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Don’t Gamble on How You Get to Las Vegas

It’s pulsating, it’s the city which is the lifeblood of America’s multi-billion dollar gaming and entertainment industry. It is the strip of dazzling lights, luxurious hotels, endless entertainment opportunities, all drizzled in that topping of unashamed holidaying sin. It’s gamblers paradise, an oasis for entertainment and luxury junkies young and old. To a stranger it’s Las Vegas, to those who can’t get enough, it’s just plain Vegas.

When in Vegas you want to experience the city of pleasure the way the high rollers do because if you are in Vegas you obviously cannot settle for second-best.

private jet charter las vegasWe all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but high rollers, celebrities, A-listers and those with a taste for the finer things in  life know that those who stay in Vegas (albeit for a vacation) have only one way of getting to Vegas, and that is private jet charter.

Private jet charter allows you to:

  • Optimize your time in Vegas by not only giving you the reigns to decide when you will be arriving in Vegas but also eliminate huge chunks of dead travel time. With so much to do in Vegas, every minute is golden, you don’t want to be caught flying commercially.

Because flying commercially means:

  • You will arrive in Vegas at a time that is probably not ideal with your packed itinerary. Your dead travel time in the airport, boarding and disembarking means that you miss out on quality Vegas time.

Private jet charter gives you:

  • Exclusivity; you get to arrive in Vegas without the droves. Check-in to your hotel like a celebrity without the queues from the many Vegas vacationers that arrive together on commercial flights.

Choosing a private jet charter service could be a risky business, you want to stack your chips on a company that always wins, in all areas. You want to be flying with the Belaggio of private jet charter services, you want to be flying with ElJet.

airplane charter las vegas

Customers fly with ElJet because:

  • As a two time Inc. 500 winner, our customers trust us to get them to Vegas at a reasonable price. And while we trim down the price, giving you more buck to gamble with, we never compromise on safety, quality, value and our customers satisfaction.

  • ElJet wields its exclusive relationships with the leading Part 135 approved aircraft operators that serve Las Vegas to our customers advantage. Guaranteeing them the best service at prices unmatchable by our competition.

  • Should McCarran International not be your destination of choice, ElJet will offer you access to many other Nevada airport locations.

  • 90% OF Eljet’s customers rely on them for all their trips to Vegas following their initial Eljet experience.

  • Eljet’s “Empty-Leg” flights have revolutionized the travel industry.We give our elite clientele access to our “Empty-Leg” flights. Eljet maintains a wide network of available empty legs, these empty legs can typically match our customer’s travel itineraries with an aircraft flying to Las Vegas empty, leading to unfathomable savings.

  • ElJet will plan your trip to Vegas for you. Our skilled representatives will determine the best aircraft and FBO for your flight to Las Vegas, McCarren International airport. ElJet will take care of all your travel bookings. From the 5-star hotel to the limousine awaiting your arrival on the tarmac, you shouldn’t be gambling when it comes to travelling to Vegas, go all-in on North America’s award winning private jet charter service. Experience Vegas, the Eljet way.

Our Travel Portfolio Managers are standing by 24/7 at 888-355-3538 or e-mail us at sales@ellejet.com to answer any questions you may have about your flight to Las Vegas.

ElJet’s Vegas Private Jet Summer Special

Celebrate the sultry summer season with ElJet’s Sizzling Summertime Specials: Economical & budget-friendly private jet charters between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

School is out and ElJet’s Sizzling Summer Specials are now in session. As the temperatures rise ElJet’s prices dwindle down, so take advantage of the hottest steal of the season:  Red-hot pricing for private jet charter flights between Las Vegas and the Los Angeles throughout the summer.

Tired of long lines and lack of privacy when going through security?  Just looking for a hassle-free travel experience? Booking a private jet charter flight will relieve you of the pain and headaches that come with flying on a commercial flight. From the moment you pull up to your waiting jet, to the personalized flowers and dining wishes, to your smooth arrival at your destination,   you will recognize the ease and a world class enjoyable experience by booking a private charter.

Special requests are what makes our job fun, and your travel enhanced.   Challenge us!  At ElJet’s Travel Portfolio Managers are expertly trained to serve your every need.

