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Virgo Supercluster

Virgo Supercluster

Have you ever wondered what the rings of Saturn really look like, or what planets are made of? Do you dream of outer space, and plan to sign up for the first tour of the Moon? Study astronomy and expand your view of the universe. Discover the origins of the universe and observe countless celestial orbs as the travel across the sky.

Contemplating the cosmos is an exercise that stretches the brain of humans, who live on the third rock from the sun in an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy – a collection of more than 200,000,000,000 stars much like the sun. Our galaxy is in a group of a few dozen galaxies called the “Local Group,” and this group is part of the Virgo Supercluster, a collection of over 100 galaxies. There are millions of superclusters in our universe, making the total number of stars and possible solar systems far too big to comprehend.

Are you excited to understand how tiny you are? Amateur astronomy is an easy and relatively inexpensive hobby to follow. Most discount and department stores stock telescopes that will put the magic of the midnight skies within your reach. Today amateur astronomers help the pros observe, catalog and study the stars, even making remarkable discoveries from time to time.


The Milky Way Galaxy – Until the 1920s, it was fiercely debated whether the Milky Way was the entire Universe, or whether the “spiral nebulae” such as the Great Nebula in Andromeda were galaxies in their own right external to our own. – Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home –

The Virgo Supercluster – The Universe within 100 million Light Years –

NASA – The nearest superclusters –

Space tours of the Virgo Supercluster aren’t leaving from the moon anytime soon, but you can speed your way around planet earth when you book a private jet rental from ElJet. We slice through the skies to thousands of destinations around the globe, providing a flight experience that is out of this world. We have access to a huge database of aircraft and pilots, and our customers have the very best selection of schedule and itinerary to create customized travel plans.

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