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Empty LegsElJet has pioneered a focus on "empty legs" also known as "deadhead" flights. Empty Leg charter flights are flights that are scheduled to take a paying passenger one-way, and will return to the point of origin empty. ElJet successfully pairs travelers with the empty leg portion of these scheduled charter flights. Empty leg flights benefit the aircraft, operator and travelers alike. The owners are spared the unnecessary expense of flying a non-revenue-producing empty leg, and travelers reap the benefits of having significantly reduced travel costs.

ElJet has built the largest network of empty leg flights in the industry. We have revamped our empty leg flights to ensure that we can coordinate the most inexpensive private jet charter flights to as many destinations as possible. While the cost of flying on an empty leg is significantly less than that of a standard charter flight, the benefits of flying privately on an empty leg flight represent a significant upgrade in security, luxury, flexibility, and convenience. For people looking for an alternative to standard charter flights, this is a great option.

Empty Leg Flights are one way for charter consumers to book a private plane at a reasonable price. If you are looking to rent a private jet for an empty leg charter flight, ElJet can help you find a plane to or from any destination you need. With our ever expanding network of private jets, and approved flight operators, we can help you find charter flights or an empty leg flight to almost anywhere on short notice!

Empty Leg Charter Jet Flights

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From To Aircraft Date Quote
Van Nuys Teterboro Heavy Jet Jul. 21 - Jul. 21
Europe USA Heavy Jet Jul. 22 - Jul. 22
Teterboro Van Nuys Super-Midsize Jet Jul. 22 - Jul. 23
Jacksonville San Jose Heavy Jet Jul. 23 - Jul. 24
Las Vegas Van Nuys Mid-size Jet Jul. 25 - Jul. 26
London Teterboro Heavy Jet Jul. 26 - Jul. 26
Jacksonville San Jose Heavy Jet Jul. 26 - Jul. 28
Sydney London Heavy Jet Jul. 28 - Jul. 28
Van Nuys Las Vegas Light Jet Jul. 29 - Jul. 29
Miami Denver Super-Midsize Jet Jul. 29 - Jul. 30
Denver Teterboro Super-Midsize Jet Jul. 30 - Jul. 30
Paris Amsterdam Mid-size Jet Aug. 1 - Aug. 1
Boston Washington D.C. Light Jet Aug. 1 - Aug. 2
Hawaii Los Angeles Super-Midsize Jet Aug. 2 - Aug. 2
Dubai Tokyo Heavy Jet Aug. 2 - Aug. 3
Seattle Chicago Heavy Jet Aug. 3 - Aug. 3
London Abu Dhabi Heavy Jet Aug. 3 - Aug. 4
Atlanta Chicago Mid-size Jet Aug. 3 - Aug. 4
Nashville Van Nuys Heavy Jet Aug. 4 - Aug. 4
Miami Bahamas Very Light Jet Aug. 4 - Aug. 4
Los Angeles Hawaii Super-Midsize Jet Aug. 4 - Aug. 5
Dallas Denver Super-Midsize Jet Aug. 5 - Aug. 5
Tokyo Dubai Heavy Jet Aug. 5 - Aug. 6
Teterboro Philadelphia Very Light Jet Aug. 6 - Aug. 6
White Plains Ithaca Very Light Jet Aug. 6 - Aug. 7
Las Vegas New York Heavy Jet Aug. 7 - Aug. 7
Toronto Miami Super-Midsize Jet Aug. 7 - Aug. 8
Hamburg Paris Mid-Size Jet Aug. 8 - Aug. 8
Riyadh Teterboro Heavy Jet Aug. 8 - Aug. 9
Burbank Las Vegas Mid-size Jet Aug. 8 - Aug. 9

empty leg* Prices quoted above are representative for the empty leg flights on the route suggested. The route for each empty leg flight is unscheduled. Times and destinations are flexible. Prices for deadhead flights do not include taxes and other fees.

Private Jet Charter flights can be booked quickly and easily with ElJet. We maintain a comprehensive database of empty leg flights that are readily available at any given time. We will personalize your travel schedule, and book your private jet rental for the deadhead flight to the destination of your choice with ease. If you’re looking for a rate quote on an empty leg flight to a domestic or international destination we can help you now by calling us at 1 888 355-3538 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Of course, you can also get in touch with us for details on our standard charter flights as well.

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