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Deadhead Charter Flights

The term “Deadhead” is commonly used in the charter travel industry to describe one-way flights that don’t have any passengers scheduled for the trip.  Deadhead charter flights typically occur when a flight operator needs to re-position a private jet to another city in order to pick up passengers for a trip.  Fortunately, these deadhead flights are offered at heavily discounted rates, bringing the cost of private jet travel much lower for passengers.
Also known as Empty-Leg flights, these Deadheads still cost flight operators a hefty sum of money to fly.  From paying the pilots and crew to maintenance and fuel, there are costs associated with flying whether or not passengers are on board for the trip.  In order to offset these operating expenses, flight operators sell these private jet trips at extremely low rates to recoup some of what they would be losing otherwise.
Deadhead charter flights are typically booked between a week or less in advance of the flight, once the operator knows that they cannot sell the leg for full price.  With so many private jet flights traveling around the world every day, there are quite a few to choose from if you know where to look!  Here’s the key…

Booking One-Way Private Jet Flights for Less

Private jet charter flights provide the highest level of safety, comfort and luxury for passengers booked for travel.  There are no airport hassles, security lines or long waits with private jet travel, and for anyone who can afford this luxury, it becomes the preferred way to travel after just one flight.  Whether you book charter flights three times a month, or are looking for an upgrade from a commercial first class ticket, booking deadhead flights can save you time, money, and hassle.
ElJet can help you find, and book deadhead flights to and from major cities all over the world.  Our trained travel portfolio managers are experienced with handling every aspect of last minute charter flights for our high-end clientele.  We handle every aspect from ground transportation, to in-flight catering, all the way to making sure that accommodations will be ready for you in your arrival city as well.  Call us today to find out just how reasonable and convenient a deadhead flight will be for your next travel experience at (888) 355-3538.

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