Whether you are on business, or planning a summer escape with friends and family, ElJet tailors your flight to meet your every wish and desire. There is no better way to introduce yourself and your friends to the pleasures of a private jet travel experience than by Las Vegas skylineenjoying a private jet flight from Van Nuys to Las Vegas.  For approximately the same price as first class tickets you can kick back and relax on board your own private jet soaring to the best summer retreat in Las Vegas you will ever experience.

Let ElJet provide you with a luxurious rock-star experience when you fly with an ElJet private jet charter from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. ElJet will get you to your destination in record time and traveling in style. ElJet is raising the bar on luxury travel and five star services.

Call us today at 888-355-3538 and ask about our Sizzling Summer Specials for private jet flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas starting at just $3,499*.

ElJet Aviation Services is a leading private jet charter booking service that has served the needs of luxury travelers since 2006; serving the needs of world famous DJ’s, royalty, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and successful businesspeople alike. ElJet consistently delivers a world class travel experience with the highest level of service and looks forward to delivering you a Vegas trip that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

*Summer of 2013 only. One way pricing. Taxes and fees extra. Some restrictions may apply. Subject to availability. May be canceled by ElJet at anytime.

ElJet Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of pleasure, where fun and entertainment reign supreme, the action never stops, and fortune and glory are just a card shuffle away. A glittering oasis in the middle of a stark desert landscape, Las Vegas AKA “Sin City” is a place where anything can happen, and often does. Packed with lavish casino-hotels designed to create a timeless, fantasy-like atmosphere, Las Vegas is a place where you can truly escape, a magical retreat from the cares and worries of everyday life.


High rollers flock to the city to flaunt their stuff, mingle with celebrities and double their fortunes at casino tables – and their preferred manner of transportation is to book a private jet to Las Vegas. Reserve your charter flight to Las Vegas now with ElJet, and discover just how enjoyable flying can be when you have your own private cabin in the sky. No matter where you are flying out of, from Los Angeles to London, ElJet can book a luxurious private jet rental to Las Vegas for you, customizing your flight to your schedule and itinerary.

You’ll arrive to Las Vegas in the height of style and class, stepping out of your own private jet ready to take the city by the horns. Whether you head to the infamous Las Vegas Strip to try your luck, to Fremont Avenue for a more authentic Vegas experience or just hole up in the penthouse suite of a luxury casino-hotel, Las Vegas provides all the action you need. And ElJet can take you there, delivering you in comfort and efficiency. We also offer incredible deals on empty leg flights to Las Vegas, one-way travel segments sold at hugely discounted rates. Ask us about our empty leg specials when you call, and don’t delay – Las Vegas is waiting!

ElJet Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – Private Jet Charter

Every January the International Consumer Electronics Show arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada, heralding the best and most exciting new technology in the world. Taking place in 2013 from January 8-11, this consumer trade show features multiple events, which include previews of products and new product announcements. Closed to the general public, the CES takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. An event just as stylish and innovative as the city of Las Vegas itself, CES is the place to be for those working in the tech industry – and the best way to arrive there is on a private charter jet to Vegas booked with ElJet.

Consumer Electronics Show - Private Jets

Fly a jet rental to the CES show in Las Vegas, and you’ll start your experience with a thrilling sense of momentum, knowing that you’ve arrived in style. Taking place for over four decades, CES is the largest trade show of any kind in the United States and connects a global market of businesses and industry leaders. Covering every aspect of the technology industry, the CES show features over 2,500 exhibitors in 15 product categories. From the newest tablet computers and phone software to video game engineering and marketing techniques, the convention covers just about every single aspect of the tech industry.

Book a charter flight to the CES show in Vegas and begin your convention experience in the very best way possible – in your own private cabin in the sky. ElJet will customize your schedule and itinerary to perfectly match your travel needs. We welcome your personal suggestions and requests, such as special meals, extra baggage, etc. Avoid the hassles of commercial transportation and get to Vegas in the same way that all the high rollers do – a private jet charter with ElJet!  Discover just how enjoyable air travel can be.

Making Family Travel More Comfortable

Anyone who has traveled with an elderly relative knows how difficult it can be.  Elderly relatives often struggle with luggage, have trouble traveling around the airport, can become confused at the ticket counter, during security checks, or while completing the boarding process, and sometimes the trip can be so disruptive to their routine, that they end up being unable to enjoy their final destination.  The trip can leave everyone exhausted and unhappy.

