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Private Jet Charter Vail

Don’t let another winter pass you by without taking advantage of the season to plan an exciting ski trip. Book your private jet charter Vail via ElJet and create a memorable winter escape for yourself, your family and friends. Treat yourself to a private jet rental and discover an enjoyable way to fly. You’ll arrive to Vail relaxed and refreshed, with a smile on your face and the snow-covered mountains calling your name.

Vail is one of the nation’s top ski resort destinations, and whether you want to ski, snowboard or kick back in a hot tub with a view of the mountains, you’ll find just what private jet charter vailyou’re looking for in this charming village. Located just west of Denver in the glorious Rocky Mountains, Vail has been attracting snow bunnies, professional athletes and celebrities for decades. Vail boasts beautiful runs on numerous mountains, along with a picture-perfect village packed with restaurants, shops and nightlife. With a little bit of something for everyone, this scenic mountain village buzzes with energy during the ski season. During warmer months, you’ll find plenty of activities as well, including mountain biking, hiking, rafting, climbing and fishing.

Book a private jet charter Vail with ElJet, and you’ll arrive to this top ski destination in style. Join the glitterati and insist on the best – you’ll be in good company in Vail, an upscale resort area. Our clients are celebrities, CEOs, heads of state and VIPs, all of whom demand exceptional service and luxurious charter flights. Let us show you our five-star service, and experience private jet charter Vail for less than you might expect.

Don’t put off your winter vacation plans any longer. Call ElJet today at (888) 355-3538 and get your free quote on private jet charter to Vail or to any of our worldwide destinations.

Jet Charter Long Beach

Book your jet charter Long Beach with ElJet and discover a huge selection of schedules, itineraries and aircraft along with the most affordable rates in the private jet rental industry. Whether you are heading to the Los Angeles area on business, pleasure or both, flying in to Long Beach Airport can be a good way to beat the crowds and traffic of nearby LAX.

Located about three miles north of downtown Long Beach, this So Cal airport is one of the busiest general aviation hubs in the world. Home to numerous cargo carriers, flight schools, helicopters, blimps, charter flights, military jets and small private aircraft, Long Beach Airport serves a wide array of aircraft and private plane companies. It has appeared in numerous movies, and features a terminal that is a historical landmark. Book a jet charter to Long Beach and arrive in speed and style to this LA area airport.

jet charter long beach

ElJet is one of the world’s top jet rental booking companies, and we offer a large selection of itineraries, schedule and aircraft for your jet charter to Long Beach. From lightweight planes to heavyweight jets, we’ll match you up with the right size and type of aircraft for your travel needs and desires. With access to a huge network of private planes and their pilots as well as our database of empty legs, ElJet can offer amazing low rates for flights to Long Beach and around the world.

Would you like a free 60-second quote on a private jet charter to Long Beach? Our travel representatives are standing by 24/7 to take your call at (888) 355-3538. We’ll be happy to give you a quote to the destination of your choice, answer any travel questions you have or book your trip to California. Fly with ElJet and you will always arrive in style.


Air Charter Van Nuys

Popular with business executives, politicians and movies stars for its anonymity and convenience, Van Nuys Airport is a busy hub for private jets. Servicing only general aviation flights and no major commercial carriers, this small suburban airport is located farair charter van nuys away from the crowds, traffic and paparazzi of Los Angeles. Book your air charter Van Nuys with ElJet, and you too can avoid the hassles of larger area airports such as LAX. While travelers on public transportation are waiting in line, listening to screaming babies and being herded like cattle onto the plane – you’ll be relaxing in your very own private cabin in the sky, enjoying a chilled glass of Champagne and smiling at your astute travel booking.

As one of the world’s top reservation services for private jet rentals, ElJet makes it easy and affordable to experience charter flight travel. Whether you are flying to the LA area on business or pleasure, ElJet offers a huge selection of options for air charter Van Nuys that you can choose from. We maintain one of the largest databases of private jets on the planet, which gives you the biggest choice of itinerary, schedule and aircraft. Because of our huge network of planes and pilots, we are able to offer amazingly low prices on private jet travel – and you might be surprised at just how affordable air charter Van Nuys can be.

Contact ElJet today at (888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote on travel by private jet charter to California, air charter Van Nuys or to any of our worldwide destinations. Our expert travel representatives are standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions, book your trip and assist with any of your travel arrangements. Choose ElJet and enjoy 5-star service with a smile, from the first minute you contact our reservations department to the moment you return safely back at home.


Charter Flights

With personal attention for every guest, affordable rates to destinations around the world and luxurious charter flights available for booking, ElJet is one of the world’s top private jet booking services. With a massive database of 4,000 light-, mid- and heavy-weight aircraft and service to over 15,000 international destinations, ElJet is known for providing comfortable, safe and luxurious private jets.

