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Would you go into a complicated surgery without knowing the surgeon performing the procedure on you? I mean, is it really important to know that the person performing your open heart surgery is mentally stable? Or that the person performing your hip-replacement is not a recovering alcoholic? Would you volunteer yourself to be the first patient of a doctor who recently earned his neuro-surgical stripes. Sure, this is an over-simplification of doctors and their training but you probably wouldn’t put your life in the hands of someone you didn’t know and trust.


The Ethiopian Airlines plane hi-jacked by the pilot who sought asylum in Switzerland

But you would fly on a commercial jet, right?
If your pilot is on anti-depressants, a recovering alcoholic or simply seeking asylum in a country different to your expected destination, you wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t even attempt to find out. Your life is in the hands of the pilot and his co-pilot, and the people doing the pilot background checks.
It is for this very reason that more and more people have been choosing to fly with private jet charter. Most private jet charter companies, like ElJet, give you the option of receiving a comprehensive flight history of your pilot and your aircraft. There is certainly opulence and luxury in having the power to pick who flies with you and there are those who pay a premium for that, but there are countless others willing to fork out private jet charter prices not for the “who is flying with you” factor, but more for the “who is flying you” factor.
Commercial pilots are of the highest ilk and caliber, it is exactly for this reason that they are tasked to deal with the stresses and immense pressure of commercial jet scheduling. Quick turnaround times and limited amounts of sleep are all elements of a commercial airline pilot’s life. Safety is the top priority in every chain of the air transport industry. Private jet charter just gives you a greater element of peace mind by providing you with information on your pilot.
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