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Staying Calm When Travelling

Travelling especially air travel can be quite stressful for a lot of people.

There are ways that a person can calm themselves before travel with some simple steps.

flight deck
The Flight Deck
  1. Arrive Early

Time is your friend when you travel. Being there on time will give you ample opportunity to find the gate and terminal and even leave some leeway for getting a little bit lost without stress.

2. Plan

Many people feel that in the age of Google, planning is over rated. Particularly for people who tend to be anxious or stress there is no replacement for planning. Plan your mode of transport to and from the airport. Have a notebook with all your contacts that are important. Yes, you can store them on your phone but phones are dependent on power sources, a paper will be with you no matter what.

3. Pack Essentials in Carry-On Bag

Don’t go overboard with this but if you have worries about your luggage being lost then pack everything that is absolutely essential to you in a bag that will be with you at all times. Don’t go scrounging around the house looking for what may be essentially necessary to you, have a pre made list and check the list off as you put the items in the bag. Anxiety comes from the sense that there are many variables that are not in a person’s control, be meticulous to ensure that you are in control of as many things as possible.

4. Focus on your Reason for Travel

If the reason you are travelling is a valid one then your need to travel is validated. Book a flight that gets you into your destination with enough time before you are needed there to rest up and get back to yourself. Air travel is far more reliable then people give it credit for.

What is an Airport Curfew?



An airport curfew is a certain amount of time during the night that aircraft could not take off or land at a particular airport.  This is also known as night flying restrictions.

Airline Curfew
Airlines Get Fined for Flying After a Certain Time


The reasons for night flying restrictions

The most common reason for night flying restrictions is that cities seek to limit the amount of noise that are emitted from commercial jets or even private jets while most people are sleeping.  It has become quite common for airlines to fly into airports that are in quite urbanized areas.  This has made night flying restrictions a more important thing to residents.


What are the consequences for breaking the airport curfew?

Airlines that fly after the airport curfew time whether a take-off or a landing will be fined by the airport.  These fines vary from airport to airport and for the time at which the plane will land or take off.  Most often when the plane is leaving on a long international flight e.g. a flight to Europe or a flight across the sea the airport will take the fine on and fly the flight anyways.  However, if an airline has a flight that is not particularly full with not that many passengers and is perhaps only a national flight between cities or states there is a possibility that the airline will delay the flight until such time when they will no longer be in violation of the airport curfew.  In terms of the airport curfew and night flying restrictions it also has to be considered the cost at which the airlines operate after hours.  Many, many staff that it takes to manage airports and run smooth and successful airline operations will need to be paid overtime.  The incentive therefore for commercial airlines to be on time has become more and more in their best interests.

UberChopper Helicopter Rides

We live in a world where anything is possible and so hailing a helicopter to your destination of need does not seem that odd.

UberChopper, the face of the urban travel future?

Uber has experimented with its helicopter service known as UberChopper. It was rolled out in the USA for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. UberChopper riders were able to hail a helicopter from near CES to a heliport at McCarran International Airport. It then included a ride back to your original location after a 15 minute flight over the Las Vegas strip and surrounding area. It was all for the promotional price of 99 dollars.

There is no doubt that this was merely a way of Uber letting the commuting population out there know that they need to ‘watch this space’. The big question is however if consumers feel that this sort of mode of transportation would be viable to them. There is no doubt that in big cities, like the already proven Manhattan’s of the world, helicopter rides could be very successful. The question then is, if Uber will be able to keep up with the demand should they go all out with a full roll out of UberChopper.

The beauty of Uber is that it is quick, easy and very well priced. There is enough supply to keep it that way but can Uber retain the same model if they were to go all out on the UberChopper front? Does Uber possibly have an eye to see if they too can get a bite out of the private jet charter industry? They will need to compete withe North America’s best in ElJet, on that front.

In Vegas, UberChopper was paired with Mavericks Helicopters in order to offer the service. Perhaps they will make more such relations in the future. Yet, in that case, it is hard to tell how much red tape there will be and therefore what the price will be for consumers. Definitely, interesting times.

Picking the Perfect Carry On Suitcase

Things to know before picking the perfect carry-on suitcase.

Especially when it comes to domestic flights, space in the overhead bins is becoming less and less. No traveler wants to hear the dreaded words, “I am sorry but your bag will have to go under the plane”. Through a sea of anger and annoyance we have all been there as we reluctantly hand over the bag, only to see a few people ahead that have seemingly brought the kitchen sink as carry-on luggage. There is no sure way, except for number 1 to have your bag not taken from you but here are some handy tips in picking a good piece of hand luggage for air travel.

hand luggage
Hand Luggage, how to find a good piece
  1. Fly Private Jet Charter

Yes, indeed, that would probably solve this problem very quickly but let’s focus on tips for those that don’t have that luxury.

2. Pick for what you Pack

Everyone has those few things that they need to have on board, even for a short haul flight. If you carry very little, get something sleek or thin that can pop under the seat in front of you. There is no way that it can be put in the under plane storage if it goes under the seat in front of you.

3. Pick Something light

Very often, the hand luggage itself without anything inside of it can be very weighty, this is a nuisance in multiple levels. Find something that is light and easy to transport around, either in your hand, on your shoulder or on wheels.

4. Get Funky

Like under the plane luggage, you want your hand luggage to be easily identifiable. This is especially if your luggage will land up under the plane and come out on the carousel. Who knows, maybe if you have a really good looking piece of luggage, they will even allow it to stay on top with you.


