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Celestial Bodies and Astronomy

Celestial Bodies and Astronomy

Perhaps there is only one true wilderness known to humanity, and that is outer space. A glittering collection of celestial bodies that has captured humans’ attention and admiration since the dawn of time, the starry skies above the earth are a treasure trove for curious wonderers.

Whether you want to learn about the history of the universe, the nature of matter or the movements of the stars and planets, studying astronomy will give you a unique perspective towards life on earth. One of the oldest sciences in existence, astronomy has long been linked with religion and politics. Ancient civilizations like the Babylonians, Greeks and Maya studied the skies, and even prehistoric cultures used primitive astronomical tools.

However it wasn’t until the invention of the telescope in the 17th century that astronomy truly became a modern science. Galileo took celestial studies to a new level during the Renaissance, using astronomy to postulate that the earth was indeed round, not flat, and that the sun was the center of the solar system – not humans. At the time, this was pure scientific revolution, and astronomy was an important part of expanding humans’ knowledge of the universe.

Today, astronomy is one of the few sciences where amateur enthusiasts can play an active role, not only in observing galactic phenomena but also making new discoveries. Telescopes are more affordable than ever, and anyone who is curious can set up a study of the nighttime sky and join in amateur astrology action.


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