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Private Jet Charter

Things You Should Do Before Flying

You can book with private jet charter and most things will be taken care of for you. If you are flying with regular commercial air travel, here are some unconventional things that you can do that may enhance your flight experience.

1. Check Your Flights Inbound Flight

Check Your Inbound Flight

Everyone knows that they need to check if there flight is on time or their flight is delayed but there is something more that you can do and it is probably even more important than checking if YOUR flight is on time. You should be checking if the plane that you will be flying on is on time. This is called your in-bound flight. If your inbound flight is running late then there is still a chance that another aircraft will be used for your flight but this is usually unlikely. There are many websites that allow you to check the inbound flight but you can also do things like calling your carrier and they will give you the information.

2. Ensure you are registered with the frequent flyer program

Many people will have a particular frequent flyer program. This means that if they fly a different commercial airline they are not necessarily registered for the frequent flyer program. Even if you do not intend to travel with that carrier too often, it is still worthwhile signing up to their frequent flyer program. The points add up and not necessarily do you have to amass a lot of points for free travel tickets but these programs usually have many other great things that can be bought with these points.

3. Check Private Jet Charter Rates

If you are looking for business or first class tickets in a short space of time then you should look at private jet charter options. With empty leg and dead leg flight availability, you can often find very competitive private jet charter rates.

Maho Beach St. Maarten

It is not the most pristine beach in the world but it is definitely a plane fanatics favorite beach in the world. Maho Beach in St. Maarten sits at the end of the runway at the Princess Julianna International Airport.

Maho Beach in St. Maarten, no photoshop

There used to be a once a day tradition in St. Maarten where people used to flock to Maho Beach to watch KLM’s 747 make its landing. It was a must see St. Maarten staple. KLM stopped flying their 747 into St. Maarten as of October 2016. There are still great flying spectacles as Air France make their landing with their Airbus or other large aircraft from multiple destinations.

It also makes for quite a spectacular landing if you are on one of these planes as you come into St. Maarten. The thrill of flying in just inches above the sunbathers and sea surfers is quite exhilarating.

For pilot’s though, the landing in St. Maarten is known to be one of the tougher landings. The runway sits in unusually close proximity to where the fence cordoning of the beach ends.

Youtube is inundated with many video’s of sunbathing thrill seekers who have witnessed the flying fanatics dream of Maho Beach.

St. Maarten itself is a gorgeous island with a blend of party life and sophistication. St. Maarten is also Saint Martin. No need to be confused. It is simply one island that is separated into two halves. One half is owned by the Dutch and the other half is owned by the French. It has many casino’s, great accommodations and many great fine dining spots.

St. Maarten is less than 2 hour flight from Miami and is a great access point to many other great Caribbean islands.

For all your St. Maarten Private Jet charter needs speak to an ElJet private jet charter agent.

Aspen Winter

The New Year is almost upon us which means we are in the thick of Winter. Many people will be sitting down to come up with resolutions as to what they ideally would like to be doing next year. But why wait for next year when you can still make awesome memories in 2016 with a trip to Aspen, Colorado.


There is no doubt that Aspen has attraction the whole year round. Fishing, hiking and great restaurants but truth be told Aspen really blossoms in the Winter. Aspen for many means prestigious and gorgeous skiing. Staying at either one of the many luxurious hotels that Aspen has to offer or finding a deal on a log cabin with an old style fireplace. There is definitely an allure to Aspen in the Winter that very few places in the world could claim to have.

Hitting the slopes early in the morning and then going back in the evening for a crisp night run is as good as winter gets. Don’t forget to sandwich in-between the skiing some world class dining and some world class spas.

The best way to get to Aspen during the busy winter season is with ElJet Private Jet Charter. ElJet are well placed to put the cherry on your snow covered Aspen vacation pie by giving you the ultimate luxurious travel experience for your travel to and from Aspen.

ElJet agents are available 24/7 to go above and beyond in planning more than just a way for you to get to Aspen but also advice and even service in helping you set up and plan for an amazing Aspen travel vacation experience.

UberChopper Helicopter Rides

We live in a world where anything is possible and so hailing a helicopter to your destination of need does not seem that odd.

UberChopper, the face of the urban travel future?

Uber has experimented with its helicopter service known as UberChopper. It was rolled out in the USA for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. UberChopper riders were able to hail a helicopter from near CES to a heliport at McCarran International Airport. It then included a ride back to your original location after a 15 minute flight over the Las Vegas strip and surrounding area. It was all for the promotional price of 99 dollars.

