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5 Reasons to Fly Private Jet Charter

  1. Flexible Schedule

Set the time you want to fly

2. Flexible Destination

Yup…It is good to fly private jet charter

Private Jet Charter has access to far more airports, even airports in remote locations and usually much closer to your intended destination.

3. Luxury

No need to elaborate on this one. It is not Business Class, it is not First Class, it is your own private jet……let that sink in.

4. Safety

If you know every single person on the plane then chances are you know exactly what they are up to. Flying private jet charter is therefore a securer option of flight.

5. Hassle Free

Skip the security lines and skip the hassle of over crowded commercial airports. Fly like the A-listers and see why it is worth the extra money.

This is just five reasons of many others as to why you should fly private jet charter. You also want to be flying with the right private jet charter company that makes sure you get the most luxurious and convenient experience. That is why you should be flying with ElJet Private Jet Charter.

For consecutive years ElJet has been voted as North America’s leading Private Jet Charter company. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with private jet owners and private jet operators to ensure that their customers get the best experience for the best price.

You also want to speak to ElJet about empty leg private jet charter flights. As a pioneer in the private jet charter empty leg industry, ElJet is superbly placed to find any empty leg possibilities. Empty legs are a great way to get the luxury of private jet charter travel at a very low price.

ElJet has highly skilled operators that are available 24/7 to take your bookings and requests. ElJet also offers a concierge service whereby you can have ElJet’s skilled operators plan the itinerary for you.

Mistsubishi’s Passenger Jet Takes Flight

It is a historic day for Japanese aviation. For the first time in half a century Japan has successfully put a passenger jet in the sky that was domestically produced.

Mitsubishi is hoping that the regional jet with a price tag of 47 million dollars will give it a good share of the small passenger jet market. The small passenger jet market is currently dominated by Brazilian jet maker, Embraer SA and by Canada’s Bombardier Inc. Embraer SA, have the lion’s share of the market closely followed by Bombardier.

The Mistsubish Regional Jet

Mitsubishi has already secured orders for 223 of the jets. The biggest single order coming out of the USA and placed by SkyWest Inc. The small passenger plane jet market is going to get crowded, with countries like China, Russia and Japan expressing interest and acting upon it to start domestically manufacturing these aircraft.

Mistsubishi shares in Japan jumped up by 4% on the back of this very positive development. The Mistsubishi Regional Jet venture is one with stakeholders such as the Mitsubishi Corp and the Toyota Corp.

Japan were quite a bastion of passenger jet manufacturing until the industry was dismantled after World War II.

Mistsubishi Heavy Industries is no stranger to jet manufacturing. The company manufactures 35% of Boeing’s 787 carbon-composite jetliner. This includes the building of the most complex parts of the plane, that being the wings.

As these companies start producing passenger jets, it still remains to be seen what kind of effect it will have on the price of private and small commercial aviation. When it comes to the bigger picture, this kind of manufacturing from these countries may be more of a geo-political factor than a price reduction.

Private Jets May Be a Wiser Winter Choice

Winter is in the air. That means holidays and that means skiing and it also has the distinct possibility of meaning winter snow storms. Winter snow storms by themselves can be a very beautiful thing but its when you need to catch a commercial flight that they can be at their ugliest. In fact air travelers are prone to believing the Murphy theory that Winter storms rear their heads exactly when you have scheduled a flight.

If you are scheduling a flight in advance and are concerned that this may be disrupted by a winter storm, it may be a good idea to schedule a flight on a private jet charter. While private jet charters obviously conform to high safety standards and will not fly you in a storm, there are a couple of factors that may make it very wise to book on a private jet this Winter.

Storms Wreak Travel Havoc

Private jets fly out of smaller airports. This means that should there be a delay due to a storm, there is a great possibility that the runways will be cleared quicker due to the smaller size of the airport. This means that you will be in the air quicker with private jet than you would be with commercial jet charter.

Booking with a private jet company will also save you the heartache of the endless waiting for rebooking. Dealing with commercial airlines to reschedule a flight or to get you on the quickest flight out can be a nightmare. This is totally avoided when it comes to booking with private jet charter as your plane in all likelihood is still waiting for you.

Book your winter private jet charter with North America’s leading private jet charter, ElJet. ElJet have a skilled team that can deal with all your travel plans, including the tricky winter weather ones.

Silence is Golden for Private Jet Owners

Silence is Golden and private jet owners are willing to dish out the gold to ensure the quietest flight possible. Private jets are quieter than commercial flights and this is becoming very alluring for people who cannot stand the din of commercial flying.

Private Jets are quieter than commercial jets
Private Jets are quieter than commercial jets

The most silent on the commercial market today is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and private jet engineers have been able to reduce those levels by about half in private jets. Added insulation and rejigging the climate control systems on these private jets has contributed to reducing the noise levels to the point where clients on board these silent jets could hear each other at a whisper.

