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Do you get drunker faster on a Plane?

Not that you intend on getting drunk or acting unruly on a plane but many people wonder if they get drunker quicker on an aircraft.

Alcohol and Flying: An unlikely relationship

The famous Mythbusters teams tackled this very issue and the result was a resounding no. So why do people think that they get drunk faster on an aircraft?
There could be numerous reasons for this and some of them are more likely than others.

  1. People drink more in a short space of time on the plane

On most long haul flights alcohol is free. Free alcohol means more drinking for most and this means that people are consuming alcohol on the plane more than they would normally do. This leads to the false misconception that they are in fact getting drunk quicker than they would on dry land. In fact, in my many travels I have seen people on a long haul flight wake up for breakfast and ask the flight attendant for an alcoholic beverage. Most of the time, they have been denied.
2. The Cabin Pressure
Even without drinking any alcohol it is possible to feel slightly lightheaded. This is often mistaken for feeling drunk. So while the alcohol may not get your drunk quicker, the alcohol along with the general light headedness from the cabin pressure can give you that feeling.
3. Don’t Forget
It is not a good idea to consume too much alcohol on the plane. Alcohol dehydrates and one of the best ways of beating Jet Lag is actually staying very hydrated. More than that if you do become unruly on a flight and get out-of-hand because of your drunken state you could face hefty penalties upon arrival at your destination.

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