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Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

Many people want to go to Las Vegas. Many people want the private jet charter experience. This is why marrying the two, a trip to Las Vegas and the private jet charter experience may be the very best thing that you can do.

Private jet charter companies like ElJet have pioneered and streamlined the “Empty Leg” industry. ElJet is North America’s leading private jet charter with much of their acclaim coming in the “Empty Leg” optimization.

Charter Flights Las Vegas

The theory is simple. Unlike commercial jets, private jets can transport a customer or owner and then be stranded waiting for the same client or owner. Instead of being stranded without a customer “Empty Leg” allows a customer to jump on the deadhead flight and score a massive private jet charter discount.

Why does that make Las Vegas a great private jet charter “Empty Leg” option?

Well, very simple.

Las Vegas is a huge private jet charter destination. From Super Bowl weekends to Consumer Electronics Shows. Everybody has a reason to be in Las Vegas. Many of these “everybodies” enjoy coming to Las Vegas on private jets. These jets are now sitting in Las Vegas, with owners and operators only to pleased to have a client book the “Empty Leg” flight back.

The same goes with flights to Las Vegas. Many private jets need to make their way to Las Vegas to pick up a client that has booked a flight. It is beneficial to the owner and operator to fill that jet, even at a significant discounted price.

It sounds good. But how do you take advantage of it?

You speak with experts and industry leaders like ElJet. ElJet has exclusive relationships with Las Vegas private jet owners and operators. This means that if there is a Las Vegas “Empty Leg” option, ELJet will be the best placed to secure it for you.

Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

What superlatives can be spared for the entertainment capital of America and the world. Las Vegas is so much more than just the never ending fun and thrill of touring the world through the Las Vegas hotels and casinos. There is so much more to do in Vegas.

airplane charter las vegas

Las Vegas has become renowned for some of the finest dining experiences in the whole world. There is also the thriving and vibrant nightlife that is replete with high end bars and of course many star studded shows.

So, how do the rich and famous really maximize their Las Vegas vacation?

The answer is not in what they do but how they get to the Las Vegas entertainment metropolis.

You see, the rich and famous like every element of their vacation to be absolutely hassle free and absolutely luxurious, down to the last detail. That is why they have long rejected commercial jet flights to get to Las Vegas, instead they use private jet charter.

Now, the secret that you may not know is that private jet charter to Las Vegas is not something that needs to be exclusively for the rich and famous. Companies like ElJet have pioneered the “Empty Leg” booking availability on private jets making it something that is less expensive than perceived. Being that Las Vegas is a highly popular private jet destination, the possibility for an “Empty Leg” on a private jet is understandably increased. This is why before you make any Las Vegas travel arrangements, you should be in touch with ElJet private jet charter and get North America’s leading private jet charter to arrange your Las Vegas travel arrangements for you.

ElJet’s skilled operators are standing by to add pizzazz to your already glitzy Las Vegas vacation.

Las Vegas

They say in America everything is always about being bigger and better, well if that’s the case Las Vegas is all about being the biggest and the best

It is hard to believe that the population in Las Vegas is only two million; it’s the Forty Million tourists that flood in annually that makes Las Vegas buzz.  The come to gamble, shop, eat and party in the fastest growing city in the United States.

Private Jet to Las Vegas

Like everywhere else Vegas is feeling the financial pinch, so visitors are calling the shots when it comes to Hotel room rates.  It’s possible to find a hotel for under fifty dollars a night in some of the fanciest locations.  Most of these hotels are scattered along the strip, the neon path that stretches over six kilometers through the heart of the city.  By day its impressive, at night it’s the city everyone thinks of, twinkle town – a city of lights and stars.  Vegas is one of the world’s top showbiz destinations, the biggest names in the world perform here, lighting up the nights sky.

Vegas made its name as the top gambling destination, and on average each tourist gambles six hundred dollars when they come to visit.

Surprisingly, gambling is not the main tourist appeal.  People are most attracted to designer shopping and designer dining.

Vegas’ other attractions can be explored on a day trip, just six hours away is the magnificent grand canyon.  For those who enjoy man made wonders, there is the Hoover Dam, which has been dubbed a stroke of engineering genius.

Vegas is itself an engineering marvel, and like it’s up and coming projects, like the city center at nine billion dollars, the most expensive private projects in the history of the United States.  It’s likely to keep our attention for a long time to come.

