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Benefits of a Broker

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Benefits of a Broker

There are a number of advantages to using a broker rather than an operator:

Cost savings

Prices differ significantly between operators. ElJet solicits bids from multiple operators to find the best-priced options for your request. We then leverage our long-standing relationships and industry discounts to negotiate optimum pricing. You are then presented with multiple quotes to allow you to select the aircraft that best meets your needs.


Operators have limited fleets. They may not have an aircraft available for your day of travel, the appropriate-sized plane you require, or even fly your desired route. If repositioning of the plane is necessary, it will add to the total cost of your trip. As brokers ElJet has access to a vast network of private aircraft available for charter, so availability is rarely an issue. We can provide the correct-sized aircraft for your needs as well as transport you to almost any destination. Further, we use real-time geo-location software to determine aircraft proximity which helps avoid costly repositioning.


As brokers ElJet has a single focus, our customers. While operators must juggle the competing logistics involved in operating a fleet, brokers can concentrate on the needs of their customers. Further, rather than dealing with a new personnel in the event an operator cannot meet your needs, brokers provide a consistent customer support service experience. ElJet has many long-standing clients who know that whether they need a light jet to go from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or a heavy jet to take them from London to Montreal, ElJet can deliver not only an aircraft but an exemplary experience.

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