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Air Charter Rates

Many Air Charter Brokers will make it difficult for you to figure out exactly how much a private jet rental will cost you from one city to another.  ElJet has a reputation of being straightforward and transparent. We make it easy for passengers to figure out how much it will cost them to fly to the destination of their choice hassle free.  Not only do we provide accurate charter flight rate quotes when you call us, but we have also created some tools on our website that will help you figure out what ballpark a flight will be in before you ever even pick up the phone.

Airport Locator Tool

In order for you to properly use our site tools, United States Map by regionyou will have to know where you want to fly from and to.  Once you know which cities you will be flying in and out of, you can find the airport codes for your arrival and departure location.  You can find the codes associated with each airport by using our locator tool.

Time and Distance Calculator for Flights

With the airport codes, you can use this free time and distance calculator for your flight.  The speed of your plane will depend on the size of the private aircraft you decide to charter for your flight. However you can get an approximate amount of time that it will take to fly using this tool.  With this information, you are ready to see approximately how much an ElJet flight will cost you, based on the type of aircraft you’d like to rent.

Private Jet Charter Cost Comparison Tool

Here is a very simple tool for you to estimate how much it would cost you to fly in each size private jet that there is available.  Just put in the amount of hours the travel will take according to your Time and Distance Calculator, and hit ‘UPDATE.’  This tool will show you how much each size private plane should cost when you rent with ElJet, or with other brokers or jet charter programs.

An Easier Way to Find Out How Much a Private Jet will Cost

All of these tools are useful, and can help you figure out how much it will cost to rent a private jet for a charter flight.  If you want an even easier way to find out how much a private jet flight will cost, all you have to do is answer three simply questions:

  1. Where are you flying from?
  2. Where are you flying to?
  3. How many people will be traveling?

All you have to do is call one of our expert private jet travel portfolio managers at 1 (888) 355-3538 today, and we can provide you with an accurate rate quote in just 60 seconds.  We are available to take your calls twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to give you a free private jet flight rate quote.  Prefer to email us?  We can be reached at [email protected].  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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