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Fixed-Base Operators

What is a fixed-base operator? Fixed-based operators are commercial businesses that FBO-2provide aeronautical services for private pilots, crew, airplanes and private jets at airports around the world. When private jet charter flights arrive to an airport and need the crew needs help with refueling, repairs or any kind of aircraft service, they look to the fixed-base operator.

Fixed-base operators (FBOs) are usually local businesses or chains that provide aviation services including refueling, tie-downs and parking, hangars, aircraft maintenance, plane rentals and many also offer flight instruction. They also might provide personal services for pilots and crews such as restrooms and showers, waiting lounges, telecommunications and sometimes even food and beverages. Larger fixed-base operations at big airports may also offer help with ground transportation, concierge services, weather information and flight planning.

Employees of a fixed-base operator wave each private plane in with bright orange marshalling wands, refuel the aircraft as needed and in general, offer a full range of aviation services to private planes and jets. Like a gasoline service station for airplanes instead of cars, fixed-base operators are an integral facet of the private aviation industry.

Private aircraft pilots and charter operations of all sizes depend on FBOs to ensure that flight arrivals and departures go smoothly, and at ElJet we ensure that all the fixed-base operators that we work with are held to a high standard of quality. Whether you are flying to Las Vegas, Paris, or leaving from Van Nuys, you can count on ElJet to deliver the top prices and services for your charter flight. Call us today to find out more at 1 (888) 355-3538.



ElJet acts as an agent for private air charter services on behalf of our clients. ElJet does not own or operate any aircraft nor is ElJet a direct or indirect air carrier. All charter flights booked with ElJet will be operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers "Operators" or the international equivalent, who will maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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