In general private jets are quieter as it is. Simply because they are smaller and fly at higher at altitudes. This means that a Gulfstream would be naturally more quiet than a commercial Airbus. But even clients that are buying commercial airlines are investing literally millions of dollars to make their planes as quiet as possible.

Having bought a new jet in 2011, Donald Trump placed soundproofing the new Boeing 757 that he bought as a priority. A single-aisle plane, like a Boeing 737 will cost upwards of 39 million dollars to sound proof. This makes it seem that silence is more like platinum than golden.

First and Business Class customers are yet to be guaranteed a quieter flight than economy class passengers and this is something that private jet owners know and capitalize on. Boeing at the end of 2012 invested close to 20 million dollars to update their knowledge base in determining what are the internal and external sources of noise on flights.

The world has changed. In a noisier world people are searching for more and more quiet and tranquility and it seems that those that have the money to pay for the silence on a private jet are willing to dish out top dollar for it.

Can I Book a Private Jet Online?

Yes, you can. That is the short answer.

Many people have grown to love the fact that they can book air travel from anywhere at anytime. They are no longer beholden to the schedules of travel agents and they can shop around themselves. This is convenient and it has no doubt revolutionized the air travel industry. It is simply called online air travel booking. There are few industries that have been as revolutionized by the high tech age as the air travel industry.

Aircraft categories
Can I book a private jet online?

But, can I book a private jet online?

There are many reputable private jet charter companies that give you the ability to book a private jet trip online. Take North America’s leading private jet charter, ElJet for example. There is no doubt that you can place a booking but almost certainly this will be followed up by a phone call. This phone call is not to inconvenience you but there are so many private jet luxury nuances that will need to be sorted out. From your desired entertainment to the particulars of your on board fine dining experience. The skilled agent will also request the total number of people you will have on board. There will also be the ability to fine tune the particulars of the aircraft.

Booking a private jet online is much like booking a commercial jet flight online. Do not use a company of ill or no repute. Find a company with a solid track record and with the necessary accreditation to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Call the company directly.

Last minute bookings or emergency booking with private jet charter will probably require you to make an actual phone call.

The best option is to call ElJet and go online to their website and allow them to handle all the particulars of your private jet charter needs.

What does it feel like to fly in a private jet?

Most people have been to a concert or professional sports game. This means they can answer the question of , what is it like to sit on the bleachers as opposed to sitting in a V.I.P box? That would be the difference between flying a commercial flight and flying on a private jet.

Private jet cabin

It is more than that, though. The majority of passengers are not boarding a flight for a good atmosphere. Many fans enjoy the bleachers for the atmosphere. Passengers generally have one objective and that is to reach their destination. Private jets allow you to do that with less stress, less hassle and with the same amount of time.

There is no need to queue for security or stand in line do have your luggage checked. In fact, at the end you don’t have to wait by the luggage carousel to pick up your bags. You get shuttled to the runway, where your plane awaits you. That is right, you don’t wait for the aircraft, the aircraft waits for you.

There is more to it though. Good private jet charter companies, like ElJet, offer you the full luxury service when you fly on private jet charter. You get to choose from a gourmet menu to suit your palate or desires and you of course get to pick the entertainment you wish to have on board the flight.

Private jet charter is far more than the huge luxury seats. It means avoiding all hassle. Very often you can also access closer to your final destination. For example when flying in to New York, if your final destination is Manhattan, then Teterboro Airport which is served by private jet charter, will get you in closer proximity than the much larger JFK.

Private jet charter is air travel where the travel is a luxury experience instead of a dreaded necessity.

Private Jet for Under a Million Dollars

Private Jets are probably the ultimate status symbol of wealth. Perhaps one notch below a private yacht. But who wants to sail when you can fly. Ok, if you offer me a yacht I will take it but believe it or not you can own yourself a private jet for under a million dollars. It isn’t a Gulfstream G-650 but it is a private jet.

Epic Victory
Epic Victory Aircraft

It is the Epic Victory. Designed and manufactured by Epic Aircraft, it has a single FJ33-4 engine. The engine is made from Williams. It is not the smallest aircraft around and can in fact accommodate 5 passengers.

It is not the slowest aircraft in the sky and has an impressive range for its cost. It can travel at 320 knots per hour, this is approximately 370 miles per hour. It has a range of 1,200 nautical miles.

I guess selling jets for under a million dollars can lead to problems and the Epic Aircraft company declared bankruptcy in 2009. Not to worry though, all of Epic Aircraft’s assets were bought by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China in 2010.

One of their first moves after acquiring the assets was to restart production of the Epic Victory. They also ensured that they had renewed certification on the aircraft and began selling them again.

