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Empty Legs

Imagine yourself sailing aloft in the sky at 30,000 feet, fully relaxed with a smile on your face as puffy white clouds roll by the windows of your private jet charter.

If you think that private jet flights are only for the rich and famous, think again. Thanks to ElJet’s incredible deals on empty leg flights, travel by private jet is less expensive than ever before. Empty legs are the best-kept secret of the travel industry, and ElJet wants to let you in on the deal.

ElJet is committed to keeping the price of private jet charter flights affordable without ever sacrificing quality, safety or comfort. Our vast array of empty leg segments on flights around the world offers proof that private air travel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a huge selection of empty legs around the world, ElJet offers the best price on jet rentals and high quality service that keeps our clients coming back again and again.

What is an empty leg? Empty leg flights occur when an aircraft must return to its point of origin without any paying customers. Instead of flying the jet empty and losing any hope of revenue, the aircraft owner will offer the trip at a highly reduced rate to travelers looking for an adventure.

This is where ElJet comes in. We have a vast network of all kinds of flights, itineraries, schedules and aircraft that is the largest in the world. Let ElJet connect you to the empty leg flight that is right for your travel plans. With access to the largest fleet FAA Part 135 Approved Operators and aircraft and empty leg corporate charter flights in the world, rest assured that you’re getting the very best deal on empty legs, no matter where your destination is.

Empty legs are such wonderful deals that they can go quickly – so check our website or call ElJet’s travel representatives at 1 (888) 355-3538.

Charter Flights & Empty Legs

One of the most well kept secrets in the private jet travel industry just happens to be ElJet’s specialty: empty leg segments on charter flights.

Empty Legs

You don’t have to be rich to fly in your own private jet; ElJet is committed to making the cost of traveling by charter flights as affordable as possible. One way this is achieved is via empty leg charter flights, which are flight segments that must return to their point of origin empty. Facing a loss on this “empty leg” segment, the aircraft owner offers the one-way voyage at an extreme discount to buyers in the know – and this is where you come in.

For travelers who are flexible, flying one way or taking an extended vacation or long itinerary, empty legs are ideal. ElJet maintains the largest database of empty legs on charter flights in the world, so that you can shop for these special flight segments and choose the one that fits the best. We feature empty leg flights on all types of aircraft, and offer them on charter flights around the world.

Let ElJet match you with an empty leg that suits your travel needs, and discover the incredible discounts that come along with these special trips, also known as “dead head” flights. You’ll enjoy all the outstanding service, safety and quality that ElJet is known for along with a significantly reduced rate on private jet charter flights. With new empty leg segments added to the database daily, you may be surprised at how far your dollar can go – and where you can travel on your private jet rental!

Check our website for current deals on featured empty leg charter flights, or call us for more information and a free 60-second quote on air travel to the destination of your choice. Please call ElJet at 888-355-3538 and discover just how affordable private jet travel can be.

Charter Flights

You are soaring across the sky in your own personal air cabin, comfortably relaxing with your legs stretched out. There are no clouds or worries on the horizon, and you’re ready to arrive to your destination refreshed and ready to go. You are on a private jet booked through ElJet, the world leader in private jet charter flights and you are experiencing private air travel the way it’s meant to be – the ElJet way.

Luxurious jet charter flights booked through ElJet arrive at over 15,000 destinations worldwide and draw from a pool of over 4,000 aircraft of all sizes. You choose your aircraft, schedule an itinerary and leave the rest up to ElJet. We’ll take care of your needs with personalized attention. You’ll enjoy customized service from the booking agents who give you a free 60-second quote to the smiles of the pilots who deliver you safely to your destination.

On ElJet booked charter flights, you never have to worry about having extra luggage or hassling with special requests – we are here to make sure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. In addition to booking the world’s most affordable private jet charter flights, we can also help you out with hotel reservations, ground transportation and more. Our service doesn’t stop at the tarmac. We will do everything we can to create an excellent experience for you on jet charter flights booked through us.

We want to make sure that your charter jet rental booked with ElJet is as easy and efficient as possible so that you return again and again. Most of our clients do; the CEOs, celebrities and heads of state that choose ElJet, book with us over and over because of our exceptional commitment to quality and easy booking service. Join them and experience just how incredible air travel can be, on a private jet charter flight booked with ElJet.

