Airport Codes

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Airport Codes

Every airport has its own unique three or four letter code that helps  air traffic controllers, travelers and pilots identify it.  Airport codes help avoid confusion and mistakes.  There are two types of airport codes that are used: IATA and ICAO.

IATA (International Air Transportation Association):  Airport Codes are three-letter codes that are most commonly used by the public when booking flights.  Also known as IATA location identifiers, or IATA station codes, these three letter classifications are typically used by flight booking websites, and prominently displayed on baggage tags and at airport check-in desks.  Some IATA codes are so well known by the public that they have replaced the full, proper name of the airport, for example LAX and JFK.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization): Airport codes are four-letter identifiers that are more commonly used internationally than the IATA iteration.  These airport codes are used by air traffic control and airline operations, and are typically derived from the region and country where the airport is located.

How to find Airport Codes

 You will need to know the  Airport Codes for your destination when booking domestic or international flights. Most major ones can be found on popular travel websites.

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