Private Jet InteriorIt makes you wish you could have your own private jet to take you where you need to go.  Interestingly, taking a private jet charter flight is not impossible.  With a little research and planning, it is possible to fly for reasonable prices on the empty leg of an already scheduled private charter flight.  Rather than rushing the older members of your family through the complicated process of boarding a standard domestic flight, you can all relax in a private jet and reach your destination happy, refreshed, and stress-free.  Relaxation and fun are, after all, the point of a family vacation.

Charter Flights

You are soaring across the sky in your own personal air cabin, comfortably relaxing with your legs stretched out. There are no clouds or worries on the horizon, and you’re ready to arrive to your destination refreshed and ready to go. You are on a private jet booked through ElJet, the world leader in private jet charter flights and you are experiencing private air travel the way it’s meant to be – the ElJet way.

Luxurious jet charter flights booked through ElJet arrive at over 15,000 destinations worldwide and draw from a pool of over 4,000 aircraft of all sizes. You choose your aircraft, schedule an itinerary and leave the rest up to ElJet. We’ll take care of your needs with personalized attention. You’ll enjoy customized service from the booking agents who give you a free 60-second quote to the smiles of the pilots who deliver you safely to your destination.

On ElJet booked charter flights, you never have to worry about having extra luggage or hassling with special requests – we are here to make sure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. In addition to booking the world’s most affordable private jet charter flights, we can also help you out with hotel reservations, ground transportation and more. Our service doesn’t stop at the tarmac. We will do everything we can to create an excellent experience for you on jet charter flights booked through us.

We want to make sure that your charter jet rental booked with ElJet is as easy and efficient as possible so that you return again and again. Most of our clients do; the CEOs, celebrities and heads of state that choose ElJet, book with us over and over because of our exceptional commitment to quality and easy booking service. Join them and experience just how incredible air travel can be, on a private jet charter flight booked with ElJet.

Charter Flights Spotlight – Van Nuys Airport VNY

Jet Charter Flights to Van Nuys

Located in the sunny, suburban region of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a convenient destination for those who want to travel to the northern Los Angeles area but don’t want the hassle of traffic and crowds. A diverse area with numerous ethnicities, incomes and ages, Van Nuys offers easy access to the action while being far enough away to avoid its pitfalls.

Charter Flights Van Nuys

While the San Fernando Valley isn’t known for its cultural pursuits or urban action, it’s a peaceful place full of horses, sunshine, shopping and strip malls. Van Nuys features a beautifully calming Japanese Garden, and Sepulveda Dam is an interesting stop for the mechanically minded. You’ll also find plenty of car dealerships in Van Nuys, as well as the thriving car culture that this area of the country is known for.

When you book your flight with ElJet, you’ll arrive at the cozy Van Nuys Airport, a general aviation hub dedicated to noncommercial travel that sees quite a bit of business. Popular with travelers who live in The Valley or northern Los Angeles, this smaller airport is a smart choice – and ElJet can make sure you get there in style.

Why Choose ElJet?

ElJet is recognized as the industry leader and maintains solid relationships with Part 135 operators in the US and top notch operators around the world. Named as an Inc. 500 winner two years in a row, our quality of service is unparalleled and our devotion to low prices unmatched in the jet rental business.

ElJet offers the ultimate air travel experience. Our services regularly impress heads of state, businessmen, celebrities and high rollers, who regularly return again and again. From the day you contact our expert travel representatives who are standing by 24/7 to the moment you are delivered safe back at home from Van Nuys, ElJet will ensure that every aspect of your travel experience exceeds your expectations.

ElJet’s relationships with industry professionals and access to the world’s largest network of private jet operators and aircraft mean that we can offer lower prices without every compromising service, safety or quality. Our attention to detail and standards of service are second to none and we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of customer support we offer. Choose ElJet for your trip to Van Nuys and discover just how pleasant air travel can be.

Book Your Jet Charter to Van Nuys Today!

Ready for your free 60-second quote on a private jet rental to Van Nuys or to any of our worldwide destinations? Our expert travel representatives are here to assist you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer all your questions about chartering a private jet to Van Nuys and will be happy to give you a free quote. Please call ElJet at (888) 355-3538 or send a message to sales@ellejet.com at your convenience and find out more about private jet charter to Van Nuys.

