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ElJet Scoops Another Award

ElJet has become renowned as North Ameirca’s best private jet charter. This is because they have won the award consistently from the World Travel Association. This time ElJet’s Private Jet Charter Blog, has chimed in and scooped an award of their own.

ElJet Private Aviation Blog Wins Award

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog has been voted as one of the top 60 pilot blogs on the planet. The blog was voted as the 17th best blog out there for pilots and airline enthusiasts. The selection was made using the Feed Spot criteria.

ElJet’s Private Aviation Blog is more than just a place to find out what is new and what’s best on the private jet charter scene. There is plenty of fun flying facts and information. Including some of the most historic flight personnel and the machines a.ka. airplanes that carried them.

The blog contains many travel tips, including first hand information on the do’s and don’ts of travelling with kids or how and where to find the best airline food.

Avid readers of ElJet’s private aviation blog keep coming back every week for the interesting reads on some of flying’s most pressing (and most googled questions). Like, how much does a flight attendant earn? And who is the youngest pilot to have ever flown passengers for a commercial airline?

And it goes without saying that the blog will always give you great tourist and travel info on the destinations that are serviced with great distinction by ElJet. There is of course lots of great information that has also been shed on the blog on the pioneering Empty Leg options that ElJet provides for passengers.

This award bestowed on the blog is only a further affirmation of the all-round excellence that ElJet has shown all-round on a consistent basis in the Private Jet Charter field.



Opinion: Will Flying Ever Be Replaced?

It is a question that many people ponder before they board a flight. Will flying ever be replaced?

The Concorde

The Concorde

The concorde may have pointed to the future of flying but that was obviously not a successful endeavor. The question remains, why have they not been able to engineer a plane that goes at the speeds of the concord and still be safe enough to fly? Or, has flying reached the maximum possible safe speed?

The Price

The truth is that in order for flying to truly be replaced, it would require not only a safer and quicker travel method but these methods will also need to move people en mass. It is quite conceivable that a private jet liner could be manufactured to fly at faster speeds but can a plane that seats commercial amounts of passengers do the same. A private jet liner will be beyond the price that a regular passenger will be able to pay, as the concord was.

The Infrastructure

Let’s say for a hypothetical moment that they would be able to engineer some sort of craft that travels safely, quickly and with as much efficiency as airliners. What would the infrastructure for such things entail? Would it be essentially totally re-creating the entire travel experience? Re-creating airports and the like?

What’s at Stake?

Well, there surely is vested interest from business and leisure travelers alike to arrive at their destinations quicker than airlines and aircraft can get them there. Airlines and aircraft have come along way in ensuring that a plane ride is a fairly comfortable experience and at times and for the right price can even be a luxurious experience. The question may then be, how much are people willing to forgo in terms of comfort for a more rapid journey?


Can I Book a Private Jet Online?

Yes, you can. That is the short answer.

Many people have grown to love the fact that they can book air travel from anywhere at anytime. They are no longer beholden to the schedules of travel agents and they can shop around themselves. This is convenient and it has no doubt revolutionized the air travel industry. It is simply called online air travel booking. There are few industries that have been as revolutionized by the high tech age as the air travel industry.

Aircraft categories
Can I book a private jet online?

But, can I book a private jet online?

There are many reputable private jet charter companies that give you the ability to book a private jet trip online. Take North America’s leading private jet charter, ElJet for example. There is no doubt that you can place a booking but almost certainly this will be followed up by a phone call. This phone call is not to inconvenience you but there are so many private jet luxury nuances that will need to be sorted out. From your desired entertainment to the particulars of your on board fine dining experience. The skilled agent will also request the total number of people you will have on board. There will also be the ability to fine tune the particulars of the aircraft.

Booking a private jet online is much like booking a commercial jet flight online. Do not use a company of ill or no repute. Find a company with a solid track record and with the necessary accreditation to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Call the company directly.

Last minute bookings or emergency booking with private jet charter will probably require you to make an actual phone call.

The best option is to call ElJet and go online to their website and allow them to handle all the particulars of your private jet charter needs.

The Complete List of Private Jet Manufacturers

A Private Jet Charter Blog presents your one stop source for every link you need to private jet manufacturers. This is a private jet fanatics dream resource. Feel free to share it with friends across all social media mediums.

Citation X

Cessna- http://www.cessna.com/

Eclipse- http://www.eclipseaerospace.net/


Gulfstream- http://www.gulfstream.com/




Boeing Business Jet-http://www.boeing.com/commercial/bbj/

Airbus Corporate Jet-http://www.airbus.com/aircraftfamilies/corporate/






Las Vegas

Drew Carey once said that ” Anything and everything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas”. Now, without discussing the philosophy of the word “want”, there is a lot of truth to this statement.