There is no doubt that the best way to travel to Vegas is with ElJet Private Jet Charter

Las Vegas

Drew Carey once said that ” Anything and everything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas”. Now, without discussing the philosophy of the word “want”, there is a lot of truth to this statement.

We need not tout the recreational and fun metropolis side of Vegas but Vegas is a hub for big business. It is the host to many vitally important and very well attended conferences and trade shows. Like the CES and the Diamond expo. It seems that organizers correctly surmise that if you are going to have a work related show, you may as well do it in Vegas. The people of the business world, no-doubt, thank them for that.

Las Vegas Jet rental
Las Vegas a fun place to conference and do business

Traveling to Vegas is usually the downside to Vegas, crammed commercial aircraft and numerous delays and hassles. These problems are only compounded around the time of big business trade shows.

The answer and relief to Vegas travel hassle is ElJet private jet charter. ElJet private jet charter is a leader in the private jet charter industry and has a specialty in handling the Vegas route. The ElJet Vegas specialty is not only in terms of luxury but it is also in terms of ElJet’s ability to negotiate the best possible price for their passengers.

ElJet has price negotiation leverage on the ElJet route thanks to ElJet’s exclusive relationship with Vegas private jet owners and operators. These relationships ensure that our passengers always get the fairest and most competitive industry prices.

Using private jet charter like ElJet for your Las Vegas business travel needs allows you to maximize your precious business time in Vegas. More lively time in Las Vegas, you would be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about that.

Once you use ElJet for your Las Vegas business travel, you will be flying ElJet for vacation and all your travel needs.

Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas

If you cannot get a ticket to the Super Bowl, or you do not have a fetish for viewing America’s biggest sporting event in the bitter cold, then the best place to be for Super Bowl Sunday is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your options for prime Super Bowl viewing pleasure are endless in Las Vegas. Casinos are renowned for throwing their own private parties for their biggest gamblers and almost every bar, lounge and club in Las Vegas hosts an extraordinary Super Bowl party. Vegas Chatter and Vegas.com have extensive lists of all the Las Vegas Super Bowl parties.

If you cannot make it into the stadium Las Vegas is the place to be for Super Bowl Sunday…ElJet is the best way to get there.

The Super Bowl is after all a gamblers weekend and best of all when the game is done and the last Super Bowl ad has aired, you are still left to revel in the playground of the world’s entertainment capital-Las Vegas.

With thousands of tourists flocking to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl festivities, ensuring a smooth travel experience on commercial airliners into Las Vegas International Airport can be difficult. Equally difficult could be finding accommodation, as Las Vegas experiences a definite spike in travelers.

This is where seasoned Las Vegas travelers have been gaining an advantage by using the services of North America’s leading private jet charter company-ElJet.

ElJet maintains exclusive relationships with Las Vegas private jet operators and owners, ensuring that ElJet customers never overpay for their private flights into Las Vegas. ElJet also allows you to take advantage of their concierge services, meaning that while you daydream about your perfect Las Vegas Super Bowl Sunday, ElJet manages the stress of your flights, accommodation and post-game entertainment.

Private jet charter in general and ElJet in particular give you ultimate control over your Las Vegas retreat. Private jet charter offers you extreme privacy and absolute convenience with your itineraries, this means that you fly when you want and with who you want.

If you are serious about Super Bowl Sunday, you know that Super Bowl Sunday has to be hassle free. You also know that the best place to experience Super Bowl Sunday is Las Vegas and we will have you know that the best way to get to Las Vegas for Super Bowl Sunday is with ElJet private jet charter.

ElJet’s skilled operators are standing by to take your call and make your Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas a comfortable and luxurious reality.

Experience the ElJet difference this Super Bowl Sunday and use ElJet private jet charter to Las Vegas for all your Las Vegas travel needs throughout the year.

Don’t Gamble on How You Get to Las Vegas

It’s pulsating, it’s the city which is the lifeblood of America’s multi-billion dollar gaming and entertainment industry. It is the strip of dazzling lights, luxurious hotels, endless entertainment opportunities, all drizzled in that topping of unashamed holidaying sin. It’s gamblers paradise, an oasis for entertainment and luxury junkies young and old. To a stranger it’s Las Vegas, to those who can’t get enough, it’s just plain Vegas.

