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Most Dangerous Airports in the USA

There are many airports in the USA and most of them are relatively routine in terms of pilot take-off and landing Yet some airports in the USA do pose some very tricky conditions for pilots to take-off and land.
A Private Jet Charter Blog explores some of America’s trickiest airports.
1. Reagan International Airport

Reagan International Airport

While few would expect it, Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C poses a unique difficulty for pilots, as they have to take-off between two no-fly zones. As soon as they ascend, pilots have to veer their aircraft with a sharp left as since 9/11 flying over the White House is a huge no-no, a law strictly enforced by security in the Capital.
2. Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, Sitka, Alaska

Sitka Rocky Guitierrez Airport

Situated in the Sitka Sound, this airport is completely surrounded by water and if the name doesn’t provoke the difficulty of the landing then the debris that sometimes washes onto the runway is enough to frighten even experienced pilots. The situation is made even more perilous by the vast amounts of birds that flock near the runway.
3. John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, California

John Wayne Airport

This should be a walk-in-the-park or land-on-the-runway type of airport, with ample runway space and mostly great weather conditions. Yet, municipal zoning means that this airport is quite a tough one to land at. Pilots have to thrust their engines at full throttle and then pull back abruptly because of very strict noise restrictions.
4.Yeager Airport, Charleston, WV

Yeager Airport

This airport is unique as it sits atop a flattened mountain. This makes the margin for error absolutely nil. If the pilot misses his approach he crashes into the mountain and if he overruns it he goes over the side. The difficulty is compounded by the altitude of the strip, as most pilot’s will tell you, landing at altitude is not for the faint hearted.

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