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ElJet arranges jet charter flights to and from almost any place in the world. To the seasoned private jet traveler, the benefits of jet charter are obvious. To someone entering the jet charter world, ElJet is here to walk you through the process.

At ElJet, we understand that each jet charter is different and unique. A family vacation requires a completely different private jet solution than a business trip with one attendee. At Eljet, we have access to thousands of private jets throughout the USA, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Some of our most popular destinations are New York, California, Van Nuys, San Francisco, Miami, West Palm Beach, Aspen, Vail, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas, to name a few.

We will help you select an aircraft according to the length of your jet charter and the number of people traveling. With access to Turbo-Props, Very Light Jets (VLJ), Light Jets, Mid-Size Jets, Super Midsize Jets, Heavy Jets, and Airliners, we will make sure to find the right jet for your jet charter.

ElJet specializes in finding the most cost effective solution for your jet charter. If your jet charter requires just a one-way trip, we will try to find an empty leg option to prevent the unnecessary expense of deadheads.

Utilizing jet charter offers many benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Last-minute trips
  • Ability to change your itinerary mid-flight
  • No long lines
  • No uncomfortable security checks
  • Fine dining
  • The ability to choose the right type of jet for each specific trip’s requirements
  • No large upfront costs
  • Pay as you go
  • No pilot payroll expenses
  • No maintenance, insurance, or other fees associated with ownership
  • Ability to fly from over 5,000 US airports

ElJet counts some of the world’s wealthiest individuals as clients. While many have the means of owning their own jet, they still choose to use the services of ElJet. Our clients know that regardless of their travel requirements, whether they require a simple trip from New York to Van Nuys (VNY) or a more complicated trip from Macau to Shanghai, they can rest easy, knowing that all the details will be handled and that their trip will be hassle-free.

Being a full-service jet charter broker enables us to provide the best service to our clients. Any aircraft offered to our clients must meet FAA Part 135 safety standards. We also have our own internal standards of what we expect your jet charter to look like, from the quality and history of the operator to the age, condition, and maintenance standards of the aircraft.

Our travel portfolio specialists are standing by to assist you with any of your jet charter needs. Please call us at any time at 888-355-3538, or e-mail us at




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