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Charter a Challenger 604

Private Jet Charter Challenger 604

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Rent or Charter a Challenger 604

Challenger 604
Private Jet Charter Challenger 604
Cabin Width: 8 (ft)
Cabin Height: 6 (ft)
Cabin Length: 28 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 1,150 (cu ft)
Range: 3,800 (nm)
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Aircraft Class: Heavy Jet
Passenger Seating Typical: 9
Passenger Seating Max: 19
Baggage Capacity: 115 (cu ft)
Challenger 604 Cabin

The Bombardier aircraft manufacturer began their impressive Challenger fleet with the 600 model lineup. They could have stopped there and still had plenty of success in the private jet business arena. But Bombardier is not known for resting on its proverbial laurels. In 1995, the Challenger 604 was officially certified. As Bombardier is proud to proclaim this aircraft provides “range, speed, sophistication and style.” In other words, everything a private jet should be. 

If you’re looking for the power on the Challenger 604 you’ll find it provided in top form by two General Electric CF34-3B engines. Both of those models have been clocked in at providing 8,729 lbs of thrust. Even with eight flyers on board, this Challenger can still zip across the country at .74 Mach and fly over 3,500 miles. 

As with its “second cousin” the Challenger 601-3A, the 604 is designed with a glass cockpit from the Collins Pro Line 4. The pilots will be working with six screens displaying left and right primary flight displays, multifunction displays and EICAS. There is also a flight director/autopilot system. All of that adds up to stress-free flying management. 

The length of the Challenger 604 rolls out 28.3 feet. This converts into a cabin with ample stand up space and 8 feet of width. With the maximum capacity of 19 passengers, the seating would be cozy. Cut that back to 10 or 12 flyers and there will be plenty of room to spare. This jet has intercontinental range on its mind which is what the spacious galley, bathrooms and low noise levels all contribute to a peaceful flight.



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