ElJet private jet experience comes with all the trimmings of a luxury private jet experience. Fine dining, entertainment of your selection and everything else you imagine private jet charter to include.

Van Nuys Airport is perfectly placed for quick access to everything in Los Angeles. It is 35 minutes from Downtown, Los Angeles, it is 25 minutes from Hollywood. Disneyland is a mere hour from Van Nuys Airport. It doesn’t get more convenient for businessman, tourists, vacationers even for A-listers to access Los Angeles discreetly and efficiently than with ElJet Private Jet Charter to Van Nuys Airport.

ElJet employees are skilled at maximizing your time and money. Call one of ElJet’s skilled operators today, they are available 24/7 to make your next Los Angeles visit an ElJet one. Ask about the ElJet concierge service. ElJet staff are knowledgeable of Los Angeles attractions and put together an itinerary of non-stop thrills to suit your needs.


Los Angeles Charter Flights

ElJet once again featured on a popular travel blog

For as long as the city has existed, people have flocked to Los Angeles to chase their dreams and soak up the creative spirit of the city. From the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip to the downtown business center and the beaches of the West Side, LA is a city of style – and the best way to arrive to this cultural epicenter is on a private charter flight booked with ElJet. A city that appeals to creative types and business people equally, LA is a destination where anything can happen, and if often does!

Book a charter flight to Los Angeles with ElJet and discover just how enjoyable flying private can be. Experience exceptional customer service from the moment you first contact our expert booking agents to the day you are cruising at 30,000 feet in your own private cabin in the sky. Flying doesn’t have to be a frustrating and stressful experience. Take a private jet to Los Angeles and you will be taken care of. Whether you have special meal requirements, extra bags, or unusual schedule requests, ElJet will ensure that you arrive to Los Angeles refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go! Read more

Private Jet Charter Los Angeles

With palm tree-lined boulevards, beautiful warm sunny weather and mile after mile of sandy beaches, Los Angeles is more than a city – it’s a lifestyle. And Los Angeles is one of the nations most popular private jet charter destinations. For over a century, travelers have been lured to this desert oasis of Southern California on the West Coast of the United States to follow their dreams and LA is home to a huge number of artists, writers, musicians, actors and the would-be famous.

Los Angeles Private Jets

Along with a powerful creative energy, Los Angeles features a world-class array of attractions that are sure to please any traveler and keep him or her blissfully occupied for days on end. Although many movie studios have moved northward, Hollywood is still a premiere destination for its historic theaters and star-lined sidewalk. Downtown LA is an urban core that is currently being revitalized with a new youthful populace and hip selection of restaurants, bars and art galleries.

On the “West Side” you’ll find glorious beaches packed with beautiful people: Malibu and Pacific Palisades as well as the northwestern communities of colorful Venice Beach and upscale Santa Monica. On the “East Side” you can explore the gritty neighborhood of Echo Park (home to Dodger Stadium), Los Feliz with young urban professionals and Silver Lake – a hipster headquarters filled with coffee shops, small boutiques and dogs with fauxhawks.

Book a charter flight to Los Angeles with ElJet and you can choose from a variety of area airports. LAX is the main airport, a large air hub made famous in TV and film that is located right off the Pacific Ocean. To the north of the city is Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and Van Nuys Airport. To the south is Long Beach Airport and John Wayne Airport, the only air transit center in Orange County and to the east serving the Inland Empire you’ll find the LA/Ontario International Airport and even further: Palm Springs International Airport.

No matter which airport you choose for your private charter flight to Los Angeles, book with ElJet and you will always arrive in style. Call us at 1 (888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote today.

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Empty Legs Page – You can save thousands of dollars on private jet travel when you take advantage of ElJet’s vast network of empty-leg flights, the largest in the world. Experience the same five-star service, comfort and quality that ElJet is known for and save a bundle on your trip to almost any destination in the world.le team delivers extraordinary service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your travel experience is enjoyable and flawless.

Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas CES Show – Held in January each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is one of the biggest technology and electronics industry trade shows in the world. The show is highly attended by business insiders, setting a new record in 2012 with over 153,000 convention guests, all who come to see the latest and greatest in gadgets, software, electronics and computers.