Whether you are traveling to New York City on a business trip, to Bali on vacation with the girls or to Florida to visit the family, we’ll match you with the aircraft size, flight schedule Charter flightsand itinerary that perfectly suit your travel needs. Discover just how enjoyable air travel can be with ElJet’s private jet charter and avoid the headaches of public transportation including crowds, lines and hassles. You’ll arrive to your destination refreshed and relaxed instead of tired and exhausted.

Travel on charter flights can be more affordable than you might believe. With our huge network of aircraft plus a large selection of discounted empty leg travel segments, ElJet offers the best prices in the business. Visit our website or call us today at  (888) 355-3538 to discover just how enjoyable air travel can be when you book with ElJet. Call today!


Chartered Flight to Vegas

Close your eyes and imagine this; you’re calling in to your favorite commercial flight company after you have scoured their website for the best deal and departure time. On your last desperate attempt to speak to a human, you reach the customer service line only to receive an automated response. After a few attempts you dial ‘0’ and shout “representative” to speak to an operator, you’re shocked to find out that if you book with them over the phone there is a surcharge that will be applied to your ticket price. Frustrated, you hang up. You begin to see flashes of your vacation and what it could have been. It’s okay though you need to wake up. This is just a very bad dream.

Now instead of going through all of that trouble pick up the phone today and call us to book your very own chartered flight to Vegas. From the moment your fingers touch the keypad you will feel at ease, knowing that everything will be taken care of by one of our dedicated and expertly trained Travel Portfolio Manager. chartered flight to vegas

Completely customized to your every need, you and your guests will fly on a very plush private jet chartered flight to Vegas. On board you can enjoy a few drinks to get the party started or play through a few games of blackjack to bring back that lucky streak that will take down Vegas.

When you land in Las Vegas, know that there is a limo that will be waiting for you and your guests and you will promptly find yourself whisked to the 5 star hotel of your choice. Enjoy your vacation knowing you are in good hands and expect the same treatment when its time to return to reality.

Have any last minute changes to the flight plan? Call us and we can work through it to make it work for you. Have any special requests for your departing or returning flight? Call or e-mail us and we will jump right on it and make sure it’s handled to meet your expectations. Booking a private chartered flight to Vegas with ElJet is so good you may just have to pinch yourself to remind you that it is not a dream; you are just flying jet charter. Call us now at 888-355-3538 to book or visit us at www.ellejet.com.


Aircraft Categories

What type of jet do you need for your next private air travel experience? Book with ElJet and we’ll make sure that you understand the difference in aircraft categories, so that we can match you with the exact type and size of plan that suits your travel needs.

The FAA recognizes seven aircraft categories, each requiring a different pilot certification:

  • Airplane
  • Rotorcraft (such as helicopters)
  • Gliders
  • Lighter Than Air (blimps and hot air balloons)
  • Powered Lift (can take off and land vertically)
  • Powered Parachute (a parachute with motor and wheels)
  • Weight-Shift-Control

Each of these FAA aircraft categories is further broken down into classes, and the top category of “airplane” consists of: Aircraft categories

  • Turbo Props
  • Very Light Jets
  • Light Jets
  • Midsize
  • Supermid Jets
  • Heavy Jets
  • Airliners

ElJet books most sizes in the “airplane” aircraft category to destinations around the world, with our giant database of private jets to rent, and largest network of empty legs you can rest assured that you’re getting the biggest selection of aircraft at the lowest rates available.

The type of private jet you’ll need to book depends on the distance of your trip, length of time, and number of passengers. Call ElJet today at (888) 355-3583 and we’ll help you determine which size and type of aircraft is right for your next charter flight.


Jet Charter

Flying on a private jet charter plane is now more affordable than ever when you book your jet rental with ElJet, one of the world’s premier jet booking services. Whether you know exactly where you are going or you need a little help in deciding a vacation destination, our expert travel staff will be happy to arrange a trip that matches your needs perfectly. Relax and enjoy air travel like never before and discover just how enjoyable air travel can truly be.

At ElJet, we’ll customize your schedule, itinerary and aircraft size to suit your personal travel needs. Book a jet charter with ElJet and you’ll have access to the largest database of Jet Charterprivate planes in the world. Enjoy a huge selection of charter flights at the very lowest prices around. We also offer amazing deals on empty leg flights, one-way segments that are sold at highly discounted prices – be sure to ask us about these specially priced flights when you call.

Extra baggage, on-board pets and special meal requests are never a problem with ElJet. We’ll also help out with your other travel arrangements, including resort bookings, restaurant reservations or tickets to the hottest show in town. Whether you are flying to London on a fast business trip or to South Africa on a long family vacation, you’ll find that flying with ElJet is a comfortable and luxurious way to get there.

