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The Best Way for Pets to Air Travel

Commercial travel comes with a fair share of discomfort. Never ending queues, for check-in, for security checks, even for a coffee at the airport Starbucks.
Most travelers however reach their destinations, unscathed and for the most part quite content with their journey. Most travelers, does not include those who need to travel with pets. 
Commercial airline travel is a pet travelers nightmare. The stories covering pets left in unsafe conditions are numerous, either being neglected on the tarmac in searing temperatures or simply left without food or water for long periods of time. Pet owners are all too familiar with the anxiety that comes with leaving their pets in the hands of the unknown. Let’s face it, commercial airliners have yet to come up with a safe way for transporting “a man’s best friend” and other pets on long and short haul flights. For pet lovers and owners it is perturbing that pets are simply treated as highly fragile baggage. It does not take a pet lover or owner to know that pets are not baggage and cannot be treated as such.


If you cherish your pet and travel with it, you should be considering private jet charter

Grim as it may seem, there does not seem to be a viable solution on the horizon for the commercial airline industry and pet travelers.
People that place a value on the well being of their pets have found that there is a better way for pets to fly. It is called private jet charter.
Private jet charter is obviously more expensive than commercial jet travel but the peace of mind that comes with having your best friend with you is totally priceless. Those who simply cannot put a price on the loyal companionship that pets provide know that there is only one truly humane way for pets to travel and that is with private jet charter.
Private jet charter does far more than simply offer luxury, it offers extreme peace of mind on a host of levels. From the very mundane of convenient scheduling to the more pressing issues like having your dog at your arms length while travelling aboard an airliner. If only for the safety and health of your pets alone, private jet charter is an option well worth considering. Private jet charter is truly the best way for pets to air travel, many would say it’s the only way for pets to travel.
ElJet is the best that private jet charter has to offer. Our skilled representatives are standing by to take your call and make your next trip as calm and tranquil as possible, with your pet snugly by your side.

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