When in Vegas you want to experience the city of pleasure the way the high rollers do because if you are in Vegas you obviously cannot settle for second-best.

private jet charter las vegasWe all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but high rollers, celebrities, A-listers and those with a taste for the finer things in  life know that those who stay in Vegas (albeit for a vacation) have only one way of getting to Vegas, and that is private jet charter.

Private jet charter allows you to:

  • Optimize your time in Vegas by not only giving you the reigns to decide when you will be arriving in Vegas but also eliminate huge chunks of dead travel time. With so much to do in Vegas, every minute is golden, you don’t want to be caught flying commercially.

Because flying commercially means:

  • You will arrive in Vegas at a time that is probably not ideal with your packed itinerary. Your dead travel time in the airport, boarding and disembarking means that you miss out on quality Vegas time.

Private jet charter gives you:

  • Exclusivity; you get to arrive in Vegas without the droves. Check-in to your hotel like a celebrity without the queues from the many Vegas vacationers that arrive together on commercial flights.

Choosing a private jet charter service could be a risky business, you want to stack your chips on a company that always wins, in all areas. You want to be flying with the Belaggio of private jet charter services, you want to be flying with ElJet.

airplane charter las vegas

Customers fly with ElJet because:

  • As a two time Inc. 500 winner, our customers trust us to get them to Vegas at a reasonable price. And while we trim down the price, giving you more buck to gamble with, we never compromise on safety, quality, value and our customers satisfaction.

  • ElJet wields its exclusive relationships with the leading Part 135 approved aircraft operators that serve Las Vegas to our customers advantage. Guaranteeing them the best service at prices unmatchable by our competition.

  • Should McCarran International not be your destination of choice, ElJet will offer you access to many other Nevada airport locations.

  • 90% OF Eljet’s customers rely on them for all their trips to Vegas following their initial Eljet experience.

  • Eljet’s “Empty-Leg” flights have revolutionized the travel industry.We give our elite clientele access to our “Empty-Leg” flights. Eljet maintains a wide network of available empty legs, these empty legs can typically match our customer’s travel itineraries with an aircraft flying to Las Vegas empty, leading to unfathomable savings.

  • ElJet will plan your trip to Vegas for you. Our skilled representatives will determine the best aircraft and FBO for your flight to Las Vegas, McCarren International airport. ElJet will take care of all your travel bookings. From the 5-star hotel to the limousine awaiting your arrival on the tarmac, you shouldn’t be gambling when it comes to travelling to Vegas, go all-in on North America’s award winning private jet charter service. Experience Vegas, the Eljet way.

Our Travel Portfolio Managers are standing by 24/7 at 888-355-3538 or e-mail us at sales@ellejet.com to answer any questions you may have about your flight to Las Vegas.

Airplane Charter Las Vegas

Imagine that you are arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada with a big smile on your face. You step out of your private jet ready to take the tables – or the business meeting – by storm. You’ve had a relaxing trip and an easy travel experience, and you feel refreshed and energized by your luxurious flight. As your bags are being unloaded, you resolve to never fly commercial again.

Could it be a dream? On the contrary, booking an airplane charter Las Vegas is more affordable than ever before, and you can experience the joy and ease of private jet travel airplane charter las vegasfor less than you’ve ever imagined. ElJet makes it possible. As the world’s premier charter flight booking service, ElJet maintains a massive database of private flights and working pilots, making it easy for you to find an affordable airplane charter Las Vegas. Whether you want a lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight jet, we’ll match you up with the right private jet rental for your schedule, itinerary and travel needs.

Travel with ElJet on a luxurious private jet charter, and you’ll arrive to Las Vegas feeling like a winner already. Step out in confidence and know that you’re in the good company of our usual clientele: celebrities, CEOs, heads of state, jet setters and high rollers. You’ll enjoy the same 5-star service and high-quality private jet experience.

Do you have questions? Would you like a free 60-second quote? Are you already wearing your lucky socks, packed and ready to go? Call ElJet at (888) 355-3538 and let our experienced travel professionals show you just how easy and affordable it can be to book a private airplane charter Las Vegas. You deserve to travel in style and sophistication; contact us today and discover a whole new way to experience 30,000 feet.

ElJet Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – Private Jet Charter

Every January the International Consumer Electronics Show arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada, heralding the best and most exciting new technology in the world. Taking place in 2013 from January 8-11, this consumer trade show features multiple events, which include previews of products and new product announcements. Closed to the general public, the CES takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. An event just as stylish and innovative as the city of Las Vegas itself, CES is the place to be for those working in the tech industry – and the best way to arrive there is on a private charter jet to Vegas booked with ElJet.