Las Vegas

They say in America everything is always about being bigger and better, well if that’s the case Las Vegas is all about being the biggest and the best

It is hard to believe that the population in Las Vegas is only two million; it’s the Forty Million tourists that flood in annually that makes Las Vegas buzz.  The come to gamble, shop, eat and party in the fastest growing city in the United States.

Private Jet to Las Vegas

Like everywhere else Vegas is feeling the financial pinch, so visitors are calling the shots when it comes to Hotel room rates.  It’s possible to find a hotel for under fifty dollars a night in some of the fanciest locations.  Most of these hotels are scattered along the strip, the neon path that stretches over six kilometers through the heart of the city.  By day its impressive, at night it’s the city everyone thinks of, twinkle town – a city of lights and stars.  Vegas is one of the world’s top showbiz destinations, the biggest names in the world perform here, lighting up the nights sky.

Vegas made its name as the top gambling destination, and on average each tourist gambles six hundred dollars when they come to visit.

Surprisingly, gambling is not the main tourist appeal.  People are most attracted to designer shopping and designer dining.

Vegas’ other attractions can be explored on a day trip, just six hours away is the magnificent grand canyon.  For those who enjoy man made wonders, there is the Hoover Dam, which has been dubbed a stroke of engineering genius.

Vegas is itself an engineering marvel, and like it’s up and coming projects, like the city center at nine billion dollars, the most expensive private projects in the history of the United States.  It’s likely to keep our attention for a long time to come.

There is no doubt that the best way to travel to Vegas is with ElJet Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter Nashville Tennessee

Fall has fallen. The hues of many a tree in the Northern Hemisphere have begun to show those warm fall tinge colors to herald in the start of yet another Winter season. Fall is a great time to travel. The United States of America has many great fall destinations. One of those destinations is good old music country- Nashville Tennessee. It is about more than just the music when you travel to Nashville. If Americana and American memorabilia is your thing than Nashville makes for a great destination. Nashville is a historic town and not only for its contribution to pop culture but for its generally rich cultural heritage.

Nashville is a place of beauty in the Fall

The Music City Food and Wine Festival is another great show that goes on in Nashville in the Fall. The Festival attracts many of the greatest chefs and winemakers from across America to display their prowess and wares.

There is something quite rustic about Nashville in the Fall, it has that distinct Fall appeal. It seems that even Neverland is a better place to visit in the fall.

Rusticity is quaint, when mixed with luxury it becomes something spectacular.

Private jet charter will make your Fall travel to Nashville Tennessee something quite spectacular. You can experience flying in to Music City like a real rockstar.

There are many private jet charter operators to Nashville Tennessee, there is only one that will guarantee a highly opulent and luxurious experience at the best possible industry price. That company is ElJet. ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with flight operators and private jet owners in Nashville ensuring that they have the best leverage on price and the best aircraft for their passengers. If Nashville is where you are headed, then do it in style, with ElJet Private Jet Charter.

8 Best Ways to Find an Empty Leg Flight

Commercial air travel i not for you any more. Your time is not worth the delays in winding queues and never ending hassles. Your budget and financial officer are giving you a tight budget on your jet charter travel. You need to find empty legs.

Empty Legs are when a private jet has transported passengers to their destination of choice and now needs to fly back to its origin. Rather than have it fly empty, brokers, owners and operators will sell empty leg flights at considerably reduced prices.

Here are the 10 best ways to find an empty leg flight:

1.Plan around big conferences

Empty Leg
Empty Leg flights can be found with the right planning

If you know there is a large trade show or conference in Dallas or Vegas, then you know there will be many inbound jets to Dallas or Vegas.  Plan to travel the day after attendees arrive to the conference and you will find many outbound empty jets to various locations.  Owners bring their jets home rather than pay extravagant parking fees at other airports.

2.Check Constantly

Use tools, such as ElJet’s empty leg scanning tool to constantly be on the lookout for Empty Leg flights. Empty Leg flights, are not predictable and as such could come up at any time. They could also have fluctuation in price.

3.Connect to Big Hubs with Empty Legs

Sometimes an Empty Leg private jet will not be going to exactly your hub of choice but can connect you to an airport with a cheaper private jet to your destination. Even better, you may find another Empty Leg to your desired destination. This is an innovative and effective way of using Empty Legs.

4.Use the Right Broker or Operator

There are many private jet charter brokers and operators. There are very few that specialize in the Empty Leg market. Choose a broker such as ElJet that galvanized the Empty Leg market and as such has much expertise in this field.

5. Be Flexible

Although private jet charter is all about convenience and on-demand, if you are able to be slightly flexible in your itinerary, you can save many hard earned dollars. If you can flex your itinerary to fit the itinerary of an empty leg jet, you will be on your luxurious private way, for significantly cheaper.

6.Know How it Works

A little bit of education on your part will save you money and earn you empty leg flights. Travelers who know how Empty Legs become available are able to navigate the internet for the best empty leg options. By playing with times and perhaps alternate destinations they are able to find the best empty leg private jet options.

7. Enjoy the Gamble of Last Minute

Being that empty leg flights are a by product of a scheduled private jet charter trip, they arise sporadically as people book their itineraries. If you can hold out till the very last minute before booking your travel plans, you give yourself a bigger possibility of finding an empty leg trip. The downside of it though is that there are no guarantees.

8. If It’s Too Good, Make Sure it is True

It is important to check the safety record of the empty leg operator or charter business you have chosen. This means that by teaming up with businesses that are accredited and can provide clean safety records, you can assure that your bargain empty-leg fligh does not compromise your safety.