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Can I Book a Private Jet Online?

Yes, you can. That is the short answer.

Many people have grown to love the fact that they can book air travel from anywhere at anytime. They are no longer beholden to the schedules of travel agents and they can shop around themselves. This is convenient and it has no doubt revolutionized the air travel industry. It is simply called online air travel booking. There are few industries that have been as revolutionized by the high tech age as the air travel industry.

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Can I book a private jet online?

But, can I book a private jet online?

There are many reputable private jet charter companies that give you the ability to book a private jet trip online. Take North America’s leading private jet charter, ElJet for example. There is no doubt that you can place a booking but almost certainly this will be followed up by a phone call. This phone call is not to inconvenience you but there are so many private jet luxury nuances that will need to be sorted out. From your desired entertainment to the particulars of your on board fine dining experience. The skilled agent will also request the total number of people you will have on board. There will also be the ability to fine tune the particulars of the aircraft.

Booking a private jet online is much like booking a commercial jet flight online. Do not use a company of ill or no repute. Find a company with a solid track record and with the necessary accreditation to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Call the company directly.

Last minute bookings or emergency booking with private jet charter will probably require you to make an actual phone call.

The best option is to call ElJet and go online to their website and allow them to handle all the particulars of your private jet charter needs.

Private Jet Rental

Looking for affordable private jet rentals? ElJet offers amazing rates on charter flight travel to destinations around the world, from Tennessee to Timbuktu. Why spend time hassling with the crowds and queues of public air transportation when you can arrange for your very own private cabin in the sky? Imagine a travel experience that is easy to book, and a flight that is relaxing and comfortable from start to finish. Surround yourself with luxury and indulge in ElJet’s 5-star service, and discover just how enjoyable air travel can truly be. Our customers are celebrities, CEOs, heads of state and high rollers, and we strive to deliver to each and every customer an unparalleled charter flight experience.

Where do you want to go? Call our expert travel agents at (888) 355-3538 for a free 60-second quote on a private jet rental to the destination of your choice. We’re available 24/7 private jet rentalto answer your questions, book your trip and help with any of your travel arrangements. We book all types of trips for many kinds of customers. Whether you are planning on a big family vacation at a villa in Tuscany, a quick business trip to meet new clients in New York City, or a romantic escape to Tahiti with your main squeeze – ElJet can arrange the perfect private jet rental for your trip. We’ll customize your itinerary, schedule and aircraft according to your personal travel needs, creating a seamless trip experience without the usual headaches of travel.

Discover how ElJet is making private jet rental more affordable than ever before; call us today and start planning your next trip. Let us show you just how easy and enjoyable the air travel experience can be.


Las Vegas Charter Flights

Booking Las Vegas charter flights can be easier and more affordable than you might think, and you too can enjoy a private jet experience when you book a charter flight with ElJet.

Imagine it: You’re stepping out of your private plane and into the desert oasis that is Las Vegas. You’ve come to win, whether at business or pleasure, and by arriving on a private jet, you’ve already set the stage for a fortuitous experience. In the good company of high rollers, CEOs and celebrities, your charter flight experience is one of luxury and quality – and you discover a whole new appreciation for air travel without crowds, lines or screaming babies. Welcome to Vegas.

ElJet provides a huge selection of Las Vegas charter flights, private jet rentals for business and leisure travelers that offer an exceptional level of customer service, quality control and passenger comfort. We also offer a large selection of empty leg flights, special one-way flight segments that are sold for highly reduced rates, bringing the cost of charter flights to unbeatable levels.

Curious? For more information on our affordable Las Vegas charter flights or private jet charters to destinations around the world, please call ElJet at your convenience at (888) 355-3538. Fly with ElJet and you will always arrive in style.

Jet Charter Flights to Santa Ana

Book a private  jet charter to Santa Ana, California on a flight booked with ElJet and discover a sunny land of mild temperatures, amusement parks and glorious beaches. Santa Ana is located in Orange County, a destination known around the world for its easygoing Southern California lifestyle and coastal attractions.

Santa Ana Charter Flights

Nestled just south of Los Angeles, Santa Ana offers an attractive and appealing destination for both business and leisure travelers. The cute downtown area is packed with eclectic shops, unique art galleries and independent restaurants and cafes. You’ll also find the historic Old Orange County Courthouse, popular Santiago Park and awesome shopping at Main Place Mall.

Santa Ana and Orange County in general provide a host of attractions for travelers of all ages: Santa Ana Zoo, Bowers Museum, Discovery Science Center and the Museum of Orange County. To the west you will find amazing sandy beaches full of surfers and sunbathers, including Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. This area is also home to several of the world’s top amusement parks, including the original Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure and Knotts Berry Farm.

Located close to all of these attractions is Santa Ana’s air hub, known as John Wayne Airport. John Wayne Airport is Orange County’s only airport and provides easy access and a fast alternative to larger area airports like LAX. Book a jet charter flight with ElJet to Santa Ana, California and you’ll arrive to this vacationland destination in a laid-back state of mind.

Experience efficient and easy air travel on your own jet charter from ElJet. We offer unparalleled service in the skies along with the most affordable rates in the industry on private jet rentals. Let us show you just how amazing 30,000 feet can be; book your next flight to Santa Ana with ElJet and you will always arrive satisfied.

Jet Charter Flights to Los Angeles

With beautiful beaches, a sunny climate and all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Los Angeles is a prime destination for jetsetters, businesspeople and leisure travelers alike. A city on the cusp of artistic inspiration that entertains the entire planet, fashionable LA requires a stylish arrival. When you take a private charter jet booked with ElJet, you’ll arrive relaxed, refreshed and ready for adventures.

