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Choosing a Charter Broker

Why do people choose a charter broker? This oft asked question has multiple answers including, convenience, time savings, personal service, cost savings, and enormous selection. Often though, these are not the only reasons to choose a charter broker for your private jet travel needs. 

When you first made that decision to fly private you wanted to work with a company that understands that every flight you take is unique with a distinct mission and purpose. A company that recognizes the importance of making sure that every detail is handled properly. After all, the little details are not small to you.

Last Minute Travel

It is not unusual for your business to have a last minute meeting in Des Moines that you need to attend. It’s in situations like these is where a charter broker company like ElJet excels; we can locate a private plane for you on short notice and handle all of the details of your charter flight to make sure that everything goes perfectly. From the rental car or chauffeured sedan that will be waiting for you on the tarmac when you arrive to making sure the meeting room you need at the FBO is reserved and stocked properly.

What can an experienced jet charter broker add to your flight and trip? 

The answer is quite a bit.

Best Pricing

Starting with competitive rates – with one of the largest private aircraft networks to choose from a broker like ElJet can offer you some of the best pricing in the industry. And, as a leading force in the industry we get preferred pricing – a benefit we pass along to you.

International Travel

As today’s economy has become a global marketplace you may find that your business takes you overseas to maximize opportunities.  A significant portion of our business takes place outside of the US on continents like Europe, Asia and Australia. Isn’t it nice to hear that same friendly voice on the other end of the phone regardless of whether you are in Beijing, Dubai or Burbank? Your time zone is our time zone.

You want to make sure that the name you trust are the people making sure that your private jet is waiting when you arrive in Singapore.

Widest Selection

But, pricing is not the only area in which we excel.  Our network also has the widest selection of private aircraft. We may offer the same competitive rates your local operator does but on a newer or possibly larger aircraft. Flight operators are typically inclined and incentivized to book passengers on an aircraft in their own fleet, while a good charter broker is motivated to get the right plane for the mission, so that you get the right jet for your trip. Often the best deal for a flight from Chicago to Miami may be performed by an operator based in Salt Lake City.  

Empty Leg Savings

As a leader in the empty leg business – with the most comprehensive database of active empty legs – we can usually find an empty plane heading in your direction. This often leads to unexpected aircraft upgrades and incredible savings.  

Unexpected Changes

Contingency planning – the office just called and requires you to make an unplanned stop in Dallas. With ElJet that will not be a problem and we have your team covered. Making sure that your business succeeds is our mission. Unplanned itineraries are routine for us and we will make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

VIP Transfers

We excel at organizing all of the logistics for a trip, from VIP airport transfers to figuring out how to get you and your passengers to your destination in the early hours of the morning, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating.  Besides for the cost savings, having an experienced charter broker at your side can bring incredible value to your charter trip. 

Safety Standards / Wyvern

An experienced charter broker knows how to find the right flight operators that prioritize safety, and make sure that their aircraft are well maintained and fitted to your uncompromising standards.  At ElJet every flight is run through the Wyvern Safety system making sure that the aircraft and crew have the highest safety standards. You will receive a safety report with your itinerary. If your current broker doesn’t provide this service you might want to ask why.


Does the charter flight operator you will be using have adequate insurance?  Responsible air charter brokers like us handle insurance related issues enough to know when and how to inquire.  More importantly, we also know how these types of problems can be solved quickly and efficiently to ensure that there are no delays for your flight.

When you don’t have the time to handle all of the details of your upcoming trip, brokers like us do the hard work for you.  We will review most aspects of your trip, obtain copies of FAA flight certificates, documents about the charter plane you will be flying on, and have backup aircraft ready to go if necessary.  An experienced charter broker will review the operator’s flight manifests for FBO’s (private airport terminals), mileage enroute, expected departure and arrival times and prepare that information for you in an easy to read itinerary.

To sum it up, your private jet charter broker represents all of your interests as the client.  Take advantage of your broker as a knowledgeable travel resource.  You can ask us questions and rely on our answers. Our team will work closely with you to plan all the details of your trip, from your time in the air to ground transportation and hotel reservations.  Choose your charter flight broker wisely. Choose ElJet.


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