Our highly trained travel representatives are standing by 24/7 to answer your call at (888) 355-3538. Call us today and discover just how easy and affordable private jet travel can be when you book your jet charter trip with ElJet.

Private Jet Charter

Relax into your plush seat, sip a glass of Champagne and enjoy a luxurious environment as you glide to your destination in style. That’s what you’ll experience when you book a private jet charter with ElJet. Offering the best rates in the business along with the largest selection of private jet rentals for your convenience, ElJet is your one-stop shop for private jet travel. At ElJet, we are devoted to keeping the cost of private jet travel affordable Private jet flightswithout ever compromising on luxury, comfort or service. Our clients are CEOs, heads of state, celebrities and other jet setters, and you’ll receive the same outstanding service that draws our customers back to book again and again.

Book your private jet charter with ElJet and you’ll also discover an easy and efficient booking process that takes the hassle out of air travel reservations. We’ll customize your itinerary and flight schedule based on your personal needs, matching you with the exact private jet charter flight to the destination that you need.

At ElJet we’re always happy to give you a free 60-second quote to the destination of your choice or tell you about our current selection of empty leg flight segments. We have access to a huge selection of empty leg flights, which are special one-way charter flights sold at a deep discount. Our highly trained travel agents are standing by 24/7 to answer your call at (888) 355-3538. Contact us today and discover just how affordable private jet charter service can be when you fly the ElJet way.

Private Jets

Learn how affordable booking private jets for personal and business travel can be when you work with ElJet, the world’s premiere jet rental booking company. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable trips on private jets can be with ElJet, which offers incredible deals on flights around the world including empty legs. Enjoy access to a network of 4,000 aircraft of all sizes, along with affordable jet travel at the best rates in the industry.

Imagine the experience on board your luxurious private cabin in the sky, with highly Private cabintrained staff and a comfortable charter flight from start to finish. We offer an easy booking process, and from the moment you first go online or call our support staff to the time you return home safely, you’ll have an excellent experience. At ElJet, our customers are celebrities, CEOs and heads of state, and we’ll offer you the same impeccable service that draws them back to book again and again.

Where do you want to go? Call ElJet today at (888) 355-3538 to discover the world of private jets, and let us help you arrange a travel booking that perfectly fits your needs and desires. Whether you want to book a long family vacation, quick romantic trip or business adventure, ElJet’s amazing selection of private jet rentals will ensure that you arrive in speed and in style.

ElJet’s Vegas Private Jet Summer Special

Celebrate the sultry summer season with ElJet’s Sizzling Summertime Specials: Economical & budget-friendly private jet charters between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

School is out and ElJet’s Sizzling Summer Specials are now in session. As the temperatures rise ElJet’s prices dwindle down, so take advantage of the hottest steal of the season:  Red-hot pricing for private jet charter flights between Las Vegas and the Los Angeles throughout the summer.

Tired of long lines and lack of privacy when going through security?  Just looking for a hassle-free travel experience? Booking a private jet charter flight will relieve you of the pain and headaches that come with flying on a commercial flight. From the moment you pull up to your waiting jet, to the personalized flowers and dining wishes, to your smooth arrival at your destination,   you will recognize the ease and a world class enjoyable experience by booking a private charter.

Special requests are what makes our job fun, and your travel enhanced.   Challenge us!  At ElJet’s Travel Portfolio Managers are expertly trained to serve your every need.

Whether you are on business, or planning a summer escape with friends and family, ElJet tailors your flight to meet your every wish and desire. There is no better way to introduce yourself and your friends to the pleasures of a private jet travel experience than by Las Vegas skylineenjoying a private jet flight from Van Nuys to Las Vegas.  For approximately the same price as first class tickets you can kick back and relax on board your own private jet soaring to the best summer retreat in Las Vegas you will ever experience.

Let ElJet provide you with a luxurious rock-star experience when you fly with an ElJet private jet charter from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. ElJet will get you to your destination in record time and traveling in style. ElJet is raising the bar on luxury travel and five star services.

Call us today at 888-355-3538 and ask about our Sizzling Summer Specials for private jet flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas starting at just $3,499*.

ElJet Aviation Services is a leading private jet charter booking service that has served the needs of luxury travelers since 2006; serving the needs of world famous DJ’s, royalty, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and successful businesspeople alike. ElJet consistently delivers a world class travel experience with the highest level of service and looks forward to delivering you a Vegas trip that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

*Summer of 2013 only. One way pricing. Taxes and fees extra. Some restrictions may apply. Subject to availability. May be canceled by ElJet at anytime.