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Book a Last Minute Charter Flight on a Private Jet

Business opportunities, business emergencies and last minute vacation days are just some of the reasons why our clients book private jet charter flights with little time to spare.  Whatever the reason may be, ElJet is able to source charter flights at discounted rates for travelers who need to get away in a hurry.  Our strong connections with flight operators gives us the opportunity to provide empty leg flights at the best rates possible when you need to travel right away.
Flight operators who need to fly to their next client pick-up destination without having any passengers booked for the flight to get there offer these empty legs at discounted rates.  In order to recoup some of the fuel, crew and flight costs, these flights are available for passengers to book one-way trips to their destination city at rates that are far below the industry standard.
Cities that see a lot of private jet traffic, such as Los Angeles, New York, London and Las Vegas typically have empty leg flights available in and out of their airports every day.  ElJet’s experienced travel portfolio managers are among the first to find out about these flights, and we help our clients book these last minute private jet charters on a regular basis.

Empty Legs for Your Next Flight

ElJet keeps and updated list of Empty Leg flights that are currently available on our site, but there are always more available as well.  We encourage you to contact your personal travel portfolio manager today to inquire about the empty leg flight that you need for your next trip.  We will search high and low to find a one-way flight that fits your travel requirements, and help you arrive at your destination in the utmost luxury and convenience.
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