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Deadhead Charter Flights

Bringing “Deadhead” Charter Flights to Life

What are Deadhead Flights?

There is a term in the private jet charter business that refers to one-way flights that need to fly to their next destination, but don’t have any passengers booked for the trip – “deadheads.”  Also referred to as “Empty-Legs,” deadhead charter flights can cost flight operators a lot of money, as they still need to pay for fuel and maintenance for the trip despite not having any passengers to foot the bill.

Why they make sense for Private Jet Travelers

In order to minimize their losses, deadheadDeadhead Charter Flight Plane charter flights are often deeply discounted for the customer in order to fill the seats for their otherwise empty leg of the flight.  Smart, experienced private jet travelers know how to take advantage of these great deals by booking their last minute flights with ElJet.

How You Can Take Advantage of these Empty-Leg Flights

With hundreds of deadheads available each day, ElJet has the resources to find, and book your private jet flight with an otherwise empty plane to the destination of your choice.  We have booked Empty-Leg flights for the rich and famous, heads of state, families and celebrities to destinations around the globe due to our trusted relationships with operators of private jet charters.
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