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Planes with Child Free Zones

We were all once kids


What are your thoughts on kid free zones on flights?

What do you think of commercial planes with child free zones? There have been airlines that have tried it. Some think it is a fair practice, while others think it is mean and cruel to parents who have to travel with kids. The truth of the matter is that we were all once kids or is it a case of perhaps parents with young children will not feel as guilty if they knew passengers had the option to fly on the flight in a child free zone? This would mean that it is absolutely a win-win situation.
Kids on Flights
There is no doubt that kids on airlines are like trips to the dentist. Nobody wants to do it but we all have to do it. Dentists can give you sedatives, most parents are very reluctant to give a perfectly healthy child sedatives and rightly so. Kids are everything you do not want about anything on your journey, namely they are unpredictable. Unpredictable is a word of absolute dread for travelers. Kids maybe absolute darlings on the flight but you also run the risk of that split second metamorphosis into an uncontrollable shrieking monster.
What is the solution?
It is quite conceivable that airlines offering kid free zones are not doing so to antagonize parents. They are simply doing it to offer comfort to their passengers. It helps to put at ease the man who knows that Murphy has it in for him and will put the single mom with 2 babies under 2 right next to him. It helps to calm the mother who is nervous of the eyeballs of many a passenger that will roll hither and dither with every minor sound their child makes.
The best solution is probably to fly ElJet Private Jet Charter. 
What is your view on child free zones on flights?

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