Book an ElJet private jet charter to Los Angeles and you’ll experience the height of comfort and luxury at 30,000 feet. Devoted to keeping the cost of private jet travel affordable, ElJet can book flights to many airports in the Los Angeles area, including those at Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Long Beach and Santa Ana. With access to the world’s largest fleet of private jets, ElJet can offer the most flexible schedules, itineraries and choice of aircraft, so that you can arrive to the Los Angeles area exactly when and where you want to.

Avoid the hassles of commercial air transportation when you book a  jet charter to Los Angeles with ElJet. Our prices are the best in the business, and we are known as an industry leader thanks to our commitment to high-quality service, easy booking and incredible flight experience.

Discover the ElJet experience for yourself when you take a charter flight to Los Angeles, and arrive to the City of Angels refreshed and relaxed. Whether you need a round-trip jet flight or would like to book one of our fantastic one-way deals on empty-leg segments, our professional Travel Portfolio Managers will find the flight that suits your needs exactly.

What are you waiting for? Call ElJet today at 1(888) 355-3538 for your free 60-second quote on a jet rental to Los Angeles. Find your sunblock and slip on your sandals, because the Los Angeles sunshine is calling your name. Fly to LA on a flight booked with ElJet and experience the way air travel was meant to be.

Charter Flights & Empty Legs

One of the most well kept secrets in the private jet travel industry just happens to be ElJet’s specialty: empty leg segments on charter flights.

Empty Legs

You don’t have to be rich to fly in your own private jet; ElJet is committed to making the cost of traveling by charter flights as affordable as possible. One way this is achieved is via empty leg charter flights, which are flight segments that must return to their point of origin empty. Facing a loss on this “empty leg” segment, the aircraft owner offers the one-way voyage at an extreme discount to buyers in the know – and this is where you come in.

For travelers who are flexible, flying one way or taking an extended vacation or long itinerary, empty legs are ideal. ElJet maintains the largest database of empty legs on charter flights in the world, so that you can shop for these special flight segments and choose the one that fits the best. We feature empty leg flights on all types of aircraft, and offer them on charter flights around the world.

Let ElJet match you with an empty leg that suits your travel needs, and discover the incredible discounts that come along with these special trips, also known as “dead head” flights. You’ll enjoy all the outstanding service, safety and quality that ElJet is known for along with a significantly reduced rate on private jet charter flights. With new empty leg segments added to the database daily, you may be surprised at how far your dollar can go – and where you can travel on your private jet rental!

Check our website for current deals on featured empty leg charter flights, or call us for more information and a free 60-second quote on air travel to the destination of your choice. Please call ElJet at 888-355-3538 and discover just how affordable private jet travel can be.

Visit Our Aircraft Video Selection Guide

Not sure what kind of aircraft you need?

Would you like to get an idea of the difference between very light, light, midsize, supermid-size, heavy jets and airliners?

There are so many options when booking your private jet charter that it can be overwhelming and confusing. At ElJet we are always trying to make our customers lives easier. We have recently introduced our aircraft video selection guide. Powered by AIN these videos give you a video tour of the inside of each aircraft type and provides you with an overview of the key features that each aircraft class provides.

As always our Travel Portfolio Managers are knowledgeable in the difference between each aircraft type and can always help you select the best aircraft for your mission.

To visit our video aircraft selection guide please click here.


ElJet Opens It’s Streamlined Booking Charter Select Program

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – April 13, 2011) –  ElJet Aviation Services Inc. 500’s fastest growing private jet charter company has opened its Charter Select program to the charter consumer.

Private Jet Charter - ElJet

The program, which has been in testing has been developed in conjunction with ElJet’s more frequent travelers and has seen incredible success. It is now available to the traveling public.

“Our business has seen tremendous growth as the recession educated charter consumers of the limitations and lack of value offered by Jet Cards and Fractional shares,” said Ben Schusterman ElJet’s President. “Our clients’ biggest complaint about utilizing on-demand charter was that for last minute itineraries the hassle of completing paperwork for every trip was so tedious. I can’t tell you the number of times we had client flights delayed due to a business meeting that ran late and by the time they got back to their hotel the business center was already closed. The Charter Select program solves this problem for good,” said Schusterman.

How It Works:

Clients sign a blanket agreement which provides authorization for the client or client’s representative to book charter on their behalf. Payment is still required in advance (for immediate itineraries by credit card for itineraries that are a few days out either by credit card or via wire transfer). Client is sent an itinerary, photos and pricing via email and can approve the flight with a simple email approval.

There are 3 tiers to the Charter Select Program, Basic, Premier and Authority. More information and the benefits of each tier can be compared at http://www.ellejet.com/streamlined-booking.php.


“Clients of the program benefit not only by taking advantage of last minute empty leg deals. But also from the overall cost savings that on-demand charter provides,” said Levi Leader Travel Portfolio Manager. “For people on the go this program is an incredible time saver this program is geared to them.”

About ElJet

Founded in 2006, ElJet focuses on providing customers with top-notch customer service and incredible value for their money. ElJet provides that value by utilizing empty leg (or “deadhead”) flights whenever possible. Its traditional charter business is also one of the largest in the industry. Empty legs are flights that are booked only one way and return to the starting point empty. Empty legs have been an industry headache since the creation of the aircraft charter industry — ElJet has been relieving some of that pain, much to the delight of businesses and individuals requiring private jet service at a discount.

ElJet Charter Portfolio Managers are available 24/7 to assist with any private travel needs. Representatives can be reached at 888-355-3538 or by submitting a request at our newly redesigned website www.ellejet.com. ElJet successfully does business throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. ElJet is not a direct or indirect air carrier. ElJet does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers or foreign equivalent (“operators”), who maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.