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Big City Private Jet Alternates

The 2 biggest cities in the Unites States of America are by far New York and Los Angeles. These cities are very different from one another but they do share a lot in common. With so many people living in New York and Los Angeles, it creates commuter transportation havoc. Not only on the busy roads of Manhattan or Hollywood but it also creates a huge amount of airport congestion.

Jet Charter Los Angeles

There is little solution to the airport congestion there is a solution though to avoiding the busy airports. New York has 3 very busy airports, although one is situated in New Jersey it is still a very close access point to New York and Manhattan in particular. The 3 airports are JFK, La Guardia and Newark. Los Angeles has the very famous and very busy LAX.

A-listers, celebrities, high level politicians and businessmen of note have been avoiding these airports for years. They have been avoiding these airports by flying private jet charter into smaller airports with similar or just-as-good access points to Los Angeles and New York City.

The best option for flying into New York City with private jet charter is to request a flight that lands in Teterboro. Teterboro is brilliantly placed to give a busy person or a person who seeks utmost privacy, quick and easy access to all 5 boroughs of New York City.

The best alternative for accessing Los Angeles while avoiding LAX is to fly into Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys is extremely close to Hollywood, perhaps even closer than LAX and gives travelers superb access to downtown Los Angeles and Burbank.

For service to or from Teterboro or Van Nuys airport you should get in touch with ElJet. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Teterboro and Van Nuys jet owners to ensure passengers get the best planes at the best prices.

What does it feel like to fly in a private jet?

Most people have been to a concert or professional sports game. This means they can answer the question of , what is it like to sit on the bleachers as opposed to sitting in a V.I.P box? That would be the difference between flying a commercial flight and flying on a private jet.

Private jet cabin

It is more than that, though. The majority of passengers are not boarding a flight for a good atmosphere. Many fans enjoy the bleachers for the atmosphere. Passengers generally have one objective and that is to reach their destination. Private jets allow you to do that with less stress, less hassle and with the same amount of time.

There is no need to queue for security or stand in line do have your luggage checked. In fact, at the end you don’t have to wait by the luggage carousel to pick up your bags. You get shuttled to the runway, where your plane awaits you. That is right, you don’t wait for the aircraft, the aircraft waits for you.

There is more to it though. Good private jet charter companies, like ElJet, offer you the full luxury service when you fly on private jet charter. You get to choose from a gourmet menu to suit your palate or desires and you of course get to pick the entertainment you wish to have on board the flight.

Private jet charter is far more than the huge luxury seats. It means avoiding all hassle. Very often you can also access closer to your final destination. For example when flying in to New York, if your final destination is Manhattan, then Teterboro Airport which is served by private jet charter, will get you in closer proximity than the much larger JFK.

Private jet charter is air travel where the travel is a luxury experience instead of a dreaded necessity.

Private Jet Charter-New York City

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, Manhattan, the Bronx, the Empire State Building, we all have different reasons why we have to be in New York City. Leisure or business, the Big Apple has enough to give everyone a sweet bite to suit their taste perfectly. Not as sweet as the allure of Broadway or a big Manhattan business deal is the thought of another commercial airline flight into New York City. Enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The thought of having to navigate a clogged JFK airport or a delayed flight at La Guardia.

Experience New York City in luxury and style with ElJet private jet charter to Teterboro Airport.


Those that really know how to get in and out of New York City with maximum luxury and minimum fuss, no about private jet charter to Teterboro Airport. Teterboro Airport is ideal as it provides close proximity all five of New York City’s boroughs. The ease of access would be a primary reason to use Teterboro Airport as Teterboro provides great proximity to New Jersey as well. A-listers and businessmen have been using Teterboro for a long while for the privacy, luxury and convenience that it offers. Sports fanatics also appreciate the proximity that Teterboro offers to home stadia of New York’s sports teams. Whether you want to watch the Giants or the Jets at the Meadowlands or the Knicks or Rangers and Madison Square Gardens, Teterboro Airport will get you in and out with minimal fuss.

ElJet is a premium jet charter company with an exemplary safety and luxury record. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with NYC private jet charter owners and operators to ensure that clients get the best possible deals on their travel to and from Teterboro Airport.

If you want to experience the Big Apple the way celebrities and top businessmen do, then give ElJet a call today and ask about service to Teterboro Airport.

Private Jet Charter-Teterboro

New York, New York. What a fantastic place to be for the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most daunting and enchanting cities, the Big Apple. It is also much necessary place for many business people to be on a daily basis. While some of the other boroughs, like Brooklyn and the Bronx have thriving business industries, it is undisputed that the busiest business district in New York City is without a shadow of a doubt, Manhattan.

Teterboro Airport
Teterboro Airport-The New York City Airport of the rich and famous

The name itself conjures up so many images. Some images of true jubilation and others of very deep pain. For anyone who has ever been to Manhattan, the mere thought of it makes the imagination swirl. From the roadside food vendors to the neck bending skyscrapers, there is certainly few places in the world as busy as Manhattan. Many business people will arrive to be in Manhattan for a matter of hours and this is why long commutes from airports into Manhattan, coupled with long delays and hassles that are part and parcel of commercial jet travel are simply not affordable.

So what is the answer?

The answer is ElJet private jet charter to Teterboro Airport.

Firstly, why Private Jet Charter?

Because if you are someone who values your time and need every minute in New York City, then you need the efficiency, reliability and luxury that comes along with private jet charter to Teterboro.

Why ElJet?

This is because ElJet is North America’s leading private jet charter and is supremely experienced when it comes to servicing Teterboro Airport. ElJet will find you the best aircraft at the best possible price.

Why Teterboro?

Teterboro is a top class private jet airport. What sets Teterboro apart though, is its proximity to Manhattan making it the fastest access point for private jet travelers to Manhattan.

As enchanting as all of the above is, there is also the small matter of commuting around Manhattan and more specifically commuting conveniently into Manhattan.

Private Jet Charter to Teterboro

There are three airport names that send shivers down the spines of ordinary passengers. These airports have the airport codes, JFK, LGA and EWR. They are of course John F. Kennedy International, La Guardia and Newark. These airports are scary for regular passengers and even more daunting for business executives with meetings to attend. New York City in general and Manhattan in particular is a difficult place to access at any time of the day.

Businessmen and women have over time found that the best way to access Manhattan and avoid the scurry of the above mentioned airports is by using private jet charter to Teterboro Airport.  Whether your business meetings are in Manhattan or New Jersey there could not be a more ideal access point than Teterboro Airport.

Teterboro Airport provides businesspeople with the best access to Manhattan

Due to its proximity to Manhattan, Terterboro is one of the busiest non-commercial airports in the world. Private jet operators often charge a premium on flights to and from Teterboro whilst only providing limited jet options.

This is not so with ElJet Private Jet Charter. As an award winner in the private jet charter industry, ElJet is acclaimed for keeping private jet charter prices even to Tetrboro to the best the industry has to offer. Not only that, ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with private jet owners and operators, ensuring that you are never limited on your choice of jet. Whether you are travelling as an individual or as a group, ElJet will tailor make you travel to Teterboro Airport to suit your needs.

ElJet’s incredible charter services do not stop when your jet has come to a stop at Teterboro Airport. ElJet will ensure that you have luxury onward ground transport to ensure that you arrive at your Manhattan business meetings unfrazzled and of course punctually on time.

If business in New York City or New Jersey is important to you, then it is time you started using ElJet private jet charter to Teterboro Airport.

ElJet’s skilled team of sales representatives are standing by to ensure that your next Manhattan business venture is as smooth and convenient as can be. Call ElJet today.