There is no doubt that this was merely a way of Uber letting the commuting population out there know that they need to ‘watch this space’. The big question is however if consumers feel that this sort of mode of transportation would be viable to them. There is no doubt that in big cities, like the already proven Manhattan’s of the world, helicopter rides could be very successful. The question then is, if Uber will be able to keep up with the demand should they go all out with a full roll out of UberChopper.

The beauty of Uber is that it is quick, easy and very well priced. There is enough supply to keep it that way but can Uber retain the same model if they were to go all out on the UberChopper front? Does Uber possibly have an eye to see if they too can get a bite out of the private jet charter industry? They will need to compete withe North America’s best in ElJet, on that front.

In Vegas, UberChopper was paired with Mavericks Helicopters in order to offer the service. Perhaps they will make more such relations in the future. Yet, in that case, it is hard to tell how much red tape there will be and therefore what the price will be for consumers. Definitely, interesting times.

Picking the Perfect Carry On Suitcase

Things to know before picking the perfect carry-on suitcase.

Especially when it comes to domestic flights, space in the overhead bins is becoming less and less. No traveler wants to hear the dreaded words, “I am sorry but your bag will have to go under the plane”. Through a sea of anger and annoyance we have all been there as we reluctantly hand over the bag, only to see a few people ahead that have seemingly brought the kitchen sink as carry-on luggage. There is no sure way, except for number 1 to have your bag not taken from you but here are some handy tips in picking a good piece of hand luggage for air travel.

hand luggage
Hand Luggage, how to find a good piece
  1. Fly Private Jet Charter

Yes, indeed, that would probably solve this problem very quickly but let’s focus on tips for those that don’t have that luxury.

2. Pick for what you Pack

Everyone has those few things that they need to have on board, even for a short haul flight. If you carry very little, get something sleek or thin that can pop under the seat in front of you. There is no way that it can be put in the under plane storage if it goes under the seat in front of you.

3. Pick Something light

Very often, the hand luggage itself without anything inside of it can be very weighty, this is a nuisance in multiple levels. Find something that is light and easy to transport around, either in your hand, on your shoulder or on wheels.

4. Get Funky

Like under the plane luggage, you want your hand luggage to be easily identifiable. This is especially if your luggage will land up under the plane and come out on the carousel. Who knows, maybe if you have a really good looking piece of luggage, they will even allow it to stay on top with you.


5 Reasons to Fly Private Jet Charter

  1. Flexible Schedule

Set the time you want to fly

2. Flexible Destination

Yup…It is good to fly private jet charter

Private Jet Charter has access to far more airports, even airports in remote locations and usually much closer to your intended destination.

3. Luxury

No need to elaborate on this one. It is not Business Class, it is not First Class, it is your own private jet……let that sink in.

4. Safety

If you know every single person on the plane then chances are you know exactly what they are up to. Flying private jet charter is therefore a securer option of flight.

5. Hassle Free

Skip the security lines and skip the hassle of over crowded commercial airports. Fly like the A-listers and see why it is worth the extra money.

This is just five reasons of many others as to why you should fly private jet charter. You also want to be flying with the right private jet charter company that makes sure you get the most luxurious and convenient experience. That is why you should be flying with ElJet Private Jet Charter.

For consecutive years ElJet has been voted as North America’s leading Private Jet Charter company. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with private jet owners and private jet operators to ensure that their customers get the best experience for the best price.

You also want to speak to ElJet about empty leg private jet charter flights. As a pioneer in the private jet charter empty leg industry, ElJet is superbly placed to find any empty leg possibilities. Empty legs are a great way to get the luxury of private jet charter travel at a very low price.

ElJet has highly skilled operators that are available 24/7 to take your bookings and requests. ElJet also offers a concierge service whereby you can have ElJet’s skilled operators plan the itinerary for you.

Winter Travel

Summer has come and summer has gone. Summer poses travel problems of its own. These problems include long lines and jam packed flights. These problems pale in comparison with the problems that can be posed by inclement weather in the winter.

winter travel
Snow and Airports are not a happy couple

Winter storms are devastating to airline companies and travelers alike. While it is not plausible that by booking on private jet charter you will avoid winter storms, you will have a better chance.

Private jet charter companies and private jets use smaller airports these airports provide more destination options. A destination that has not been hampered by the weather may be the best option in reaching your destination of choice and private jet charter is best equipped to get you to that destination.

Following a large storm, the entire travel system is clogged. This includes airports, airlines and everything else that makes air travel tick. This back log can cause major delays even once the storm has passed. Private jet charter is a sure option to diminish the back log if not completely eliminate it.