Jet Charter Las Vegas Strip – A sparkling city set in the desert like a diamond in the rough. Las Vegas is a city where anything is possible.

Jet Charter Los Angeles, CA – One of the nation’s most popular private jet charter destinations.

ElJet Sees Record Increase in Private Jet Demand for CES

ElJet Aviation Services the nations leading private jet charter services company announced that bookings for 2012’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was up by over 100% compared to 2011.

ElJet focuses on booking private jet charters at a significantly reduced price to our customers. Our client base consists of technology CEO’s, celebrities, business people and families.

Las Vegas, NV consistently ranks as one of the top destinations and the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas is typically the most well attended show of the year.

If we can be of assistance to you for your next charter to a show, convention or even to Las Vegas please contact us at 888-355-3538 or email sales@ellejet.com as always please visit www.ellejet.com for the best possible private jet charter deals from Van Nuys, CA or Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Gulfstream marks the 25th anniversary of the GIV

By Savannah Morning News
Created 2010-09-21 00:19
Aircraft’s first flight in 1985 ‘a milestone and turning point for the company’
Mary Carr Mayle

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. on Monday celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first flight of the Gulfstream IV, the best-selling large-cabin, long-range business jet in the world.

“The G-Four was the aircraft that launched a thousand Gulfstream aircraft,” said Gulfstream president Joe Lombardo. “It formed the foundation for designing and building the G300, G400, G350 and G450.

“The aircraft’s first flight was a milestone and turning point for the company.”

Longtime Gulfstream employee Jim Gallagher, an acoustics engineer for the GIV program, said the aircraft revolutionized the industry. More than 520 of the 536 jets produced in the GIV series are still in operation.

“The GIV set a new standard for technology and, as it evolved, it did the same for reliability,” said Gallagher, director of the company’s large and mid-cabin sustaining program.

The GIV’s popularity was based, at least in part, on its unprecedented speed and range, Gallagher said.

“There was no other aircraft that came close,” he said. ” Companies relied on it to travel worldwide; it helped push global commerce.”

The first GIV took off from Savannah International Airport on Sept. 19, 1985 – three months ahead of schedule and just eight days after it was rolled out at the business-jet manufacturer’s Savannah headquarters.

The maiden flight was part of a race against time to prepare the aircraft for the National Business Aviation Association convention in New Orleans, where it was one of the main attractions.

But the GIV was popular with customers well before its first flight. More than 80 orders were taken while the aircraft was in development. At the time, the backlog of nearly $1.3 billion in orders was the largest for a single aircraft in business aviation history.

How to Arrange For a Jet Charter From Los Angeles

Despite the downturn in the economy over the past years, business and private aviation are starting to make a comeback. It certainly isn’t a sudden and dramatic upturn, but gradually more travelers and business people are using private jet travel out of Los Angeles as a practical and time-saving way to get around the country. Charter companies and brokers in Los Angeles and around the country are seeing an increasing number of queries from those interested in hiring their own private jet.

If you happen to be one of these people and are looking to charter a jet from Los Angeles, there are seemingly countless options to choose from with such a high density of charter companies in the Los Angeles area. This brief article will walk you through the simple steps of booking a jet. The process of hiring a jet is surprisingly simple, but there are a few things to consider beforehand to ensure that your trip is as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Southern California Leading Private Jet Airports

We are often asked which airports are the most popular for our Southern California based private jet charter customers.

Here is the list in no order of importance.

Jet Charter Van Nuys

Jet Charter Santa Monica

Jet Charter LAX

Jet Charter Burbank

Jet Charter Santa Ana

And the most popular jet charter destination departing out of Southern California is … Las Vegas.

To book your next flight please visit us at www.ellejet.com or call us at 888-355-3538.


Holiday Specials Van Nuys to Las Vegas

ElJet is offering exceptional Holiday specials from Van Nuys, Santa Monica, LAX, Long Beach to Las Vegas. These specials start November 23 and go through New Years January 3, 2010. Including the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Prices for a  light jet start from as low as $3,899 each way.

Super Light Jet prices start at $4,750 each way.

Some restrictions may apply.


Please visit us at www.ellejet.com