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The age of house flipping may have faded. But the super rich have found a new path to instant profits: flipping their megajets. Demand for the biggest, most expensive Gulfstream jet — the G650 — is so strong that owners have started flipping them to other...
Summer Flying Tips

Summer Flying Tips

Summer is definitely upon us and here are some tips to help you fly with more peace of mind this Summer. Avoid the Really Busy Days If you have flexibility, as some people do in the Summer then avoid the really busy days. That means, July 4th weekend and Labour Day...
Do you get drunker faster on a Plane?

Do you get drunker faster on a Plane?

Not that you intend on getting drunk or acting unruly on a plane but many people wonder if they get drunker quicker on an aircraft. The famous Mythbusters teams tackled this very issue and the result was a resounding no. So why do people think that they get drunk...
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Experience

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Experience

I recently flew with Virgin Atlantic on four long haul flights. The plane in use was the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Here is my review: The Configuration The configuration that Virgin Atlantic had for the 787 was 3-3-3. I felt that this was very good and gave a little more...

Summer Flying Secrets

The Summer is a busy travel season in the USA with many of the airports filled to the rafters with thousands of eager travelers. Here are some secrets that may help you find summer travel a little bit easier and more relaxing. 1. Private Jet Charter Private Jet...

BedBox by JetKids Full Review

I was initially intrigued by the BedBox by JetKids as it was something that potentially would have made my life a lot easier. I was bound for a 30 hour trip from Los Angeles to Johannesburg at the end of May and decided to give the BedBox a try without hearsay but...


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