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Private Jet Charter Falcon 20

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Rent or Charter a Falcon 20

Falcon 20
Private Jet Charter Falcon 20
Cabin Width: 6.1 (ft)
Cabin Height: 5.7 (ft)
Cabin Length: 24.2 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 700 (cu ft)
Range: 1,726 (nm)
Manufacturer: Dassault
Aircraft Class: Midsize
Passenger Seating Typical: 9
Passenger Seating Max: 9
Baggage Capacity: 60 (cu ft)
Falcon 20 Cabin

In the world of private business jets, improvements are the name of the game. For every early model of a particular aircraft you can rest assured that there is going to be a next generation model standing by to improve on its predecessor. Over at Dassault they’ve managed to keep up with trends by redesigning their Falcon 20 to provide even better performance and flying comfort. 

First on their “to-do list” was elevating the plane’s power. This was accomplished by switching over from the original General Electric CF700 series engines a pair of Allied Signal (Garrett) TFE-731-5BR engines. Thanks to the 4,750 lbs of thrust provided by these engines, the Falcon 20 lifts off with an extra 850 lbs that brings the maximum take-off weight to 30,325 lbs. This has also translated into a better climb performance with hitting a ceiling of 39,000 feet in 27 minutes.  

As long as they were upgrading the engines, the Falcon 20 engineers also improved the avionics system as well. The new improvements include the Collins Pro Line 4, dual VHF 20, four-tube EFIS, APS 30 autopilot, Dual VIR 30, dual ADF 60 and dual DME 40. Heading into the interior cabin and you’ll find plenty of room for anywhere between eight to ten passengers. If you’re keeping measurements then take note of the cabin’s 5.7 feet in height, 6.1 feet in width and 24 feet in overall length. There is also a galley situated in the forward section of the plane with a full-width bathroom in the rear. Overall, this aircraft provides a superb flying experience.



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