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Landing Before I Leave

One of the questions we get very often at the ElJet Private Jet Charter Blog is: Can I land in one destination before I leave another?

Seoul to Honolulu gets you in 10 before you leave

The answer to this is of course a technical one based on playing with the dateline and time changes. As of yet no airline company or airplane manufacturer has successfully manufactured a time travel machine. However, there still is a certain thrill of landing before you took off, so to speak.
The easiest way to do that is of course to fly from Australia to Los Angeles. When flying from Sydney to Los Angeles you generally land about 3 hours earlier than you took off. This does lead to some issues with people who book continuing flights. Ensure that you book a continuing flight the same day as you actually take off and do not add a day. This leads to the interesting scenario where you technically can board your second flight before you board your first flight. This is indeed a possibility.
This is only a small time difference. If you fly from Seoul to Honolulu you can gain a good 10 hours. For example, if the Seoul flight takes off at 7 PM on Monday, you will land in Honolulu at 9 AM, the same Monday.
What about locally in the USA. Is it possible to schedule a trip in the USA and land before you take-off?
If you take a very short trip across various USA time zones than this would indeed be possible. If this is something on your thrill and bucket list then you will have to get a private jet charter as there is no major commercial flight that gets you in before you leave.

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