Summer Flying Tips

Summer Flying Tips

Summer is definitely upon us and here are some tips to help you fly with more peace of mind this Summer. Avoid the Really Busy Days If you have flexibility, as some people do in the Summer then avoid the really busy days. That means, July 4th weekend and Labour Day...

Summer Flying Secrets

The Summer is a busy travel season in the USA with many of the airports filled to the rafters with thousands of eager travelers. Here are some secrets that may help you find summer travel a little bit easier and more relaxing. 1. Private Jet Charter Private Jet...

BedBox by JetKids Full Review

I was initially intrigued by the BedBox by JetKids as it was something that potentially would have made my life a lot easier. I was bound for a 30 hour trip from Los Angeles to Johannesburg at the end of May and decided to give the BedBox a try without hearsay but...

Staying Calm When Travelling

Travelling especially air travel can be quite stressful for a lot of people. There are ways that a person can calm themselves before travel with some simple steps. Arrive Early Time is your friend when you travel. Being there on time will give you ample opportunity to...
Are the skies more unfriendly?

Are the skies more unfriendly?

Let’s be honest. It has not been a good season for commercial flying companies. Altercations, scuffles and all sorts of other unfriendly interactions have seemed to become a weekly occurrence. What are the factors that have led to this: Overbooked Flights There...


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