If you have an absolute reason to travel in the winter and do not want to take the chances on the winter storm, it is worthwhile assuring your best option by booking private jet charter in advance.

ElJet is a leader in the private jet charter industry. Exclusive relationships means that ElJet is best placed to get you to all your destinations at the absolutely best prices. ElJet is experienced at ensuring the best travel for A-listers and celebrities and have made that service available to the general public as well.

Call ElJet today and ensure that your winter travel is luxurious and convenient.

Snort This Before You Fly

Flying has its pitfalls. One of them is that people seem to feel that they come off a flight with a sniffle and a cold. There may be some scientific proof to that. People claim that it is down to the recycled air on the aircraft or perhaps down to the fact that it is sitting in a capsule with people from all over the place. It is like a theme park for germs and bacteria. Germs can freely prance on the merry-go-round of the plane hopping from one person to the next.

flying tips
A drop in the nose can stop you from getting sick on a flight

There is the solution that may not be attainable by all and that is to fly private jet charter. (It is more attainable than you think!) Private jet charter of course means that there are far less people on your flight, less people obviously means less germs.

There is however another solution for those travelling on commercial jet charter. It is one that has been recommended by doctors and has been proven to work for many people.

Before boarding your aircraft, place some antiseptic cream, like Bactroban into your nostrils and into the lining of your nose. Do not place it all the way up and don’t put in a lot. The antiseptic cream will kill off any bacteria before it has a chance of making it into your system.

It will be slightly uncomfortable at first but it definitely does the trick. If you don’t think that it does the trick, well at the very least you can allow it to have the placebo effect that it is preventing you from getting sick on the flight.

If that doesn’t help, then either take your chances, or like we said fly private jet charter.

Private Jet Charter Has A New Perk

Private Jet Charter has a new perk. Well, it is not really new but it is definitely a perk that is coming to the fore. The fact is that private jet passengers do not have to stand in long TSA lines in order to board their aircraft. This is becoming a very big deal, especially as TSA lines get longer and longer.

private jet charter
TSA Lines…..Private Jet Charter Skips This

There is no doubt that the TSA plays a pivotal role in the safety of passengers and the crews of aircraft but when you travel with private jet charter your security is much greater. If you are the leader of your private jet charter party then you are in complete control of who boards your aircraft and who doesn’t.

The captain of your private jet may want to check with you before the flight and verify the identity of all the passengers on board but it goes without saying that you do not have to stand on long security lines or go through metal detectors.

Private jet charter companies like ElJet have been inundated with phone calls from passengers who are looking to fly private jet charter because of the long security lines.

This is frequently the point that they ponder when choosing private jet charter. Even if a passenger would buy a luxury ticket on a commercial jet, like business or first class, theya re still subject to the same security process of all other passengers.

There is of course the concept of TSA Pre-Approved but this has nothing to do with the class of ticket that a commercial traveler is holding.

The answer to these long security lines for those who place a high value on their time is indeed private jet charter.

ElJet is a company that specializes in all of your private  jet charter needs. See how ElJet can streamline your travel plans, help you skip security lines and fly you to and from your destination in ultimate luxury.

What are Empty Legs on Private Jet Charter?

The buzz word in private jet charter these days is “empty leg” or “dead-head” flights.

Well, what are Empty Leg flights?

Citation X

In concept they are very simple to understand and the savings that they offer luxury private jet customers are huge.

A flight is chartered from destination A to destination B, the aircraft needs to get back to destination A but has no passengers scheduled. The private jet owner or operator will sell the empty leg at a much reduced price rather than earn nothing on having the flight go back to its base origin completely empty.

How can I take advantage of Empty Leg flights?

The best way to take advantage of Empty Leg flights is by getting in touch with industry experts that can navigate the empty leg opportunities. Companies like ElJet are renowned for getting their clients the most incredible value and luxury on numerous Empty Leg possibilities.

What else is there to know about Empty Legs?

While it is possible that some Empty Legs are available well in advance, you may have to be patient and wait closer to your travel dates to see if there is Empty Leg availability. There is no doubting that an Empty Leg private jet charter flight is a full luxury experience for  a fraction of what private jet charter would actually cost. Private jet operators and private jet owners are keen to impress. Many people, having taken an Empty Leg flight will give consideration to flying private jet charter in the future.

ElJet operators are available 24/7 and will browse empty leg possibilities first. If you are looking for the luxury and convenience of private jet charter but are looking to cut back on the spending then ElJet will ensure that any possible Empty Leg flights are snapped up for you.