Consumer Electronics Show - Private Jets

Fly a jet rental to the CES show in Las Vegas, and you’ll start your experience with a thrilling sense of momentum, knowing that you’ve arrived in style. Taking place for over four decades, CES is the largest trade show of any kind in the United States and connects a global market of businesses and industry leaders. Covering every aspect of the technology industry, the CES show features over 2,500 exhibitors in 15 product categories. From the newest tablet computers and phone software to video game engineering and marketing techniques, the convention covers just about every single aspect of the tech industry.

Book a charter flight to the CES show in Vegas and begin your convention experience in the very best way possible – in your own private cabin in the sky. ElJet will customize your schedule and itinerary to perfectly match your travel needs. We welcome your personal suggestions and requests, such as special meals, extra baggage, etc. Avoid the hassles of commercial transportation and get to Vegas in the same way that all the high rollers do – a private jet charter with ElJet!  Discover just how enjoyable air travel can be.

Making Family Travel More Comfortable

Anyone who has traveled with an elderly relative knows how difficult it can be.  Elderly relatives often struggle with luggage, have trouble traveling around the airport, can become confused at the ticket counter, during security checks, or while completing the boarding process, and sometimes the trip can be so disruptive to their routine, that they end up being unable to enjoy their final destination.  The trip can leave everyone exhausted and unhappy.

Private Jet InteriorIt makes you wish you could have your own private jet to take you where you need to go.  Interestingly, taking a private jet charter flight is not impossible.  With a little research and planning, it is possible to fly for reasonable prices on the empty leg of an already scheduled private charter flight.  Rather than rushing the older members of your family through the complicated process of boarding a standard domestic flight, you can all relax in a private jet and reach your destination happy, refreshed, and stress-free.  Relaxation and fun are, after all, the point of a family vacation.

Charter Flights Spotlight – Van Nuys Airport VNY

Jet Charter Flights to Van Nuys

Located in the sunny, suburban region of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a convenient destination for those who want to travel to the northern Los Angeles area but don’t want the hassle of traffic and crowds. A diverse area with numerous ethnicities, incomes and ages, Van Nuys offers easy access to the action while being far enough away to avoid its pitfalls.

Charter Flights Van Nuys

While the San Fernando Valley isn’t known for its cultural pursuits or urban action, it’s a peaceful place full of horses, sunshine, shopping and strip malls. Van Nuys features a beautifully calming Japanese Garden, and Sepulveda Dam is an interesting stop for the mechanically minded. You’ll also find plenty of car dealerships in Van Nuys, as well as the thriving car culture that this area of the country is known for.

When you book your flight with ElJet, you’ll arrive at the cozy Van Nuys Airport, a general aviation hub dedicated to noncommercial travel that sees quite a bit of business. Popular with travelers who live in The Valley or northern Los Angeles, this smaller airport is a smart choice – and ElJet can make sure you get there in style.

Why Choose ElJet?

ElJet is recognized as the industry leader and maintains solid relationships with Part 135 operators in the US and top notch operators around the world. Named as an Inc. 500 winner two years in a row, our quality of service is unparalleled and our devotion to low prices unmatched in the jet rental business.

ElJet offers the ultimate air travel experience. Our services regularly impress heads of state, businessmen, celebrities and high rollers, who regularly return again and again. From the day you contact our expert travel representatives who are standing by 24/7 to the moment you are delivered safe back at home from Van Nuys, ElJet will ensure that every aspect of your travel experience exceeds your expectations.

ElJet’s relationships with industry professionals and access to the world’s largest network of private jet operators and aircraft mean that we can offer lower prices without every compromising service, safety or quality. Our attention to detail and standards of service are second to none and we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of customer support we offer. Choose ElJet for your trip to Van Nuys and discover just how pleasant air travel can be.

Book Your Jet Charter to Van Nuys Today!

Ready for your free 60-second quote on a private jet rental to Van Nuys or to any of our worldwide destinations? Our expert travel representatives are here to assist you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer all your questions about chartering a private jet to Van Nuys and will be happy to give you a free quote. Please call ElJet at (888) 355-3538 or send a message to sales@ellejet.com at your convenience and find out more about private jet charter to Van Nuys.