We need not tout the recreational and fun metropolis side of Vegas but Vegas is a hub for big business. It is the host to many vitally important and very well attended conferences and trade shows. Like the CES and the Diamond expo. It seems that organizers correctly surmise that if you are going to have a work related show, you may as well do it in Vegas. The people of the business world, no-doubt, thank them for that.

Las Vegas Jet rental
Las Vegas a fun place to conference and do business

Traveling to Vegas is usually the downside to Vegas, crammed commercial aircraft and numerous delays and hassles. These problems are only compounded around the time of big business trade shows.

The answer and relief to Vegas travel hassle is ElJet private jet charter. ElJet private jet charter is a leader in the private jet charter industry and has a specialty in handling the Vegas route. The ElJet Vegas specialty is not only in terms of luxury but it is also in terms of ElJet’s ability to negotiate the best possible price for their passengers.

ElJet has price negotiation leverage on the ElJet route thanks to ElJet’s exclusive relationship with Vegas private jet owners and operators. These relationships ensure that our passengers always get the fairest and most competitive industry prices.

Using private jet charter like ElJet for your Las Vegas business travel needs allows you to maximize your precious business time in Vegas. More lively time in Las Vegas, you would be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about that.

Once you use ElJet for your Las Vegas business travel, you will be flying ElJet for vacation and all your travel needs.

Private Jet Charter to Teterboro

You would be astounded to know that when you mention the name JFK to Americans, they do not identify it as a President of the United States. They identify it as New York City’s busiest airport. And La Guardia, who was he? Does he have a first name? Why should he? It is not a person, it is New York City’s second busiest airport.

Teterboro Airport gives you the most efficient access to New York City

New York City is the capital of America in many ways. Manhattan is the life blood of the US economy as the home of Wall Street. It is a cultural and ethnic melting pot with every attraction under the sun. It is no wonder that the most sought after US destination is New York City.

If you are a person of purpose, then navigating the throngs of passengers and staff that clog New York City airports on a daily basis, then you are well aware that there is a better option. It is called Teterboro Airport.

Teterboro Airport is a brilliant New York option as it provides close proximity to all five boroughs including the all important Manhattan.

Businessmen, A-listers, sportsmen and celebrities have been using ElJet for their private jet charter to Teterboro needs. As the best alternate to New York City’s main commercial airports, Teterboro experiences heavy private jet traffic.

As an industry leader, ElJet’s skilled staff know booking best practices to ensure their clients never get clogged in executive traffic at Teterboro.

ElJet services their inbound and outbound Teterboro clients in luxury, style and uncompromising safety. Whether you are booking in advance or have a last minute meeting, ElJet can service your needs due to their exclusive relationships with Teterboro private jet owners and operators.

If New York City is your destination, choose private jet charter to Teterboro, demand ElJet private jet charter.

Private Jet Charter to Van Nuys- A Travel Conossieurs Alternative to L.A.X

Jet Charter Los Angeles

Many would agree with the sentiment of Randy Newman in his 1983 hit song, “I love L.A.” You will however be harder pressed to find an individual who says “I love L.A.X.”. Los Angeles is a busy city, the epicenter of America’s gigantic movie and TV industry and its commerce scopes well beyond the realm of entertainment. It is a bustling hub for vacationers and businesspeople in a huge variety of trades. Being the sought after destination that it is, L.A.X and the bigger commercial airports bear the brunt of the large scale passenger influx.

Jet Charter Van NuysThat is why celebrities, businesspeople, politicians and people who simply put a premium on their time, have found Van Nuys Airport to be the perfect alternative for their travels into L.A. These leaders in their fields and many others have found that private jet charter into Van Nuys Airport is the gateway to a stress free arrival in Los Angeles.

Because private jet charter to Van Nuys Airport offers:

  • Privacy- People who seek private jet charter know how important privacy is. The world’s most famous enjoy their privacy and so should you. No commercial airlines fly into Van Nuys Airport and as much as people enjoy this airport location for its exclusivity, hundreds more enjoy this private jet charter option for its anonymity. Private jet charter to Van Nuys means you choose who you fly with.

  • Convenience-  Time spent waiting in the airport, on the tarmac and boarding is lost time. Besides, with commercial jet travel, your itinerary is molded to the convenience of the airline operators not your own. Private jet charter allows you the right to pick when you will fly, without the irritation of delays, waiting in airports, boarding and on the tarmac. You choose when you fly.

When looking to fill your Van Nuys Airport travel plans for L.A, you need not look further than ElJet, because:

  • Time is money and ElJet will save you both. ElJet is known in Hollywood as a leader in private jet solutions. We offer all the luxuries you expect to come with private jet travel at hugely competitive prices.

  • ElJet knows that your travel needs are unique, that is why our representatives are at your service 24/7, ensuring a “Tailor Made” package for your travel needs.

  • ElJet respects your privacy. Our clientele is generated mainly through other client referral, meaning that the same way we would never compromise on safety or luxury, we would not compromise on client privacy either.