WIN a Private Charter Jet Trip to Las Vegas with ElJet

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks for an exciting promotion whose prize is an incredible trip for two to Las Vegas on a private jet charter by ElJet.

One lucky Swagbucks user that voters crown the ultimate “Swag Mom” will get to experience the amazing quality and luxurious comfort of a private jet. The winner and a friend will fly to Los Angeles on a commercial airline; from there the duo will be whisked away on their own private aircraft from ElJet to Las Vegas, where a weekend of spa pampering and world-class entertainment awaits.

While onboard the private jet, the winner and her (or his) friend will enjoy unparalleled service, personalized attention and the utmost in air travel comfort. Avoiding the hassles of public transportation and airport crowds, the winner will experience flying the way it was meant to be – the ElJet way.

Swagbucks is a web loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn points towards merchandise and other prizes by shopping online and taking surveys. To be considered for the prize and title of “The Swag Mom,” Swagbucks users must be nominated (or must nominate themselves) on the official Are You The Swag Mom? Page.

Nominations will be accepted until April 27, and on April 30 voting begins in earnest to try and find the one Swagbucks user that not only uses the system efficiently and with style, but also helps out other users with tips, advice and tricks of the trade. In addition to a private jet ride to Las Vegas, the winner will also receive luxurious spa treatments and tickets to a world-class show.

Dreaming of a private jet trip to Las Vegas? Could you or someone you know be The Swag Mom? Get involved on Swagbucks.com and nominate the user you know who deserves a Vegas escape on a private plane with ElJet.

WIN a Private Jet Charter Trip to Las Vegas from ElJet!

ElJet has partnered with Swagbucks to offer an incredible promotion for Swagbucks users: Are You The Swag Mom? Swagbucks is an online customer loyalty rewards program that enables users to earn rewards such as free merchandise for shopping online and answering surveys about certain products.

Now Swagbucks users can nominate their favorite Swagbucks mom (or themselves!) to be crowned The Swag Mom. The ultimate Swag Mom is a prolific Swagbucks user who not only navigates the site well to maximize her earnings, but also provides tips and advice to her fellow Swaggernauts.

Free Private Jet Las Vegas

The Swag Mom who wins the title will receive a private jet charter trip for two to Los Angeles, California followed by a private jet charter trip from ElJet to Las Vegas. There she’ll hop on a chauffeured limousine and head to the hotel for a two-night stay. The Swag Mom will be pampered in luxury from an extensive spa menu and then head out for a night on the town with tickets to a world-class show on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

Do you know a Swagbucks user that could qualify as The Swag Mom? Nominate your swaggiest friend, nominate yourself, or vote for your favorite contestants on the official Are You The Swag Mom? Page. To submit a Swaggernaut for consideration to be The Swag Mom, simply fill out the profile that pops up with a brief description, up to five photos and a relevant YouTube video of the contestant.

The Swag Mom doesn’t have to be a mother or a female; as long as they are a Swagbucks user, the game is on! Nominations close on April 27, and voting begins on April 30. Don’t delay – nominate and vote for your favorite Swagbucks user and send The Swag Mom on a Las Vegas escape.

For more details or to sign up click here.

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever – Free Private Jet Flight to Las Vegas

At a loss for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year… Well look no further. ElJet is celebrating Swagbuck’s 4th birthday in the kind of luxury and style your Mother deserves.

Give your mother a once in a lifetime experience this Mother’s Day by entering her to win a free flight to Hollywood followed by a luxurious private jet flight to Las Vegas.

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“The Swag Gal loves her mother and wants her to win a BIG prize: to send her to Hollywood and then fly him/her to Las Vegas on a Private Jet!”

That’s right: as part of Mother’s Day this year, YOU’RE going to help us select a Grand Prize Winner, who will win a trip for two out here to Hollywood, followed by a trip by private jet to Las Vegas! Our partner for this amazing prize is ElJet, a fantastic company that provides charter flight service!

I know you have a lot of questions, and we’ll have the answers for you in the coming weeks, including more details on the prize and how it can be won, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for the latest info on our BIG Mother’s Day giveaway!