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Empty Legs Management Program

Welcome to ElJet's Empty Leg Management Program. Empty Legs are flights that are booked one-way and return to the starting point empty. This typically means a loss for the aircraft owner, who will often charter the “empty leg” portion of the flight at a significant discount. Here at ElJet, we maintain the largest database network of charter and corporate jet fleets in the industry at our disposal.

Empty Legs have been an industry headache since the creation of the Aircraft Charter industry. ElJet aims to increase the probability that your aircraft will fly with a paying passenger. Creating a true win-win situation for owners, operators, and travelers.


Eljet Empty Leg Management Advantage

 Featured listings available on our website the industry home for empty legs.
 Every empty leg is featured through major charter industry sources.
Every empty leg listing is e-mailed to thousands of “end users” daily.
Increased probability of filling the empty leg.

How It Works

As soon as you know of an empty leg (being generated/or becoming available) you notify your ElJet representative, of the details and price.
Your flight must have a minimum 1 hour of flight time to be listed.
ElJet will list your empty leg through Charterx and Avinode and notify our database.
ElJet will handle the customer inquiries and then pass them on to you for booking.

As selling and filling empty legs is our primary focus you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of customer service and that client booking will go smoothly. With no contracts to sign, and "nothing to lose". All we ask of you is to provide us with the empty leg information with as much time prior to the flight as possible.

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ElJet acts as an agent for private air charter services on behalf of our clients. ElJet does not own or operate any aircraft nor is ElJet a direct or indirect air carrier. All charter flights booked with ElJet will be operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers "Operators" or the international equivalent, who will maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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