  • ElJet’s customers know that when they choose ElJet they get the complete package, from door-to-door limousine transport to Wolfgang Puck catering. If you need a hairdresser or masseuse on board, you can count on us to have it for you, the way you want it.

ElJet’s relationship with Van Nuys airport operators means that you always get the best deal on your Van Nuys Airport travel needs. If your convenience and time has been disregarded too many times by commercial travel operators or you are simply looking for a better way to fly to L.A, look no further than ElJet to Van Nuys, it is what we call the custom travel difference.

Private Jet Charter Park City Utah

Planning a ski break this winter? Now’s the time to book your private jet charter Park City Utah and discover one of the country’s top destinations for winter sports. The site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, this resort town has far more tourists than residents, and its population soars in the winter when the mountains are covered in high-quality snow. With three major ski resorts, a world-famous film festival and breathtaking natural scenery, Park City, Utah attracts a wide variety of travelers. Home to numerous forests, hot springs, reservoirs and trails for hiking and biking, this spectacular natural area offers gorgeous scenery throughout the year.

Most people, however, head to Park City for one reason: the epic snow. Canyons Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort provide three different areas for skiing and snowboarding, each with a distinct personality. From graceful black diamond slopes and easy bunny runs to half-pipes for snowboarders and moguls galore, Park City is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Each January, the city hosts the Sundance Film Festival, one of the most highly regarded such events in the world. Celebrities, directors and movie fans arrive from all over to watch the next big flick.

Plan to take your mountain escape in style by booking a private jet charter Park City Utah with ElJet. Along with the most affordable rates in the industry, we offer a huge selection of schedules, charter flights and itineraries for your convenience. Peruse our large database of empty leg flights, and find deep travel discounts on these inexpensive travel segments.

Would you like know more? Contact ElJet at (888) 355-3538 for a free 60-second quote on private jet charter Park City Utah or to any of our worldwide destinations. Discover just how affordable private jet travel can be, and start planning your winter vacation today.

Jet Charter Aspen

Aspen is one of the most highly acclaimed ski resort areas in North America. Planning a trip to this winter wonderland? Book a jet charter Aspen with ElJet and discover the true meaning of style when you fly in your private jet to the mountains. Let us take care of all your travel details, so that you can sit back, relax and dream about snow-covered mountains.

Situated in Colorado’s stunning Rocky Mountains, the Aspen area is home to four major ski resorts: Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands. A busy winter destination, Aspen is also fun in the spring, summer and fall with plenty of hiking, mountain biking, golf, fishing and rafting. You’ll also find numerous shops in Aspen’s “downtown” neighborhood, which features two pedestrian-only streets lined with souvenir shops, ski outfitters and clothing stores.

Start your winter ski trip right when you book a private jet rental from ElJet. You’ll fly into Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (aka Sardy Field), a small airport located just three miles northwest of central Aspen. Arrive to your ski resort, condo or rental cabin in minutes, starting your ski vacation without a moment to lose with jet charter Aspen. At ElJet, we’re committed to creating an exceptional flight and travel experience, from our easy booking system to our expert staff and luxurious flights. Discover just how enjoyable and relaxing air travel can be when you choose private jet charter flights, which thanks to ElJet is now more affordable than ever before.

Interested to learn more about booking a jet charter Aspen or to any of ElJet’s worldwide destinations? Contact us at your convenience at 1 (888) 355-3538; our staff is ready to take your call 24/7 and will be happy to help with all of your travel arrangements. Fly with ElJet and you will always arrive in style.

Jet Rental Van Nuys

Book a jet rental Van Nuys with ElJet, and you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the numerous celebrities, business executives and politicians who prefer this small general aviation airport. With smaller crowds and greater anonymity than the other Los Angeles area airports, Van Nuys Airport is popular with private jet travelers who want to get in and out of the area quickly and unnoticed.

Located just north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a classic suburban city and an important cultural center in “The Valley.” It’s greatest attraction is Jet rental Van Nuysits location, which offers easy access to the LA area but is far enough away to avoid most of the traffic and congestion. From Van Nuys, it’s easy to travel to both the west and east sides of LA. Van Nuys Airport is general aviation only, meaning that no major commercial carriers operate out of the airport. However Van Nuys Airport is so popular with private jet travelers, it’s one of the busiest general aviation airports in the entire world.

Whether you are traveling to Southern California on business, pleasure or both, booking a private jet rental Van Nuys with ElJet is an easy way to ensure that you get the highest quality charter flight at the lowest price possible. With access to a massive network of private jets and pilots, ElJet can offer the most affordable rates along with the best selection of aircraft, schedules and itineraries.

Would you like a free 60-second quote on a jet rental Van Nuys? Call our expert sales agents at (888) 355-3538 to discover just how affordable private jet charter can be – and just how exceptional our customer service can be. We’ll be happy to help you with travel arrangements of any sort, and we’ll work hard to make sure you’re 100% satisfied, from booking to tarmac and beyond. Contact us today!