Charter Flights Spotlight – Van Nuys Airport VNY

Jet Charter Flights to Van Nuys

Located in the sunny, suburban region of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a convenient destination for those who want to travel to the northern Los Angeles area but don’t want the hassle of traffic and crowds. A diverse area with numerous ethnicities, incomes and ages, Van Nuys offers easy access to the action while being far enough away to avoid its pitfalls.

Charter Flights Van Nuys

While the San Fernando Valley isn’t known for its cultural pursuits or urban action, it’s a peaceful place full of horses, sunshine, shopping and strip malls. Van Nuys features a beautifully calming Japanese Garden, and Sepulveda Dam is an interesting stop for the mechanically minded. You’ll also find plenty of car dealerships in Van Nuys, as well as the thriving car culture that this area of the country is known for.

When you book your flight with ElJet, you’ll arrive at the cozy Van Nuys Airport, a general aviation hub dedicated to noncommercial travel that sees quite a bit of business. Popular with travelers who live in The Valley or northern Los Angeles, this smaller airport is a smart choice – and ElJet can make sure you get there in style.

Why Choose ElJet?

ElJet is recognized as the industry leader and maintains solid relationships with Part 135 operators in the US and top notch operators around the world. Named as an Inc. 500 winner two years in a row, our quality of service is unparalleled and our devotion to low prices unmatched in the jet rental business.

ElJet offers the ultimate air travel experience. Our services regularly impress heads of state, businessmen, celebrities and high rollers, who regularly return again and again. From the day you contact our expert travel representatives who are standing by 24/7 to the moment you are delivered safe back at home from Van Nuys, ElJet will ensure that every aspect of your travel experience exceeds your expectations.

ElJet’s relationships with industry professionals and access to the world’s largest network of private jet operators and aircraft mean that we can offer lower prices without every compromising service, safety or quality. Our attention to detail and standards of service are second to none and we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of customer support we offer. Choose ElJet for your trip to Van Nuys and discover just how pleasant air travel can be.

Book Your Jet Charter to Van Nuys Today!

Ready for your free 60-second quote on a private jet rental to Van Nuys or to any of our worldwide destinations? Our expert travel representatives are here to assist you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer all your questions about chartering a private jet to Van Nuys and will be happy to give you a free quote. Please call ElJet at (888) 355-3538 or send a message to sales@ellejet.com at your convenience and find out more about private jet charter to Van Nuys.

The Trend from Fractionals, and Jet Cards to On-Demand Charter

The trend of private jet travelers moving from fractionals, and jet cards to on-demand charter (through companies like ElJet Aviation Services) is picking up steam as evidenced by the story below. The tight economy is reintroducing the savvy private jet traveler to the value and advantages of utilizing on-demand charter.

Warren takes buffetting from shortage in private-jet clients

Source: Charterx

Warren takes buffetting from shortage in private-jet clients 28-Jul-2009 By Robert Lea Warren Buffett’s private-jet timeshare business is laying off the equivalent of 300 full-time pilots or nearly a third of its flight crew. The news shows the extent of the collapse in the private-jet market and will be an embarrassment for Buffett — reckoned to be the smartest investor on the planet. NetJets Europe allows the rich and famous to buy flying time on its 168-strong fleet of Dassault Falcons and Hawkers — celebrity clients include tennis champion Roger Federer. The swiftness of the global economic slump, however, appears to have caught NetJets by surprise. Only last year it took on 341 new pilots taking its flight crew total to 1046 having hired 200 in 2007. Last year the business also took delivery of 30 new aircraft. Sources reckon that 18 months ago NetJets’ pilots were working at full throttle in charge of as many as six or seven flights every day. The average number of flights is reckoned now to be down to around one-and-a-half per day. The company’s pilots have been told by NetJets’ management that it is looking to reduce the payroll through a combination of redundancies and cutting working hours. Around a fifth of NetJets Europe’s pilots are reckoned to be Britons. “We have told our people that we have 60,000 excess duty days that we need to get rid of,” said Robert Dranitzke, NetJets’ chief operating officer. NetJets is reckoned to have only turned profitable in Europe in 2006 after a decade of cumulative losses of more than $200 million (£122 million). With the corporate and VIP travel market collapsing, it is understood that fees in the private-jet market — which have been around £85,000 for 25 hours flying time — are falling year-on-year by about 15%. In the spring NetJets Europe claimed that it had recruited 270 new customers in the preceding year although the Evening Standard revealed that the new recruits came in the same year that the company had lost 268 of its old customers. NetJets was founded in the Nineties by Dick Santulli who called the time-share concept “fractional ownership”. He subsequently sold the business to Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment empire.