So, if you have always wanted to own a private jet aircraft but don’t want to splash more than a million dollars, then the Epic Victory just may be your answer. You will have to factor in parking fees and other costs associated with purchasing and owning a jet aircraft. Any way you look at it, a cheap jet aircraft for less than a million dollars is kinda cool.




Do Private Jet Passengers Go Through Security?


commercial airport
Private Jet Charter means that you avoid all the hustle and bustle of commercial airports

Not security the way you know it at commercial airports. Private jet charter is exactly that, it is private. Most often, private jet charter passengers don’t have to set foot in the hustle and bustle of commercial airline terminals. That means an avoidance of all the stress that comes with security lines and baggage checks.

When it comes to your luggage, there is no need for security because private jet passengers are with their baggage and belongings from door-to-door. Yes, that’s right you don’t have to worry about damaged, lost or missing luggage. If you are travelling to New York on a private jet, it is impossible that you will land and they will tell you that your bags are in Honolulu. You don’t wait at a baggage carousel to pick up your bags.

Generally, the captain will meet you at a FBO. A FBO is a Fixed Based Operation, this is a small facility for private jet passengers. The pilot will request to see I.D’s of passengers before being shuttled to the aircraft.

You get to keep your shoes on, you get to keep your belt on and you do not stand in a security line.

Many people choose private jet charter for the luxury that it offers. They end up coming back for all the incredible side perks. It is the confidence in getting your bags at your destination. It is the peace of mind that you will not have to wait to check your bags in. It is the comfort that there will not be an X-ray machine and a TSA agent wielding his metal wand or giving you a pat down. It is exactly as it’s name suggests, it is private. You fly with who you want to fly with and that starts with security.




Donald Trump wants to be President because…

It has become quite evident that Donald Trump intends to be a serious contender at being the President of the United States in 2016. Whether he makes it or not, time will tell.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 727

We at a Private Jet Charter Blog do not endorse any candidate but we did notice that Donald Trump has what to gain from becoming the President of the United States.

Trump currently travels around on his Boeing 727-23 aircraft. It is as unmistakable as the man himself. A black aircraft with a red trim and a large flying “T” emblazoned on the tail. While he might take a considerable pay-cut by becoming the President of the United States, he will also get to travel on Air Force One. Air Force One strictly speaking can be any aircraft used to transport the President of the United States but the main one currently in use is a Boeing 747-200B.

Air Force One

Trump would probably argue that the interior of his Boeing 727 far surpasses what Air Force One has to offer. He would point out the pale leather seats and the gold plated buckle straps. He would probably be right. But Trump’s plane does not have the ability to re-fuel itself, in-flight.

What are the practical differences between the Boeing 747 and the Boeing 727?

Well, for starters the Beoing 747 is 39 million dollars more expensive than the 727. The 727 is far more fuel efficient, not so relevant though when you flying on the tax payers dollar.  The Boeing 747 can fly 5,000 nautical miles further than the Boeing 727.

All-in-all, the Being 747 is simply a much larger aircraft. A bigger payload, more room and a lot more distance ability.

If Trump does become the President of the United States, there may just be a full luxury interior Boeing 727 up for sale. Interested buyer are guaranteed a luxury interior and must be able to tolerate high dosages of the letter “T”.

Aircraft of The Sultan, Mark and The King

The lives of the rich and famous seem to intrigue us all. There is no doubt that those with a keen interest in aircraft will also be keen to find out what the rich and famous fly. 3 points for guessing that they do not fly commercial-aircraft-economy-class-find-your-own-overhead-bin airline.

1. The Sultan of Brunei

A sneak peak inside the Sultan of Brunei’s Aircraft

One of the wealthiest men in the world. He is not confined to owning one aircraft but his biggest aircraft is the Boeing 747-430. The Sultan was not about to buy the scraps off a commercial airliner and bought a new one at well over 100 million dollars. He decided to glitz it up a bit to the tune of 150 million dollars, with solid gold washbasins and other features like masses of Lalique crystal.

2. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban’s Aircraft

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and businessman extraordinaire. He sure knows how to look after his employees as Mr. Cuban reportedly had custom-made seats installed in his Boeing 767-277. The reason for the customization?  To ensure that his tallest NBA employee players can fit comfortably. Now that’s a Boss.

3. Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie…Elvis Presley’s Private Plane

The President flies on Air Force One but how did or does (depends who you ask) The King travel? Elvis owned a Convair 880 that he famously named Lisa Marie after his daughter. Elvis customized the configuration of the aircraft making sure that there was only 28 seats out of a 110 seat capacity. I think that if the King was still purchasing planes today, he would go for something slightly more flashy.

You could still fly like a Sultan or a King without owning your own private aircraft and at a fraction of the price. This can be done through booking your next flight, domestic or international with ElJet private jet charter.